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Dawnbridge and Sheentail (Dawnbridge Fan fiction #2)

10 Chapter - 4.450 Words - Developed by:
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Join Dawnbridge in another exciting adventure- and more problems. Read as Sheentail and Dawnbridge work through events together- forever. (Second book, Dawnbridge's point of view is blue, Sheentail's is navy. New characters include red and teal)

    Hey guys! If you are reading this, I have finished my last book that will go on allthetests.com! Thanks for the support! I need you to give me OCs (yo
    Hey guys! If you are reading this, I have finished my last book that will go on allthetests.com! Thanks for the support! I need you to give me OCs (your character ideas) and fan art please! In the comments, or email me! Thanks guys! Now, onto the story!

    ((bold))CHAPTER 1((ebold)) ((blue)) Dawnbridge shifted her belly out from underneath her. Sheentail was pacing in front of her, Starkkit and Rosekit p

    Dawnbridge shifted her belly out from underneath her.
    Sheentail was pacing in front of her, Starkkit and Rosekit pouncing on her tail.
    "Sheentail?" Dawnbridge mewed delicately.
    "Mhm..." Sheentail was gazing out the entrance of the nursery.
    Dawnbridge inhaled sharply. "How-how does kitting feel?" She meowed cautiously.
    Sheentail stayed silent.
    "Sheentail!" She snapped.
    Sheentail whipped around, ears flattened. "What?"
    "Did you even hear me?" Dawnbridge hissed.
    "Sorry," Sheentail hung her head. She glanced at the entrance again. "I'm worried." She meowed in dismay. "I miss Sky. He hasn't even met his kits. He probably doesn't even know he does have kits!"
    "Stop! Stop talking!" Dawnbridge exclaimed. "First of all, even if whatever you said was important,"- "Hey!"-"it definitely doesn't matter as much as my expectancy."
    "Ouch," came a voice from the outside of the nursery.
    "She burned you, and she burned you good!"
    "Oh, Crevicefoot," Dawnbridge purred with affection.
    Sheentail scowled at her. "Well, if you're so important, then goodbye!"
    She strode out.
    Crevicefoot watched her, then smirked back at Dawnbridge. He walked over to her.
    "Hey, kits!" He called.
    Rosekit turned her head and scampered back to the nursery. Sheentail lashed her tail at Crevicefoot.
    "Come on, Starkkit!" Rosekit called.
    Starkkit stumbled after her.
    "Hello," Crevicefoot mewed. "I thought, since you were almost apprentices...." this got a squeal from the kits. "How about a battle move?"
    "Really?" Rosekit squawked.
    Crevicefoot nodded. "Really."
    Starkkit pounced atop Rosekit and they started scuffling.
    Crevicefoot chuckled. "That's not how you fight, little ones!"
    Dawnbridge purred lovingly. "You're so kind, Crevicefoot!"
    Crevicefoot smiled gratefully and rushed towards the kits.
    He talked while he tussled with the kits.
    "So, when do you think they'll come?" Crevicefoot's mew was muffled by Rosekit falling on top of him.
    "Soon," Dawnbridge meowed anxiously. "In the next moon I'm sure."
    Crevicefoot looked back towards her. "Really?"
    "Well, we can go check for ourselves.." Dawnbridge flicked her tail at the medicine den.
    Crevicefoot's eyes brimmed with emotion. "Come on," he mewed to the kits.
    "Awww..." Rosekit and Starkkit responded.
    "Only a few more moments?" Starkkit begged.
    "Alright," Crevicefoot relented. He shot Dawnbridge an innocent look and went back to playing with the kits.
    Dawnbridge sighed and settled down again, only to stand back up urgently. She moaned and meowed to Crevicefoot. "I think the kits might come soon," she grunted. She wasn't completely sure he could hear her over the pounding of her heart and the roaring of blood in her ears, though.
    Crevicefoot broke away from Starkkit and glanced at her. "Okay," he mewed, confused, and leapt back across the nursery.
    "Crevicefoot!" She snapped anxiously. "Like, soon soon!"

    ((bold))CHAPTER 2((ebold)) ((navy))"Dawnbridge?" Sheentail heard Crevicefoot mew urgently. "Stop, Crevicefoot!" Sheentail snapped.

