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Lilyleaf’s Danger; Warrior Cats.

8 Chapter - 2.224 Words - Developed by:
- Developed on: - 855 taken-The story is currently being written

When a young skyclan cat Lilypaw leaves her clan to look find where all the prey has gone, she gets extremely lost. When finally she finds her way back, accompanied by her new friend Sun, she must make a tough decision, between her loyalty and her heart.

    Lilypaw stared out across the lake, her mentor, Grasspelt, perched on a branch some way above her. A twoleg was in a floating monster, paddling around the centre of the lake and poking the water with a big stick.She snorted in disgust as the twoleg dropped the stick and started to whack the side of the monster with its paws. Grasspelt leaped down from his perch and padded up to his apprentice.
    “Let’s get back to hunting, shall we? “ He asked nodding back up the hill.

    The clan was gathered around the fresh kill pile, nosing through the merger scraps. Lilypaw was holding a small shrew in her jaws and her mentor carryed a tiny robin.They dropped their prey down before Lilypaw scampered off to her sister and brother, Ashpaw and Oakpaw. They looked up as she came.
    “Hey Lilypaw! Want some blackbird? You’ve been out hunting since sunrise!” Oakpaw nosed the Blackbird forwards and Ashpaw nodded enthusiastically.
    “Go on, you haven’t eaten all day!”
    With a sigh she bent down and took a bite, relishing the warmth as the prey filled her up.
    “It’s been terrible hunting, I don’t want leafbare to ever come!” Ashpaw growled, taking a nibble from the blackbird before shoving it to Oakpaw. An owl hooted somewhere in the distance.
    There was a yowl from Whitestar, his pelt shining against the black night sky.
    “Skyclan, gather!” He called, lashing his tail and gazing ahead,”We must send a patrol out, as far as they can go, for prey!”
    Lilypaw looked up as Whitestar’s gaze fell onto her pelt.
    “There are some cats I would like to go..”

    “... And Lilypaw.” Whitestar finished, staring out at his clan,” You shall leave at sun high, so I suggest you all get some rest and say your goodbyes.”
    Lilypaw suddenly felt incredibly tired. She was still trying to take in the fact that Whitestar had called her name above the rest. Oakpaw was supporting her on one side while Ashpaw was nudging her along gently.
    “Come on, Lilypaw, you need rest.’
    ‘They weren’t jealous.’ Lilypaw smiled to herself.Her kin was happy.

    Lilypaw paced the clearing, her paws itching to leave. The traveling herbs made her mouth feel sour and tasteless, she wanted to go a decent way so she could find prey and hunt.Finally, Grasspelt padded up to her and said something about meeting her by the Ancient crag. She nodded as he sprinted off towards the warrior’s den.Turning, she was joined by Grousestorm, Greybrook, Flowerbelly and Applewing. They lead the way as the group headed for the Ancient crag.

    Rosefern smiled down at them from the top of the crag, her golden pelt sparkling in the sunlight. Grasspelt appeared from around a bush, his fur spiked and his breathing fast and heavy as he flopped down.
    “Come on Grasspelt, we need to get beyond the ridge by dusk!” Flowerbelly laughed as she nosed her mate to his paws.Their kit, Grousestorm, was pressing his paws over the crag, feeling for loose rocks.

    Lilypaw lay in the bracken. It had been three sunrises and the patrol had made it further from the lake than they thought possible. A few tail lengths away, in another bush, lay Flowerbelly, Grasspelt and Grousestorm, whispering slightly as the wind and rain flung itself around the ledge. The patrol were on a ledge on top of a mountain, sheltering from the storm in bushes. Lilypaw turned her head to look at the third bush, which held Greybrook and Applewing. Their bush was the most exposed, almost in the centre of the path. Lilypaw felt the wind rattle through the branches, almost touching her damp pelt. Rain lashed out at them and thunder crackled in the distance. There was a shriek of agony and Lilypaw swung her head around again, just in time to see Applewing renched out of her bush and thrown down the mountain by a huge gust of wind. Greybrook stuck his head up to see where Applewing had gone, but at the wrong time. The bush he was hiding under lifted up into the air and he was dragged into the sky. There was another crackle as lightning struck Greybrook and his body plummeted down and smashed into the rocks before rolling down the side of the cliff. Lilypaw shrieked in anxiety and she saw the tip of Flowbelly’s tail waving at her.A sign that she’s ok. Lilypaw sighed and curled up tighter, not letting her claws unhook from the crevice in the rock. Apart from her sadness for her lost clanmates, she was fine. For now.There was another yowl. Lilypaw peered through the leaves and saw, with horror and dread filling her stomach, a huge tumble of rocks falling down the cliff and smashing the bush that held her mentor, and her last hope for survival.She curled up even tighter and begged starclan to kill her now.

