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Dawnbridge's Hope (Warrior Cats Fan Fiction #3)

10 Chapter - 6.157 Words - Developed by:
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Dawnbridge, Shimmerkit, and Turtlekit find a way to work through the challenges of life. (Third book, Dawnbridge's point of view is blue, red is Shimmerkit, teal is Turtlekit)

    ((bold))CHAPTER 1((ebold)) ((blue)) Dawnbridge hissed. "Find her!" She turned to Riverstar. "Talk some sense into your deputy!" Sh

    Dawnbridge hissed. "Find her!" She turned to Riverstar. "Talk some sense into your deputy!"
    She stormed off.
    "Crevicefoot!" She called.
    Crevicefoot ran up to her. "Dawnbridge," he mewed. "What is it?"
    Dawnbridge growled. "Buckface won't send a search party out to look for Sheentail!"
    Crevicefoot pretended to look injured. "Sadness." He meowed, amusement in his voice.
    "Crevicefoot!" She breathed. "It's not funny!"
    Crevicefoot looked at her as she pushed past him into the nursery.
    Dawnbridge's anger melted away as she watched her kits breathing, huddled in a nest, shivering without warmth.
    She shuffled them slightly to the edge of the nest and settled in next to them.
    Kinkkit let out a soundless yawn, her mouth stretching wide, showing the pale pink gums.
    Dawnbridge drew breath. Things such beautiful caught at her heart.
    "Kits," she murmured softly, drawing her tail over Shimmerkit's pelt.
    Rosekit blinked open her eyes. "Food?" She croaked weakly.
    Jaggedkit stared up at her. "Thirsty." He rasped.
    Dawnbridge nuzzled Stonekit and Turtlekit awake. "Up, up!"
    Snowtail ducked inside the nursery. "I'll fetch some water and borage," she vowed, and her tail flicked meaningfully.
    Dawnbridge sighed and rested her head on her paws. "Shimmerkit!" She scolded, her head shooting back up. "Stop that!"
    She was peeking her head outside the nursery, catching a snowflake on her small head.
    Dawnbridge pushed her kits off of her stomach, moving towards Shimmerkit. She looked back. "I'm sorry, I don't have any milk anyways!" She continued towards Shimmerkit.
    Shimmerkit's eyes were glued to a certain spot in the snow.
    Dawnbridge peered out and there was a light brown lump of fur, almost covered in snow.
    Dawnbridge widened her eyes and hopped through the snow. "Stay there, Shimmerkit."
    She approached the fur cautiously. She reached it and poked it with a claw.
    Sighing, Dawnbridge turned it over.
    She gasped with horror.
    "Lavenderfur!" She snapped. "Come, quick!"
    Dawnbridge laid next to the lump of fur, moaning. "I told them to stay inside while I worked things out!"
    Crevicefoot jumped over. "What is it, Dawnbri-" he stopped, noticing the fur. "No," he whispered.
    Lavenderfur rushed up. "Oh, poor thing!" She mewed. She looked at Crevciefoot and Dawnbridge, who were crouching against the wind together. "I'll get her fixed up right away!"
    Dawnbridge kneaded the soft snow with her paws.
    The lump of fur was Pinekit.

    ((bold))CHAPTER 2((ebold)) ((red)) Shimmerkit cleared the snow in front of her. "Dawnbridge!" She called. Turtlekit hunched closer to her as

