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Warrior Cats Prophecy generators

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This is a short 2 chapter fan fiction where I have made up some prophecy’s and explained the storyline behind them. You may take these ideas if you add some credit for me.

    Prophecy number 1;

    When the Ground shakes and the sky falls, Fire will melt Ice.

    This is a prophecy about an apprentice from Shadowclan.There is a great storm and much of each of the clan’s territory’s are washed away. There is constant rain (sky falls ) and the ground keeps washing away (ground shakes) Then there is a long stretch of freezing hail, ice, snow, anything cold and the whole of every territory is frozen. Then the apprentice is named a warrior and their love for another warrior is completed. Their hearts come together like fire as they are determined to save the clans. But they have enemies (from all the clans) Who will block their path to find the sun. Eventually the two cats manage to flee from the lake and climb over the mountains, to a land of growth. A place where all the clans could thrive. They travel back quickly only to find most of the cats there are dead from the cold or starvation. So they gather up the surviving cats and take them to the new home, where the clans will survive for many moons.( Fire [the love between the two warriors] melts ice by traveling away).

    Prophecy number 2;

    When the sound of death pierces the sky at dawn, the River will change its course.

    When the clan (any clan) is threatened by a deadly bout of yellowcough, it is up to the other clans to save them. But the sickness spreads like fire and all the clans are put at risk. Starclan has given the clans one more change to save their future, letting the cats untouched by illness stay untouched until dawn in half a moons time. The other clans achieve this great quest by travelling to find others that will help, and find some mysterious tribe of cats living (where ever.) They return and save the cats just as the sun is rising, although for a twist you could make one or two valuable cats die. Then the river of illness changes its course and leaves the clans, as the cats are cured.

    So there are just 2 of my ideas, if you liked them and/or want more comment below which one you liked the most and if you want to see more.

    Look out for my new warriors fan fiction! Any OC's will be highly appreciated, so leave them in the comments with a description and (small) family tree.

    Thanks! May starclan light your path, young(or old, not being rude here,) warrior.

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38 days ago
Omen:A Night Pelted Tom Will Fall In Love With A Dark Forest Cat, As Star’Clan Will Start To Not Trust Him As Trust Worth………
68 days ago
Prophecy: An otter (Otterpaw) and the night sky (Nightstar) will challenge the wind (WindClan) till the true stars form.

What this prophecy says is that an apprentice, Otterpaw and the leader of RiverClan, will fight alongside each other against WindClan. And at the end it means that they’ll fight till there’s peace in every clan.

!Warning! This is a prophecy I made so please don’t use it, I just wanted to share it with people! !Warning ended!
68 days ago
I got a family tree!
Silentgaze a silver-and-gray tom (his great-great-grandpa), Skybreeze a calico she-cat (his great-great-grandma) then Foxwhisker a ginger tom (his great-grandpa) and Flintface a white she-cat with a black face (his great-grandma), Crookedback a dark tabby tom with a broken back (his grandpa) then Speckvine a gray she-cat that’s speckled with even darker gray spots (his grandma), Curldawn a cream tabby tom (his dad) and Marigoldrock a tortoiseshell she-cat (his mother) and then Dovespirit a white fluffy tom (himself).
83 days ago
Oh and her family tree is: DarkGlow a black Tom ( her great great grandpa ) and SilverHeart ( her great great grandma ) then HollowClaw ( her great grandpa ) and SkyWish ( her great grandma ) then OneHeart ( her grandpa) and SilverSky ( her grandma ) and then DarkFur ( her dad ) and ShadeStripe ( her mother ) And then her.
83 days ago
I have a OC idea: ShadeTail a white she cat with a black, dark gray, gray, light gray tail. She is kinda shy
111 days ago
Cobbledawn is a ginger tom with light brown speckles (green eyes)