    "Dawnbridge?" Sheentail heard Crevicefoot mew urgently.
    "Stop, Crevicefoot!" Sheentail snapped. "You don't know what to do! That's me!"
    Sheentail shoved him out of the way. "Come on, Dawnbridge," she soothed. "We need to get to the medicine den."
    "Okay," Dawnbridge gasped. "I'm fine, I'm fine,"
    "Good," Sheentail said. "Keep doing that."
    Dawnbridge nodded.
    They reached the medicine den and called into the entrance. "Lavenderfur!" Sheentail fretted. "Dawnbridge's kitting!"
    Lavenderfur appeared at the entrance. "Oh my..."
    She gathered herself and replied. "Alright. Come on inside."
    Dawnbridge moaned. Sheentail looked at her with concern.
    "Crevicefoot!" She whispered.
    "He's here," Lavendertail soothed. "Stay calm, and try to breathe more, not less."
    Dawnbridge looked at Sheentail. Sheentail nodded.
    Lavenderfur turned to Sheentail. "Grab some raspberry and burnet."
    Sheentail nodded. She pawed a leaf or two of burnet out of a crack in the wall.
    "To give her strength?" Sheentail queried.
    "Yes." Lavenderfur cocked her head. "How do you know?"
    Sheentail shrugged. "I guess I learned a thing or two while living as a rogue,"
    Lavenderfur nodded. "Thank goodness Dawnbridge was at your kitting. Thanks to her, we have two new kits!"
    Sheentail gritted her teeth.
    They're my kits!
    She kept her fur flat. "Yes," she mewed calmly. "And now it is time for that great debt to be repaid,"
    Sheentail grimaced at her words. So cheesy.
    Dawnbridge interrupted her thoughts with a low moan.
    Sheentail and Lavenderfur looked worriedly at her.
    "It's time," Sheentail said in sync with a convulsion from Dawnbridge.
    Lavenderfur dashed over to Dawnbridge. "Eat this," she ordered and shoved a raspberry leaf close to her muzzle.
    Sheentail picked a few burnet leaves up with her claws. "Give these to her," she told Lavenderfur and ran out the medicine den to fetch Crevicefoot.
    Crevicefoot was pacing in front of the medicine clearing. His ears perked when Sheentail walked up.
    "Is she alright? Is she? I hope she is. Is there anything I can do? Ugh. I should've seen it coming quicker! Sheentail!"
    "Stop. Talking. Please!" Sheentail growled. "She's fine. Visit her then collect moss and soak it with water."
    Crevicefoot tilted his head. "Can't you do that?"
    Sheentail groaned. "We need only the freshest water. And moss. Wouldn't you like that for your mate?"
    Crevicefoot's eyes widened. "Of course!" He padded into the medicine den.
    A gasp. "Dawnbridge!"
    Sheentail walked in after him. Dawnbridge was sprawled, barely breathing, on the shredded bracken and moss.
    She moaned and her body convulsed again.
    "I'll- I'll go fetch that water now-"
    Sheentail shook her head. "It's too late for water now. The kits are almost here."
    Crevicefoot's face lit up.
    Sheentail felt a strange bubbling feeling in her chest. She had a very strong sense that feeling was pride.
    Oh, dear sister, how can I not be proud of you?

    ((bold))CHAPTER 3((ebold)) ((blue))Dawnbridge gasped for breath. Even though she was surrounded by her family- Crevicefoot, Soiltail, and Sheentail- s