    Shimmerkit cleared the snow in front of her. "Dawnbridge!" She called.
    Turtlekit hunched closer to her as the wind got stronger.
    Dawnbridge was shielding herself against the wind. She lifted her head and looked deeply into Shimmerkit's eyes.
    "I'm sorry."
    Dawnbridge was carried away by the wind.
    "No!" Shimmerkit roared. "Come back!"
    She jumped through the snow towards the spot she had flown away.
    Shimmerkit sobbed. "Turtlekit! Get Crevicefoot!"
    Turtlekit didn't respond.
    Shimmerkit turned around. "Turtlekit!" He had been swept away, too.
    A voice came from behind her. "Shimmerkit."
    The voice was calm, louder than the wind but quiet still.
    Shimmerkit gulped and slowly moved around to face it.
    A white she-cat with pale green eyes was staring right back at her. "Shimmerkit," she mewed with such affection.
    "How do you know my name?" Shimmerkit meowed, holding her ground.
    The she-cat's eyes twinkled with delight. "I'm from StarClan," she mewed. She cleared her throat. "Which reminds me..."
    Shimmerkit whimpered as the wind howled, threatening to throw her off of her paws, never to be seen again.
    The she-cat began, in a dark voice. "Beware the wind, beware the snow, hope that no one will ever know, a love be lost, the snow will kill, and thunder will fall."
    Shimmerkit broke out of the dream, panting. "Mother." She whispered.
    She got up and shook herself off. "Dawnbridge!" She shook her mother.
    Dawnbridge blinked drowsily. "What is it?" She mewed sleepily.
    Shimmerkit shuffled her feet. "I had a dream."
    Dawnbridge closed her eyes. "Alright. Tell me later, Shimmerkit, it's barely moonhigh."
    Shimmerkit opened her mouth to protest, but closed it. She needed rest anyways.
    She cuddled with Kinkkit back in her nest and was soon asleep.

    ((bold))CHAPTER 3((ebold)) ((red))Shimmerkit sighed herself awake. She'd had the same dream again. Her siblings were snoring softly. Dawnbridge w

    Shimmerkit sighed herself awake. She'd had the same dream again.
    Her siblings were snoring softly. Dawnbridge was awake, waiting to greet her daughters and her son awake.
    "Good morning, Shimmerkit."
    Shimmerkit padded over to Dawnbridge. "I had a dream."
    Dawnbridge purred. "Yes, I remember." Her forehead creased with hope. "Did it show where Sheentail was?" She asked.
    Shimmerkit tilted her head. "Kind of," she mewed quizzically. "It was you and Crevicefoot, blown away by the wind. Maybe that's what happened to Sheentail."
    Dawnbridge stood up suddenly. "Let's get you to the medicine den." She urged.
    "No, Dawnbridge-"
    Dawnbridge kept going.
    "There's more!" Shimmerkit pointed out. "A StarClan cat came."
    Dawnbridge stopped. "Shimmerkit," she mewed. "What did he say?"
    "She," Shimmerkit corrected. "Said that she had a prophecy for me."
    Dawnbridge's eyes widened. "What did she say after that?"
    "She said the prophecy, but I forgot exactly what she said. I'll remember later."
    Dawnbridge's face softened. "Let's go,"
    Shimmerkit and Dawnbridge reached the medicine den.
    "Lavenderfur!" She meowed over the wind. Her fur parted along her back.
    Lavenderfur appeared and sneezed. "Well."
    "She had a dream," Dawnbridge explained. "We're here to tell you about it."
    Lavenderfur looked up. "Well?"
    Shimmerkit shuffled her feet. "It started when I was in the clearing with Dawnbridge, Turtlekit, and Crevicefoot. Then they were all swept away and in Turtlekit's place was a StarClan warrior, with a white pelt and great big blue eyes. She said..." Shimmerkit screwed up her face, trying to remember. "She said she was StarClan, and a couple other things. She sounded pretty new to giving prophecies." Shimmerkit wrinkled her nose.
    Dawnbridge nodded. "What about the prophecy?"
    Shimmerkit sighed. "I'll give it a try,"
    "Beware the wind, beware the snow... erm... ooh! Hope that no one will ever know, something about hiding love, and... the snow will... kill and thunder will fall!" Shimmerkit flicked her tail. "Something like that."
    Dawnbridge and Lavenderfur exchanged glances.
    Lavenderfur turned to her. "Are you sure? Did you have the dream twice in a row?"
    Shimmerkit nodded. "But after the first time, the cat giving the prophecy didn't blab on about random things, she only repeated the prophecy until I couldn't bear it anymore."
    "I think I know who that is!" Dawnbridge blurted suddenly.
    "Who!" Lavenderfur asked.
    "If she looks as Shimmerkit descripts, than I'm pretty sure her name is Shallowwhisker."
    "Shallowwhisker!" Lavenderfur cried. "It definitely brings a bell!"
    Dawnbridge took in a deep breath. "I know that she was Riverstar's leader when he was a kit. So I guess Shallowstar then."
    Shimmerkit had shrank back in the commotion. "Why me?" She mewed in a tiny voice.
    Dawnbridge and Lavenderfur looked at her.
    "Shimmerkit." Lavenderfur breathed. "I think you are meant to be a medicine cat."

