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#3 Warrior Cats A Starlit Sign

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10 Chapter - 803 Words - Developed by: - Developed on: - 509 taken-The story is currently being written

I finally got round to writing this warriors fan fiction! I'm really excited! The second one will also have a #3 in its name so you know that it is one of the new ones.

    (If you read the sample please note that this will not be the same as I can no longer access the sample through my device.)

    Brakenglade swung round and crouched, hissing at the small kits. Frostkit squealed in excitement and leapt towards his father while ‘kit’ Just sat still, looking up at him with expectant eyes.He gasped as Frostkit leapt onto his neck and started chewing at his silky fur.
    “Frostkit, ahhhhhhHhH!” He yowled as he overbalanced and landed heavily on his side.
    ‘Kit’ was standing, her dark black fur glistening in the late afternoon light.Her ears twitched as she looked around, one paw pressed against her brother’s giggling chest.
    “ ‘Kit’, you won the battle, well done.” Brakenglade Twirled his tail in affection.
    “ I am Lynxkit, Father, not ‘kit’ . Me, Robinkit, Rowankit and Frostkit
    all decided on it. I am Lynxkit of Shadowclan!”She replied, rearing up on her hind paws and hissing.
    “Oh, um, ok then, Lynxkit.”

    Lynxkit lay next to her brother, staring at his chest, slowly rising and falling as he slept.She could see her father basing sadly in the direction of the camp enterance.He was probably moarning for his mate who had been recently killed by a fall from a tree when she was chasing a rogue.Lynxkit stood up and her nest rustled.Her father pricked his Ears and swung round, unsheathing his claws.
    “Lynxkit,” He meowed softly and she slid towards him.
    Suddenly there was a screech and a russet tabby cat leapt through the moon-hole in the den roof and landed in between Lynxkit and her father.
    “Get the kit.” She ordered as two pale she cats leapt down and grabbed Lynxkit, swinging her violently as they clambered up the hard stone nursery walls.

    Lynxkit struggled feebly in the She cat’s tight grip, but soon gave up when she made no progress.The strange cats were nodding to each other and signaling silently.Lynxkit shivered in anxiety when she looked down and saw that they were crossing over a great gapping waterfall.They padded along the log, confidently looking ahead and whispering unheard words.

    Lynxkit opened her eyes and was instantly dropped. She gasped as she hit the ground, a soft mossy bed beneath her paws. She looked up to see the three she cats as well as two toms pop their heads over the side of the deep pit.
    “Kitten, you must not speak, you must not call for help or try to escape, as we will kill you.” The first Tom growled.
    “I am Darkfern and that idiot,” the russet tabby she, indicated the Tom who had just spoken,” Is called Hornets Nest.”
    “I am Bluetail and I am the brother of Darkfern.” The second Tom announced.
    “I am Windfire, and this is my sister flamecloud.” One of the two remaining shes spoke and the cat next to her nodded.
    “Nice to meet you, Darkfern, Hornets Nest, Bluetail, Windfire and Flamecloud.I am Lynxkit, but you can call me Lynxstorm as That was my mother’s name, she was Stormshower.”
    Darkfern nodded down to Lynxstorm and gazed at Hornets Nest through wide eyes.The two cats turned and walked away, followed by Flamecloud and Bluetail. Windfire stayed, staring down at Lynxstorm through narrowed eyes.
    “Lynxkit?” She asked.
    “Y-Yes?” Lynxstorm answered.
    “It’s me, Stormshower.” She whispered.

    Lynxstorm curled up and tucked her head under her paws.Her mother was alive! Well, not alive. Windfire had told her how starclan had given her back to the clans because she died chasing her own sister up a tree.But she couldn’t bring herself to go back so now she lived with her sister as a rogue.

    Sorry it’s so short I know it’s short



    I’m in a rush really sorry




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422 days ago
Cool! I love it
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maybe not Idk ask hawkstar
508 days ago
More Stories? Yes or No... YAS MORE PLEASE!!! And Hawkstar will kill you if you don't make they said it themselves
759 days ago
Cevil you are SO GOOD the other one (bright storms was it?) was great keep making these
781 days ago
Oh, sorry. BUT DIE I WANT MORE ^._.^
808 days ago