    Lilypaw’s eyes fluttered open and she found herself staring into a pair of deep, amber eyes. The face moved back as she pulled herself into a sitting position and gazed at the cat infront of her.
    “Who are you and why did I find you halfway down a mountain about to fall out a bush?” The Tom chuckled, giving her a gentle nudge. She gently pushed his paw away.
    “I’m Lilypaw, from Skyclan. My friends died in the storm. We all had bushes that we where sheltering in.Their’s sort of...” She broke off as sadness washed over her,”Who are you, Anyway?” She sniffed.
    “I’m Sun. Never heard of someone with such a weird name as Lilypaw. Are you fully grown? You seem kind of small to be away from your cave.”
    “I come from Skyclan, like I said. I live with a colony of cats and we are part of the group of cats who live around the lake, far over- there- I think.We have different names for different ages. I’m an apprentice so I’m a ‘paw’ i’ll be a warrior soon, though, then I’ll get a cool name like Lilyfang!” She cried happily, then her face fell as She realised how unlikely it was that she would ever get back.

    Sun shoved a mouse towards her.
    “Eat it, if you want to have enough energy to make it even halfway to the lake.” He meowed, taking a bite out of his mouse.
    Gratefully, she ate her mouse in a few bites. The wind whistled through the hole in the rock, sending a chill down her spine.
    “Let’s go, Sun, I can’t wait any longer.” She stood up and impatiently waved her tail.
    He nodded and lead the way out of the cave, turning and glancing back into the darkness for a moment, his claws clacking on the stone.She tottered after him, her gaze fixed on his tail. A harsh wind buffeted their pelts as they scrambled down the cliffside towards the stream.

    “Like I said, Lilypaw, The stream leads to the lake. My mother once got washed down it and got swept into a lake, when she came back she said she followed the stream.” Sun replied to Lilypaw’s most recently asked question.
    She sighed and hared ahead of him a bit, the moonlight glistening on her pelt. They were at least three sunrises away from the mountains now, and according to her and Sun’s guesses and knowledge, they would arrive at the lake at sun high. But Lilypaw just wanted to be sure that the stream lead the way to the lake.
    “Lilypaw!” Sun yowled from behind her,” Lilypaw look out!”

    Lilypaw whipped around and reared up, unsheathing her claws and swiping at the air.
    “Sun, there’s nothing here.” She shook her head and smiled slightly.Lowering back onto all her paws she turned and headed on without waiting for Sun to reply. She placed down another paw only to find no ground beneath it. She yelped as she hit the water and got thrust under and bashed against the rocks.A large piece of wood came towards her and she curled up to avoid it. She felt her pelt catching on a twig and began to panic as she realised she couldn’t free herself or get a breath of air. Water lashed at her pelt as she closed her eyes and sank into the darkness.

    Harestripe pressed his paw onto the Skyclan cat’s pelt and pushed a few times. The cat gasped and opened her eyes, spitting out water onto the grass and shaking the water off her pelt. Harestripe licked her face gently and felt her shaking ease.
    “Harestripe? From... Windclan?” Lilypaw asked. The Tom cat nodded.
    “Sun, your mountain friend, told me everything you told him.I’m sorry for Skyclan’s losses” He took a breath.” You are a strong cat, L-Lilypaw? You may return to your clan at once, no hesitation. I must return to my clan, but tell Whitestar that this is no friendly deed. I mearly helped a cat in danger. Skyclan need not to repay Windclan. We are strong survivers. Now run along, Sun will help you.”