Nightblaze is black with a grey tail and chest and has one white leg (her front right one) green eyes
Heronkit is an all shades beige and brown little she-cat (her tail is darker and she has light green eyes like her fathers)
Shallow~stream is a fluffy beige she cat
111 days ago
I have a few name ideas
(Night blaze is heron kits mother and cobble dawn father. Shallow stream is a medicine cat. )
114 days ago
Can you help me make a prophecy?
Sagepaw was Blazekit before he was stolen by his foster mother, Nightflower, to NightClan. His name was changed so SnowClan would not be suspicious on his first gathering. Sagepaw is a medicine cat apprentice, and when it was the half-moon and he becomes an official medicine cat apprentice, there was a rockslide and he was trapped alone in the Star Cave. He was alone, and he could only communicate with the Star Tree when it was half-moon. The day after he got trapped he started to see his true mother, Morningglow, who was murdered in her sleep when he was just born, he also started to see other StarClan cats. Smallpaw, for example, came on his second day because Morningglow told her to play with Sagepaw. Morningglow came right when he was trapped, after his mentor Kestrelpool fell off a ravine while running through the forest, crying when he was trapped. On his third night, he had a dream where the previous leader of NightClan before Hawkstar, Ravenstar, came to him and told him to not worry and that he would escape one day. Then he heard a whisper from Smallpaw and Morningglow saying the prophecy at the same time.
Sorry for such a long comment, it takes a while to explain :)
117 days ago
Cool prophecies Cevil. Nice work.
252 days ago
Oops, I just read the instructions, and I apologies for my angry threat. I have worked hard on this so I got territorial. Side note: Blazingpaw(heart, star)'s pelt is calico, Wavepaw(fur)'s is gray, Starcrusher's pelt is black, and Foxfang(star)'s pelt is dark spotted tabby.
252 days ago
Hey there, Can you make a prophecy for me?
Blazingpaw(heart, star) will fight rogues, led by Starcrusher, to save the three clans with her friend (Mate in book 2) Wavepaw (fur). Her clan, DawnClan, is betrayed by Foxfang(star, in BoulderClan, end of book 3)
Steal my ideas and your face will be clawed by Starcrusher
360 days ago
This is given to Goldenstar in the next series: Your kin will be twins. They will rise. Flame and Fire will destroy and save. Dont steal my prophecies and characters or I will be VERY angry!!
360 days ago
Prophecy: Four will be given the power of the sky and the moon will rise as the grass brings destruction
Meaning: Four cats, Goldenfang, Blazefur, Dawnpelt, and Rosethorn will have powers,
and MoonClan will rise (MoonClan is a version of the Dark Forest). A rogue with the name Grass will try to destroy the Clans, and there will be a battle.
398 days ago
I have a prophecy:

The embers will burn the land
The last steam of water will run dry
The earth will shake with fear
The wind will howl with pain
And the clans will fade away unless
The hidden tribe are found

BTW: No one steal this prophecy it's for one of my element series so no one steal this prophecy. Then Me and my writing team will be very mad at you
484 days ago
Describing them, Ravensong is designed to save her clan by leading it against StormClan.

Oop, I meant to say Lakekit. His warrior name would be lakeshadow, and continue the leadership after Reedstar. (Of LakeClan)
484 days ago
My prophecy is-

“The raven’s (Ravenkit) song (later referring to her warrior name) will lead the clan (her leadership) out of despair.” And

“The night sky will shine on the lake (Nightkit) and will join the raven to lead the clan out of despair. (His leadership after Ravenstar’s)”
514 days ago
Can I have an idea for a prophecy, I can’t think of a good on?
538 days ago
My prophecy is: In the stream, the thunderous cloud and dawn will fall, one to wounds and one to it all.

The prophecy means that the medicine cat named Night Storm will fall because of the river clan leader Dawn star and Dawn Star will fall because Night Storm had no med app and she was gone.
559 days ago
I may use the second one even though I already have a prophecy xD
575 days ago
My prophecy is: The cats of the moon, sun, storm and sky will calm her blaze and unite four into one.

The prophecy means four cats with each having one of these suffixes moon, sun, storm or sky from different clans come together to defeat an evil medicine cat, Dark Blaze (where the calm her blaze part comes in) and have her exiled. Moons later she comes back and with the help of a group of StarClan rebels kill cats in secret and burn the lake territory. With no home the four cat unite the clans to make on big clan and fine a new home past the mountain and start a new life as MountainClan.