    Dawnbridge gasped for breath. Even though she was surrounded by her family- Crevicefoot, Soiltail, and Sheentail- she had never felt more alone.
    The pain was too much to bear. She fought the urge to give way to the dizzying blackness that was sleep.
    Everything felt far away.
    Lavenderfur pressed a paw to her flank. "Here comes the first one," her dreamy mew sounded.
    Dawnbridge trembled. "Help..." her whisper was almost inaudible.
    Lavenderfur's forehead creased with worry. Dawnbridge's breathing quickened. Was there something wrong with her kits?
    "I know what's wrong!" Sheentail exclaimed. "It's swollen!"
    Lavenderfur tilted her head. "Seems logical!"
    "We need to stop it from swelling," Sheentail mewed. "Get more burnet, then Dawnbridge, try to stop pushing."
    Dawnbridge blinked back blankly.
    "It might be hard," Sheentail warned.
    Dawnbridge sighed.
    "It'll bring down the swelling," Sheentail urged.
    "Okay," Dawnbridge meowed.
    Lavenderfur gave her a pawful of burnet.
    She turned to Crevicefoot. "We need that water now."
    Crevicefoot flicked his tail in agreement and trotted out of the medicine den.
    A convulsion passed through Dawnbridge's body and she braced herself for pain.
    "Don't push!" Sheentail snapped.
    Dawnbridge resisted what her body wanted her to do.
    There was a lot of bustling in the next few moments. Dawnbridge tried not to push.
    "Alright, Dawnbridge," Lavenderfur nodded. "Time to push. When I say."
    Dawnbridge purred with joy. Her kits would finally come!
    Her body jerked.
    "Push!" Lavenderfur mewed.
    Dawnbridge pushed with such force that the kit tumbled in the nest instantaneously.
    "Lick it," Sheentail ordered Crevicefoot.
    "It's a she-kit!" Crevicefoot announced.
    "Push!" Lavenderfur meowed.
    Dawnbridge again pushed, and this time she looked at her kit.
    "Another she-kit!" Sheentail said.
    Dawnbridge purred. She had two daughters. One was dark brown, like Dawnbridge, and the other was a light brown-gray.
    In the midst of thoughts, she didn't hear Sheentail and Lavenderfur.
    "PUSH, DAWNBRIDGE!" They roared.
    Dawnbridge flinched and pushed again.
    "Another she-kit!"
    "She still looks so big!" Crevicefoot awed. He looked her way. "No offense," he raised his tail in innocence.
    Again, Dawnbridge pushed. And pushed.
    In the end, she had six she-kits and one tom.
    "Wow, Crevicefoot."
    Crevicefoot was licking the last of birth off of his kits. "I'm a father of seven!" He exclaimed.
    "I'm exhausted," Dawnbridge sighed. She looked at him. "And I expect a thank you."
    Crevicefoot licked his belly fur. "Thanks," he mumbled.
    "I can't hear you."
    "Thanks!" He mewed loudly.
    Dawnbridge purred.
    Crevicefoot shifted closer. "What should we name them?"
    "The one that looks like me should be Pinekit." She murmured.
    Pinekit mewled in response.
    Crevicefoot let out a mroww of laughter. "This grayish-brown one is Stonekit."
    "The albino one should be Shimmerkit. I can just tell that she needs an amazing name to live through all of the teasing her denmates will do to her for being white."
    "The light brown she-cat with lighter brown spots should be Lynxkit."
    Crevicefoot nodded. "She looks like a lynx."
    "Crevicefoot, the last one is yours to choose."
    Crevicefoot held his tail high. "I think she looks like a Rosekit, with those red-amber eyes."
    Dawnbridge purred and pulled her kits closer to her. "And what about this one?" She mewed softly, whisking her tail around to point at the only tom.
    "Our only tom," he mewed with mock sadness. "If only we'd had eight instead of seven."
    "Well?" She laughed. "What should we name our 'only tom'?
    "Turtlekit." Crevciefoot announced. "With his shimmering light-gray fur, he looks like a slimy, disgusting, stinky fish!"
    Dawnbridge scowled and cuffed him gently around the ear.
    "You guys can stay in the medicine den tonight," Lavenderfur mentioned.
    Dawnbridge and Crevicefoot jumped.
    "Hi?" Dawnbridge meowed.
    Lavenderfur purred. "Rest in peace!" She said.
    Dawnbridge laughed and rested her tail on Crevicefoot's shoulder.
    "We are a family of nine."