    Oakfang and Ashpool sat on guard, watching the area for dangers. There was a silence as they watched, ears pricked and alert for danger.Suddenly there was a yowl from one of the bushes close by. Ashpool stood up and prowled forwards, hissing slightly.

    “Ashpaw!” Lilypaw bounded out the bush, screeching in delight.
    “Lilypaw! “ Ashpool rubbed her muzzle against her sisters.” Your back! And it’s Ashpool and Oakfang, now.” She smiled happily and stood back so Oakfang could come forwards.
    “Lilypaw! I’m so glad yo-“ He crouched down and hissed as he saw Sun pad from the between the trees.”Who is this? “ He growled, waving his tail angrily.
    “He’s my friend, Sun! He came with me from the mountains, he saved my life, calm down!” Lilypaw yowled, closing her eyes.
    “You almost died?” Ashpool shrieked.”Mother must know about this. Come into camp, both of you- where’s the rest of the patrol?”
    “I’ll explain later.” Lilypaw meowed feebly and followed her siblings into camp.

    “Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather here beneath the Moonrock for a clan meeting!” Whitestar yowled from the top of the camp.” Lilypaw has returned from the mountains, bringing new of rain, which means prey. She also has explained how her clanmates died on the journey, and how this young cat, Sun, saved her life. We owe both these young cats a lot. So, Lilypaw step forwards.” Lilypaw slowly wobbled forwards.” This ceremony should have been done a few moons ago. Lilypaw, you are a young and kind apprentice. With no regret for sending you on this mission, I now demand starclan to grant you as a warrior. You shall now be known as Lilyleaf, in honour of your flexibility and willing to go forwards and help your clan. Sun, step forwards. You have explained to me that you wish to join Skyclan, to be with Lilyleaf. I wish to give you a warrior name, as you must be one with your new clanmates. Sun, from this day forwards, I name you Sunstorm, after your bravery to save a cat in a storm.”

    Sun storm and Lilyleaf sat on the grass by the lake, their tales entwined as they had just become mates.
    Sunstorm growled to Lilyleaf, hissing in her ear.” I can’t wait till we rule these meagre cats, we can kill off the weak so only the strong survive. We must, Lilyleaf, it’s for the good of the clans!” Lilyleaf stared at her mate. She was horrified. This was why Sun had come to the lake. For power.

    Tell me in the comments if you want me to make part 2? Any OC ideas will be taken in and used! Leave them in the comments for a chance to be in the sequel to this, if you want one, that is! 🐈🐈🐱

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426 days ago
I add:
Description:an orange she-cat with yellow and white blossom-shaped spots and moss green eyes
Clan:kittypet (later skyclan)
Kit(s):Ruby(kit), Storm(kit), and Rose(kit)
Friends:Lilyleaf, Oakfang, and Ashpool
Traits:kind, curious, loyal, brave, fast learner

[Also this was really good pls make another one]
1002 days ago
I add
Name: Fox's Howl
Looks: Just like a fox with warm amber eyes
Rank: Former mebemer of the tribe of rushing water
Gender: She-Cat
Full tribe name: That Fox that howls at the moon
Mate: None
Kits: None
Friends: None no one welcomes her to SkyClan
Traits: Kind, Speaks up
Things about her: Half Blind but that does not stop her from being a good hunter and being good at figing, Doesn't want to be a med cat
1108 days ago
More please!! My oc is Stormheart, a silver and white tabby with deep blue eyes. my mate is Grouseheart. My kits are Duskfall and Mossshadow.
1200 days ago
One of my oc’s is Icefur,she is a white tabby with dark brown eyes .
1235 days ago
HoneyLeaf, striped golden and brown she-cat, blue eyes, Warrior
1239 days ago
golden she-cat
green eyes
deputy of SkyClan
1240 days ago
Thank you for the ocs, I call myself CevilSaysthanks when I reply to a nice comment now!
1244 days ago
She-cat I just saw that somewhere
1244 days ago
Striped orange girl cat (I forgot what they were called)
This was a just what came from the top of my head
1244 days ago
Thanks ! Still waiting on some ocs, thoug!
1245 days ago
You should make a second, this was good!
1246 days ago
Hello guys! I hope I’ll see some oc cats comin in soon?