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The forgotten howl part 1: The lost wings

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This is a story about a wolf pup who lives in a pack with her family though she has no wings and has to earn them, let me know what to do next!

    ________The Forgotten Howl________
    Silence filled the night as stars lit the sky a single cloud floating in the sky, the barriers shone brightly under the big milky moon, a wolf entered the clearing followed by others, the rival pack was alerted and more wolves streamed into the clearing snarling and growling as a howl slashed the other sounds away a big grey wolf looked to one of the dens, three rival wolves approaching it, he dashed forwards slashing them as quick as the wind itself, the male trotted into the den covered with the blood of the other wolves a female wolf laid in the den fighting off two males the grey male tackled one and closed his jaws on his throat killing him swiftly he looked over to see the brown and black she standing over the other male, his tail between his legs, whimpering. The three puppies in the den were asleep until one, the smallest lifted her head she was not winged like the rest of the pack she whimpered as her mom was about to kill off the other wolf, the puppy leaped infront of them growling..

    ____________Chapter 1 UwU________________
    __________________________The Different_____________________________
    The brown puppy looked at her father, Akira standing on the rock, I’m about to earn my pack name! The puppy whimpered with excitement her pelt shook happily her tail wagging as her bigger siblings sat down by her their eyes showing happily, Storm beckoned her cream brother with his tail “From now on you will be known as Float, We honor you for your optimism and friendliness, I’ve thought long and hard and Cloud will teach you of souls.” He then nodded to the Silver pup “From this day forward you will be known as Silver from your silver pelt, Web will mentor you in the ways of a dominant, for you show skills that are more important than others.” He then stared at the non winged pup “From this day forward you will be known as Atatsu in honor of our oldest ancestor who had to earn her wings, you shall not be mentored until you do.” WOW! I earned my wolf name! Atatsu thought happily. The pack howled happily.

    _____________Chapter 2 OwO_____________
    Atatsu trotted through the forest, she had not yet earned her wings, but she would earn them by hunting for the whole pack in the Black Moon Pack’s territory She walked and walked admiring the forest and it’s greatest wonders she saw a squirrel and chased it until dusk, she then found herself by the border between the Winged Sun pack and the Black Moon pack she padded over the border and sniffed the air smelling nothing but rabbit so she followed her small nose to the prey, she then dashed forward and bit it’s spine as it kicked her in the face it slowly grew still. So she ate her lunch and searched for her pack to earn her wings. So she stalked back to her pack knowing that no more prey would be awake by nightfall she heard a howl corrupt the are so she buried her rabbit and dashed away her yellow eyes show in the low light she skidded to a halt to see the Toxic Howl Pack attacking her pack, her eyes darkened as she saw the alpha, her father lying in the middle of the clearing fighting off six wolves… t

    ____________Chapter 3 UwO_____________
    The puppy raced into the battle and head butted a wolf fighting her father, the enemy fell to the ground then got up growling, he snapped at her tail then flung her into the air she got up now recognizing her enemy, it was the enemy she saved! She heard that the brown male was Twig. The puppy leaped away from two other wolves fighting as the other wolf was slammed into the spot she was lying at, she recognized Float and his white mentor Cloud fighting off three wolves. Atatsu got up and dashed back to Twig and leaped on his back tearing at his ears as she grabbed his scruff and shook it violently she let go snarling as the wolf dashed out of her home, she turned to see her father who had taken down the other two she then turned to see Silver fighting off three males, but she was succeeding so Atatsu slowly backed away only to be snatched up by her mother, next came Float and then Silver, after a little while she dropped the pups ̈The Toxic Howl pack is close behind, their looking for the kin of the no winged wolf for they shall grow to have great power, I'll hold them off, you pups run and never come back.¨ She yipped turning to see wolves streaming toward them, more than Atatsu could count, she wanted to stay but obeyed the alpha female, she nudged her siblings into a bush, she turned to see the wolves slicing at her mother, she finale collapsed, Atatsu shook her pelt of grief and lead her brother and sister towards the river, until she felt somebody grab her scruff, she saw the brown fur and knew it was Twig..

    ______________Chapter 4 OwU _____________
    Atatsu turned her gaze to see silver being slammed on the ground multiple times, as the wolf gripped her eye growling, she turned her gaze to see Float held by the throat, Atatsu wiggled free jumped away and whipped around growling, Twig dashed forward tackling her in the river.. As Atatsu tumbled down the rocks the scrapes and scratched and tore at her fur and flesh, blood dribbled from the scrapes as she finale fell in the river, the icy water hit her like a blow to the face. She then hit her head on a rock, as the world grew dark around her she saw something...Was it Kuma? Her mother?... It was.. The she-wolf’s white pelt glistened like dew in the sunlight, “Swim…” Her mother’s voice was clear as day, even though she was several fox lengths away.. Her voice was gentle “It’s like running in the forest, let your legs do the work…” Atatsu did as told, she found herself rising towards the surface “That's the way to do it.” Her mother smiled before disappearing..
    __________________Chapter 5 UWO_________
    Atatsu opened her eye aching in pain.. She blinked water out of them then slowly got up to see the rocky climb she’d have to make, she grunted with effort as she climbed, her wounds worsened her heart pounded in her chest as she slipped and tumbled down landing on a rock not that far away she got up weakly and continued climbing she pulled herself to the top only to see a forest on fire.. She felt herself being lifted into the air she saw a grey paw as she was carried above the forest, she was dropped into the sand, she looked up to see a grey male, he was about her age, maybe a tad older ̈Greetings ̈ The male had fangs like a snake “ I’m Omega.” Atatsu nodded curtly ¨I'm..Uh I don’t remember..’ the puppy only remembered her mother yelling SILENCE! ¨I´m Silence!¨