    ((bold))CHAPTER 4((ebold)) ((teal))Turtlekit crouched at the edge of the medicine den, bewildered. How could Shimmerkit be a medicine cat? His eyes wi

    Turtlekit crouched at the edge of the medicine den, bewildered. How could Shimmerkit be a medicine cat?
    His eyes widened hopefully. Maybe she could heal Pinekit!
    Dawnbridge and Shimmerkit padded out of the medicine den. "Look," Dawnbridge mewed quietly. "Shimmerkit, you're not different, you're special."
    Shimmerkit looked at the ground. "No, I'm a weird albino that everyone stares at and now I'm going to be a medicine cat which is weird even for me and-"
    Turtlekit bounced out of his hiding spot. "I don't think that medicine cats are weird!" He offered.
    Shimmerkit looked at him, too exhausted to even be mad.
    Dawnbridge hung her head. "Turtlekit," she sighed. "Not now."
    The she-cats walked against the wind to the nursery.
    Turtlekit shrugged. He could just ask the elders to entertain him.
    He padded over to the elders' den, flicking his tail.
    "Sodfoot? Appletail?" He called inside.
    "Hello, Turtlekit."
    "Racoonfur!" Turtlekit squealed. He bowled into the den.
    Racoonfur wasn't in there.
    "He-hello?" Turtlekit looked around. "Racoonfur?"
    "Turtlekit." A deep growl came from above.
    Turtlekit looked at the roof, confused. He gasped.
    There was Appletail. She was... floating.
    Turtlekit sniffed. There was no scent coming off of her. The figure had stars in her pelt.
    "Turtlekit, I have a task for you."
    Turtlekit gulped. "Uh-huh,"
    Appletail motioned with her tail all around her. "Now that I have died, you need to tell my friends I said..."
    Turtlekit finally noticed the body of Appletail, lying in the shadows.
    Appletail avoided his gaze. "That I said I really like being their denmates and I loved this clan."
    Turtlekit sat there. "How come I can see you?"
    Appletail smiled. "I have no idea." She started fading away.
    "Wait, Appletail-"
    Racoonfur came into the den with a vole. She dropped it next to his nest, muttering about not enough apprentices.
    She looked up. "Oh, hello, Turtlekit!" Her face lit up. She whisked her tail, going back to her vole.
    Then she noticed Appletail.
    "Appletail?" She whispered. Racoonfur bounded over to her.
    Turtlekit yelped as she passed. Were elders even supposed to run?
    "Appletail!" Racoonfur let out a mournful wail. "You-you're dead!"
    Turtlekit's heart skipped a beat when Racoonfur glared at him accusingly.
    "What did you do to her!" Racoonfur snarled, turning on him.
    Turtlekit gasped. "I didn't do anything!" He hissed, hurt.
    Racoonfur's face softened and fur lie flat. "I'm sorry." She sighed. She looked at her friend. "But... I loved Appletail. I know Sodfoot was my mate, but I loved Appletail."
    "I was here," he choked out. "When Appletail died, I mean." It wasn't the truth, but it was close enough.
    Raccoonfur blinked.
    "She said that she really loved being your denmate, and she loved ThunderClan."
    Racoonfur's eyes rounded. "Thank you," she murmured, padding to him to press herself to him. "Thank you, Turtlekit."
    "You're very welcome," Turtlekit mewed skeptically.
    Racoonfur's face looked brighter when she pulled away. "This moment will be told of for a while," she meowed. "And I will say, I am going to put some... input on when you'll be apprenticed."
    Turtlekit blinked desperately. Please don't, he pleaded to StarClan, not wanting his.. encounter- with Appletail. He forced the bile in his throat down. "Thank you," he mumbled.
    Raccoonfur licked in between his ears. "I love you, too, you know."
    Turtlekit smiled. "Bye, Raccoonfur!"
    Raccoonfur turned towards Appletail's body.
    Guilt wormed in his chest, making him feel self-conscious. He didn't like lying.
    But mostly, beneath his fur, he felt scared.
    Why had he seen Appletail's ghost?