    ((bold))CHAPTER 6((ebold)) ((red)) Shimmerkit sneezed. This white stuff sure made it hard to learn to walk. Sheentail laughed. "Shimmerkit, are y

    Shimmerkit sneezed. This white stuff sure made it hard to learn to walk.
    Sheentail laughed. "Shimmerkit, are you okay?"
    Shimmerkit drooped her tail. Cats were always asking her these questions. Just because she was albino didn't mean that she was incapable. Of anything!
    Lynxkit nudged her uneasily. "Why- why don't you come with us?" She motioned towards the other five kits tussling at the edge of the clearing.
    Shimmerkit shook her head. "No," she mewed. "I want to impress mama." She glanced up at Dawnbridge.
    Lynxkit blinked.
    "She thinks I'm stupid!" Shimmerkit went on.
    "Why?" Rosekit approached.
    Shimmerkit turned on her. "Because I'm the runt! Because I'm albino! Because of some stupid, StarClan-cursed genetic problem!" She spat.
    Rosekit shrank back. "I don't think you're stupid!" She chimed.
    Lynxkit gave her a let-me-deal-with-it glare and Rosekit tripped over to her littermates.
    "Shimmerkit," Dawnbridge sighed. "I don't think you're stupid."
    Lynxkit and Shimmerkit exchanged glances.
    Dawnbridge purred. "You think I don't notice?"
    Shimmerkit licked her belly fur in embarrassment.
    Sheentail padded closer. "Nobody thinks that you're stupid, Shimmerkit,"
    Shimmerkit glanced at her siblings forlornly. "Alright." She exhaled.
    "Hey!" Sheentail snapped. "Stop being a goody-two-paws and play like you're supposed to!"
    She whipped around, tail lashing.
    Dawnbridge watched as she left. She turned back towards her two she-kits and shook her head. "Sheentail is... a bit crabby today.."
    Shimmerkit sighed. When would anybody understand her?

    ((bold))CHAPTER 7((ebold)) ((navy))Sheentail stomped off. Shimmerkit couldn't put her down. The thing that hurt her most was that Shinmerkit had

    Sheentail stomped off. Shimmerkit couldn't put her down.
    The thing that hurt her most was that Shinmerkit had said the exact opposite of the truth.
    Sheentail envied Dawnbridge. Dawnbridge got to have seven kits, and one was also really cool and had red eyes.
    That was what Sheentail wanted.
    "Starkkit!" A squeal came from behind her.
    Starkkit was wriggling out of a thorn tendril. Rosekit hovered over him as he struggled.
    "Oh, Starkkit," she soothed and crouched next to him.
    All of her envy was gone. These were her kits, and they were all she ever wanted.
    "Stop moving," she instructed. She hooked a thorn with her claw. "There!"
    Rosekit gaped at her. "You fixed him!" She padded up to her and pressed herself to her.
    Sheentail purred with her eyes closed. Dawnbridge could have her kits all to herself if she could have Starkkit and Rosekit.
    "Move along, young ones," she beckoned.
    "We'll be apprentices soon," Rosekit boasted to a nearby elder, scuttling away.
    Sheentail watched them affectionately. She purred.
    ((fuschia))I love you, kits.((efushcia))

    ((bold))CHAPTER 8((ebold)) ((teal)) Turtlekit wrinkled his nose at his 5 other siblings, squabbling in the clearing. How could anyone live like that?