    ______________Chapter 6 ;w;________________
    Omega nodded "Follow me." the male growled looking at the fire, "W-we're not going back..Are we?" Silence squeaked "No." He yipped firmly then started padding towards a cliff and dived off of it "OMEGA!" Howled Silence, a second later he was in the sky above her "I can't fly.." she looked to where her wings should be Omega landed beside her.. "Oh yeah.. Here, we'll just walk.." he padded towards a rocky area, Silence hesitated then looked behind her and dashed to Omega's side barely keeping up, she stopped and stared up the many mountains, she looked for Omega but he was already halfway up the mountain. The small brown pup leaped from rock to rock but slipped when she got to the fourth rock, she felt something grab her scruff and looked to see Omega who flew in a cave dropping her.
    , Silence looked around in awe, she looked to see many red glowing crystals remembering them from the elders stories ̈ The fire crystals?̈ Silence yipped confused but Omega was outside a rabbit in his jaws. Silence trotted away from the fiery red crystals and sat just barely in the cave not wishing to tumble down another mountain. “Hey Omega?” The she wolf remembered two fuzzy pelts she used to play with “Have you seen my siblings?” the she yipped “Depends.” He landed in front of the she startling her “What do they look like?” He dropped the rabbit and tore off a mouthful tossing it to silence “ Kinsa Cream with darker paw and a Silver with grey paws?” she chewed the mouthful the stringy yet delicious flesh filling her mouth with flavor “No.” Omega sank his fangs into the meal and sniffed the air and got up and flew away.

    _______________Chapter 7 TwT_____________
    Silence watched her new friend fly away then heard a loud BANG! Omega hurtled down from the sky already miles away, Silence got up quickly and tried racing to where her friend was she skidded down the mountain then climbed over two. She dashed into a burning forest and leaped over a small ravine landing on a rotting log she leaped out of it, and kept running pieces of bark flying off of her fur as she leaped logs and vines, she broke through bushes and undergrowth such as ferns and brambles and things she never saw before, she skidded to a halt hiding behind a bush she saw Twolegs (Humans) Putting Omega into a Monster (Truck/Car)! She wanted to defend her friend but she saw the fire-stick beside them (Gun) so she just watched silently as she saw her friend bleed, a green heart floated above his body, Confused Silence leaned closer. It broke, but it put itself back together…?

    _____________Chapter 8 OwA____________
    As the monster drove away Silence stood in horror and confusion, she knew Omega was gone her best friend had done this to, and there is nothing she could do about it, so she trotted away, she knew she was too late, why stick around? She found herself on a rocky path beside the ocean, she was lost, but then she heard flapping of wings Omega! She thought excitedly, before she could turn around, the wolf flew into her view, it wasn’t Omega, it was a brown and tan she wolf “Hiya!~” The wolf said happily “I’m Choco!” Silence flicked her tail in annoyance “I’m Silence.” She sat down “You look new around here!” Choco yipped landing in front of her “How do you know?” Silence yipped “All wolves here have had to earn their wings and have! You haven’t.” Silence let's out a quick growl ̈Thanks for pointing that out.¨ she started padding away until Choco flew in front of her and said “Wanna see a secret?” She whispered “Fine, what have I got to lose?” She padded after the she-wolf

    ___________Chapter 9 SwS______________
    Choco flew over head, annoyed Silence yelled “I CAN’T FLY!” Choco looked down and flew over here “J-just follow me!” She yelped and flew forwards, so Silence dashed forward as fast as she could “S-slow down!” She barked as she tripped over a bramble and tumbled down a hill into a bed of ferns and Choco disappeared into the sky, Silence padded away then felt something grab her scruff then flew away she saw tan paws then they landed on an island and silence felt herself being dropped “Choco!” She growled “Give me a warning next time!” she barked then whipped around where a large snake loomed over her, “Wha-” It glows and turned into Choco.

    _____________ Chapter 10 @w@_______
    Choco laughed “You should have seen your face!” Silence growled and padded away toward the golden sandy banks. A shadow raced by her snatching a rabbit off the small island silence looked at Choco who blinked

    That's all I got hope you enjoyed!:3

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