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Lynx Moonlight A warriors story

10 Chapter - 1.199 Words - Developed by:
- Updated on: - 1,671 taken- The story is completed - 3 people like it

This story is about a river clan kit who enjoys to become a warrior. There is a kit murder in the forest killing kits from each clan will Lynxkit find the murder and saves the clans or die from the murder? Lynxkit is a warrior cat I make for myself. But why now share it with You?

Lynxkit woke up to the yowling of Snowfeather her mother about her sister Cougarkit was killed. "OH POOR COUGARKIT. SHE WAS ONLY THREE MOONS OLD."Snowfeather yowled crying very hard. "Snowfeather I won't die." Mewed Lynxkit "Maybe you'll not and maybe you'll."My mother mewed with a broken heart. "Snowfeather we got to sit for the vigil." Lynxkit told my mother Snowfeather. Lynxkit and Snowfeather padded over to Cougarkit's body. Lynxkit whispered to her about what happened. Soon it was dawn Lynxkit her brother Pantherkit and Snowfeather padded to the fresh-kill pile where a fish layed Pantherkit and Lynxkit started to eat it but Lynxkit only took one bite "This fish doesn't taste like the fish The warriors bring back." Mewed Lynxkit. "Who cares I'm hungry." Mewed Pantherkit back.

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773 days ago
Great job Lynxsight! I like this!
922 days ago
It true- I am Lynxsight and Lynxsight is me.
1019 days ago
Foxhowl,you lying warthog!
1122 days ago
Omg Lynxsight here different name same Lynxsight
1224 days ago
LOL! I haven't been on here in a while I'm the same lynxsight.
1251 days ago
the real question is if you know my numbers
1370 days ago
Got Sandpaw I'll make it some time.
1372 days ago
Mossstream’s mate(s)
Fernheart(dead) cause of death: tried to kill moon (BloodClan leader),Cresentclaw(dead) cause of death: died of green cough was father to Frostbite,Sandleap,Streamclaw,Lynxgaze and Heatherstep and Dawneye father of Snowpaw,Dustypaw,Rainkit and Magpiekit.
1372 days ago
Magpiekit (a handsome black kit with a white neck tuft and silver paws)
Cause of death: killed by Frostbite

Snowpaw (a pretty white she-cat with amber eyes like Magpiekit’s and silver nose fur)
Cause of death: hit the ground to hard
1372 days ago
Name: Mossstream
Rank: queen
Gender: she-cat
Eyes: amber
Kits: Frostbite,Sandleap,Streamclaw,Lynxgaze,H eatherstep,Dustypaw,Snowpaw(dead),Rainki t and Magpiekit(dead)
Parents: Turtleclaw (father) and Yellowstorm (mother)
1372 days ago
1376 days ago
I did it Hawkclaw.......
1380 days ago
1382 days ago
1382 days ago
1383 days ago
Some time soon.......
1383 days ago
WHEN.................................... ........
1383 days ago
Sure Hawkclaw fine got it.
1383 days ago
One more kit:Goldenkit, who grows up to be Goldenrod of RiverClan. Could u write a fanfiction about Goldenkit? Tom, looks exactly like his mom except Goldenkit has dark amber eyes
1383 days ago
Pe lt:Golden
Kits:A lderbranch, Silverfoot, and Eaglesight