    Turtlekit wrinkled his nose at his 5 other siblings, squabbling in the clearing. How could anyone live like that?
    Turtlekit noticed Shimmerkit standing lost beside the clearing.
    "Hey!" He called towards her.
    He ran at her. Turtlekit did have to admit that she looked kinda creepy with the red eyes and white pelt. He shuddered involuntarily.
    Shimmerkit flinched away. "What?" She mewed edgily. "Come to mention my weird albino genetics?"
    Turtlekit sat down and flicked his tail. "No."
    Shimmerkit's face softened. "Why then?"
    Turtlekit shrugged. "I don't know," he meowed. "Wanna explore?"
    Shimmerkit shifted her paws. "Umm... sure," she mewed uneasily.
    "Come on!" Turtlekit dashed away.
    He analyzed the camp. That must be the warriors den, he thought, looking at the bulging den.
    He scanned the ear-tips of the cats bustling around camp, looking for Crevicefoot, his and Shimmerkit's father.
    He growled when there was no sign of him.
    "Turtlekit?" Shimmerkit nudged him.
    Turtlekit whirled around. "What?"
    "What about finding Rosekit and Starkkit? They'll know the fun things to do."
    Turtlekit nodded. "They're over there," he flicked his tail in their direction.
    "I finally get to see them!" Shimmerkit said. Her eyes darkened, saying the words left unsaid. And I can finally do it because you're here.
    "Starkkit! Rosekit!" Turtlekit shouted.
    Starkkit turned his head. "Oh. Hey, kits."
    Shimmerkit bounced over. "Hello! I'm Shimmerkit, the dumb albino!"
    Starkkit stared at her. Turtlekit could read his mind. Why would anybody willingly call themselves dumb?
    Rosekit pulled her aside. "Everybody else might think that, but you're my favorite."
    Shimmerkit squealed with joy.
    "So, Turtlekit," Starkkit started. "Want us to show you around camp?"
    Turtlekit shook his head. "We're looking for stuff to do." He responded, lashing his tail. "Our siblings are weird." He added.
    Starkkit purred. "You're the only tom in Dawnbridge's litter, right?"
    "Yeah!" Shimmerkit chirped.
    Turtlekit sat down.
    Shimmerkit gasped. "Can we see Riverstar?"
    Rosekit padded over, laughing. "No, he's busy."
    "But somebody does want to see you," Starkkit mewed.
    "Really?" Shimmerkit squeaked.
    Rosekit nodded. "Really. The elders love new kits."
    Starkkit led them to a den, slightly smaller than the warriors den.
    Rosekit ducked in, and the other kits followed.
    A tortoiseshell she-cat took in a deep breath. "Why, hello kits!" She purred. "It's been a while since we've had a new litter."
    "Hello," Rosekit meowed expectantly.
    "Hello." The kits echoed.
    "Aren't you Dawnbridge's litter?" The she-cat asked.
    Shimmerkit gasped. "How'd you know?"
    She chuckled. "We have our ways."
    Shimmerkit tilted her head. "Who are you?"
    "Well, I'm Raccoonfur, this is Sodfoot, and the she-cat in the back is Appletail."
    "Hello, Sodfoot and Appletail!" Shimmerkit trilled.
    "Nice to meet you," Sodfoot said in such a low, gravelly voice that it sounded like a growl.
    "Now, let me tell you a story..."

    ((bold))CHAPTER 9((ebold)) ((blue)) Dawnbridge cuddled closer with her kits. Leaf-bare didn't save much prey for ThunderClan. And of course, less

    Dawnbridge cuddled closer with her kits. Leaf-bare didn't save much prey for ThunderClan. And of course, less prey meant less milk.
    "Dawnbridge?" Treetail poked his head into the nursery. "I brought prey."
    Dawnbridge looked at the squirrel he was dragging. "No." She mewed fiercely. "The warriors need it more."
    "Oh, Dawnbridge," Treetail inhaled sharply. "You know that's not true."
    Dawnbridge sighed and pulled the squirrel towards her.
    Treetail let out his breath, relieved. He dipped his head. "I'll leave you alone." He backed away.
    Dawnbridge gulped down the squirrel and fell asleep quietly.
    ◇ ○ ◇
    "Mama!" A voice woke Dawnbridge. "Mama!"
    Dawnbridge blinked open her eyes sleepily. "What?"
    Stonekit was standing in front of her, waiting for milk. All seven kits were lined up behind her.
    "Hungry." Kinkkit looked up at her, eyes rounded. "Need milk."
    Dawnbridge whimpered. Her kits were only two days old. It wasn't fair.
    "We're hungry!" Turtlekit wailed, kneading her stomach.
    Dawnbridge's eyes brimmed with tears. "Crevicefoot!"
    She screamed. "CREVICEFOOT!"
    Riverstar dashed into the nursery. "Dawnbridge!" He panted. "What is it?"
    Dawnbridge collapsed onto the floor. "My kits..."
    Riverstar padded closer. "Are they hungry?" He asked.
    Crevicefoot ran inside. "Dawnbridge!" He cried.
    "The-the kits.." Dawnbridge murmured feebly. "They're.. they're starving."
    Riverstar's eyes widened. "We don't have any more prey," he mewed, sounding crestfallen. "I'm sorry."
    Dawnbridge let out a shaky breath. "They'll live for another day without enough milk." She mewed sadly. "But after that..."
    Riverstar ran out of the den.
    Dawnbridge looked to the sky.
    "One more day, StarClan. One more day is all I need."


