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Warrior Cats Prophecy generators

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This is a short 2 chapter fan fiction where I have made up some prophecy’s and explained the storyline behind them. You may take these ideas if you add some credit for me.

    Prophecy number 1;

    When the Ground shakes and the sky falls, Fire will melt Ice.

    This is a prophecy about an apprentice from Shadowclan.There is a great storm and much of each of the clan’s territory’s are washed away. There is constant rain (sky falls ) and the ground keeps washing away (ground shakes) Then there is a long stretch of freezing hail, ice, snow, anything cold and the whole of every territory is frozen. Then the apprentice is named a warrior and their love for another warrior is completed. Their hearts come together like fire as they are determined to save the clans. But they have enemies (from all the clans) Who will block their path to find the sun. Eventually the two cats manage to flee from the lake and climb over the mountains, to a land of growth. A place where all the clans could thrive. They travel back quickly only to find most of the cats there are dead from the cold or starvation. So they gather up the surviving cats and take them to the new home, where the clans will survive for many moons.( Fire [the love between the two warriors] melts ice by traveling away).

    Prophecy number 2;

    When the sound of death pierces the sky at dawn, the River will change its course.

    When the clan (any clan) is threatened by a deadly bout of yellowcough, it is up to the other clans to save them. But the sickness spreads like fire and all the clans are put at risk. Starclan has given the clans one more change to save their future, letting the cats untouched by illness stay untouched until dawn in half a moons time. The other clans achieve this great quest by travelling to find others that will help, and find some mysterious tribe of cats living (where ever.) They return and save the cats just as the sun is rising, although for a twist you could make one or two valuable cats die. Then the river of illness changes its course and leaves the clans, as the cats are cured.

    So there are just 2 of my ideas, if you liked them and/or want more comment below which one you liked the most and if you want to see more.

    Look out for my new warriors fan fiction! Any OC's will be highly appreciated, so leave them in the comments with a description and (small) family tree.

    Thanks! May starclan light your path, young(or old, not being rude here,) warrior.

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150 days ago
Amazing!!!!, thanks now I have ideas for my fanfics
153 days ago
Also, treelight, lightfur, Mintfur Skyhawk, and leafsky will be angry if anyone uses their prophesies.
153 days ago
Birds will sing with the raining storm, and the sun will rise. Moon upon moon will pass until the lake will run red with a forgotten mistake.
153 days ago
Flames will clash with ice until the true stars rise.
153 days ago
Light will flash, and sky will fall until the storm rises to save us all.
153 days ago
When the sky is stained red and gray by the setting sun, thunder and rain will fall, and shadows will rise with sky to destroy the dark breeze.
153 days ago
When ice falls like claws from the sky, night and day will reunite to restore the wind.
214 days ago
Ash will fall when the full moon rises, great death and doom is coming and only Jay can stop it.
214 days ago
still hunting for cat ocs!
341 days ago
I also have a few prophecies!

1. When the darkness rises, sometimes, the light that will cure the darkness is the darkness itself.
2. Beware of the whisper that will haunt the clan when the snow turns red.
I'm sorry I cannot think of any more!
432 days ago
Great! I'll add her into my book! Have a nice Day/Evening/Night! btw are her parents alive? -
432 days ago
I've got one!! RIGHT HERE.
SnowPoppy :)
SnowPoppy is a Warrior Who is Gets offended by everything and ANYTHING. But can also be quite Cheerful and nice at times and has a mate called DarkNose
but no kit's, SnowPoppy has four sibling's, BlindSight, FadedSky, WindCloud and VoleHeart, SnowPopppy has yellow eyes and is a pale orange tabby cat and has Dark orange stripes, the tip of her tail is a dark orange and has Light orange Stripes, People often Think SnowPoppy look's odd and that her name doesn't fit her look's well
435 days ago
I'm creating a book that's like warrior cat's and if anyone would like to have they're Oc's added into my book just comment "#Cats for life" and include they're Oc's role, gender, Siblings, Mate, Kits and parents!!! Btw Also include what color their fur and eyes are~
435 days ago
I've got some Oc's anyone can use as long as you don't say it was you who made it, 1# FoxPelt, A friendly but bossy and brave she-cat who was formerly a KittyPet, her house caught on fire, but she managed to escape the fire, FoxPelt has 2 kits one tom and one she-cat, OliveKit and LakeKit, Her mate SmokeLeg sadly couldn't escape the fire and died two years later she found her kits and also found WindClan and Joined, Soon FoxPelt found a new mate named SilentStalker and had a litter of four kits 2 Tom's and 2 She-cats, TearKit, MossKit, GlareKit and BlazeKit, FoxPelt's kits grew older and older until they were finally full grown and her and her mate were elders, FoxPelt died peacefully in her sleep.
462 days ago
Hi, I just wanted to say that this is pretty cool :]
471 days ago
Can I leave some OC’S anyone can use?
Ambersight, a female solid brown tabby with soft amber eyes. Rank:queen.
Snowfox, a female creamy white cat with shrewd reddish eyes. Rank: Deputy
Branchtail, a male black and brown cat with kind green eyes. Rank: Med cat
Hollowstar, a male pale white cat with light grey patches. Blue eyes. Rank: Leader.
Just ask me first before you get:)
489 days ago
525 days ago
JungleClan OCs! Tanglestar- big, light spotted golden tabby tom; darker spots and stripes; amber eyes; leader. Windclaw- brown tabby tom; blue eyes; deputy. Flowervine- light brown she-cat; white paws; green eyes; medicine cat. Otterheart- sleek black-brown tabby tom; dark green eyes; warrior. Swiftwater- mottled gray and brown patched tom; blue eyes; warrior. Snaketail- light brown tabby tom; yellow eyes; ginger tail; warrior. Featherwing- silver tabby she-cat; blue eyes; white muzzle; warrior. Quietslither- 💑 tom; white stripe down back; blue eyes; warrior. Lilytangle- silver; turquoise eyes; mother of Glazekit and Wavekit; queen; mate of Swiftwater. Goldenslpash- ginger; amber eyes; mother of Slidekit, Quailkit, and Larkkit; queen; mate of Snaketail. Ripplepaw- dark gray tom; blue eyes; apprentice of Quietslither. Berrypaw- brown tabby she-cat; green eyes; apprenticed to Windclaw. Darkpaw- black tom; amber eyes; apprenticed to Featherwing. Halfleap- brown tabby tom; hazel-green eyes; elder.
571 days ago
Nvm those are just name ideas he he.
571 days ago
Main character is Creamdapple and her sister Fernhollow btw.