    Sheentail crouched low, stalking the shrew. Not Dawnbridge's favorite, but it would help her milk come.
    The shrew twitched. Sheentail wiggled her haunches, ready to pounce.
    She leaped and her paw slammed down onto the shrew. She bent down to give it a killing bite.
    It stopped struggling and Sheentail lifted her nose to the sky. Thank you so much, StarClan.
    Sheentail opened her mouth to scent another piece of prey when a huge ball of fluff burst out of the ground cover noisily.
    Sheentail hissed and arched her back, claws unsheathed.
    The fur along her spine fell flat when she realized it was just Lavenderfur.
    "Lavenderfur," she growled. "Anyone would think you wanted to scare away all the prey in the forest! I was stalking prey! Do you even know how to sneak up on something?"
    "I snuck up on you," Lavendefur responded nasally.
    Sheentail snorted. "Well, what do you need?"
    Lavenderfur straightened up. "I just visited SkyClan, and Doubletoe told me that she fed her nursing queens borage in Leaf-bare to keep their milk flowing."
    Sheentail dipped her head. "I'll collect some," she promised.
    Lavenderfur jumped over the ivy.
    Sheentail picked up the leaf of borage Lavenderfur had left for her. She sniffed it.
    Everyone in the Clan knew that she could match any scent with another. Lavenderfur had almost convinced her to be a medicine cat this way.
    Sheentail caught the scent in the air.
    Her nose twitched and her legs brought her closer to the scent.
    There it was! A borage patch.
    Sheentail started gathering. There wasn't a lot of leaves, but it would do.
    Sheentail finished collecting and bounded back to camp.
    Dawnbridge was pacing feverishly in the clearing, sneezing as snowflakes caught in her throat.
    Sheentail pushed into the gorse barrier.
    Dawnbridge's face lit up as she saw Sheentail, then fell when she realized she was holding leaves, not prey.
    "Will these help?" She meowed dubiously, inspecting them thoroughly.
    Sheentail nodded and tried not to look at Dawnbridge's kits, huddled next to Crevciefoot on the edge of the nursery and the snow.
    Dawnbridge sat down with a humph.
    Sheentail curled her tail onto her back. "I left a shrew out there. I'll get it for you before a fox steals it."
    Dawnbridge shook her head violently. "You already went out in the freezing cold for long enough today," she said, stroking the fur along her spine motherly.
    Sheentail pulled away. "You're not Bluetail!" She hissed sadly. "I'm getting that shrew and that is what Bluetail would want! Even if I die, it's worth it to save seven future warriors!"
    Sheentail turned around and darted out of camp.
    It was silent. Sheentail exhaled and watched as the breath rose up.
    It's so... peaceful.
    Sheentail closed her eyes, relishing the calm.
    A gust of wind pushed her off of her feet. She cried out.
    Sheentail landed and dug her claws into the ground. She opened her eyes and looked around, pricking her ears in case more wind came.
    She sighed and tried to stand back up.
    Sheentail yelped and recoiled as pain shot up her left hind leg.
    She looked back and saw that her paw was stuck under a root.
    She pulled harder. It didn't work, so she flopped onto the snow.
    "Dawnbridge!" She shouted. "Somebody!" She shrieked as another blow of wind stretched her leg.
    She screamed in agony.
    Darkness started to shadow her vision.
    "Dawnbridge.." she whispered. "Bluetail..."
    She paused, nostrils flaring. "Sky."
    And she gave way to the dizzying black.


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PepperFly -- Rank: young warrior -- Pelt: Light orange, reddish spots on his shoulders and under his eyes. White belly, muzzle, and tail tip. Dark green eyes. -- Gender: Tom -- Personality: Energetic, care-free, selfless, makes rash decisions, but will die to defend his clan, and is learning how to be a more wise cat -- Kin: Anyone i guess
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I have to change Banished. Ravenwing has another kit called Graykit, or the story diesn't work
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Name: Ice water , Rank: senior warrior Pelt color: light grey, almost white, with ice blue eyes Gender: Tom Personality: Wise, calm, and quick thinking Kin: ANYONE LIKE LITERALLY ANYONE..... OC IF YOU CAN I DON'T MIND IF YOU CAN'T THANKS.
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