    ((bold))CHAPTER 5((ebold)) ((red))Shimmerkit licked her paw and drew it over her ear. Dawnbridge rested her tail on her shoulders. "You'll b

    Shimmerkit licked her paw and drew it over her ear.
    Dawnbridge rested her tail on her shoulders. "You'll be fine," she murmured.
    Shimmerkit shivered. She couldn't be a medicine cat! How could Lavenderfur be so wrong?
    Dawnbridge's face fell when she looked at Shimmerkit.
    "Are you alright?" She mewed worriedly. "You seem off."
    Shimmerkit looked up at her mother and forced herself to smile. "I'm fine, mother."
    Dawnbridge nodded and looked up at the Highledge.
    Riverstar bounded up the rocks. "Clan!" He yowled. "Gather before me!"
    Shimmerkit's heart skipped a beat as Crevicefoot came out of the warriors' den, confused.
    "Father!" Turtlekit mewed. "Shimmerki-"
    Shimmerkit interrupted him by cuffing him around the ear. This was her feat. She would make her father proud.
    Turtlekit shook out his fur and gave her a defiant glare.
    "Shimmerkit!" Riverstar beckoned with his tail. "Step forward."
    Shimmerkit was relishing the look on Crevicefoot's face. It was a mixture of shock and warm pride.
    Shimmerkit let out a mroww of laughter.
    "Lavenderfur, you suggested Shimmerkit to be your apprentice," Riverstar turned to her. "Do you promise to teach her well?"
    Lavenderfur nodded.
    Riverstar turned to Shimmerkit and dipped his head. "I, Riverstar, call our warrior ancestors to look upon this kit."
    Riverstar smiled. "You are now Shimmerpaw."
    Lavenderfur leaped down from Highledge and touched her nose to Shimmerpaw's.
    Shimmerpaw resisted the urge to jump up and down. This was so exciting.
    "Now, I know that this might be a few days early...."
    Dawnbridge's eyes widened in alarm. "Clean yourselves!" She yelped, skidding towards her other seven kits.
    "Lynxkit," Riverstar boomed.
    Dawnbridge sighed. "Sorry, kits."
    Lynxkit stepped forward.
    The ceremony continued, and some cats were getting bored with all of the kits. Kinkkit, Stonekit, Turtlekit, Pinekit, and Rosekit went and finally, the ceremony was over.
    "We are apprentices," Rosepaw and Kinkpaw chanted. "We are apprentices!"
    Crevicefoot walked over and shook Shimmerpaw, picking her up by the scruff.
    "I'm so... proud of you," his voice broke.
    Shimmerpaw rubbed against him. "Thanks, but I have to go train."
    Crevicefoot slowly grinned. He left to congratulate his other kits.
    Lavenderfur padded up to her. "Are you ready?" She mewed. "First, we-"
    "Do we get to take a tour of the territory? Mark the borders? Ooh, hunting practice!" Shimmerpaw burst.
    Lavenderfur purred. "We get to sort herbs,"
    Shimmerpaw nodded excitedly and bounced to the medicine den. "I already know some."
    Lavenderfur walked in after her. "Some isn't enough," she pointed out, her tail whisking through the air.
    Shimmerpaw picked up a rough, hairy leaf. "This one's barage," she declared.
    Lavenderfur keeled over, laughing. "I think you mean borage, Shimmerpaw!"
    Shimmerpaw ducked and licked her belly fur in embarrassment. "Borage," she muttered.
    Lavenderfur held up a small, bright green stalk with yellow flowers on the ends.
    "Ya-yarrow?" Shimmerpaw guessed.
    Lavenderfur nodded and pointed to a different flower.
    "Tansy." Shimmerpaw decided.
    Lavenderfur picked it up. "Smell it," she ordered. "Marigold and tansy smell very different."
    Shimmerpaw's eyes widened. "This one smells very different," she sniffed a flower.
    Lavenderfur purred. "All of them smell very different," she meowed. "But this time you got lucky. That is tansy."
    Shimmerpaw had fun guessing the plants.
    Lavenderfur sighed. "Now, what does chervil do?"
    Shimmerpaw scowled. "I don't know!"
    "Then let's teach you."

    ((bold))CHAPTER 6((ebold)) ((teal))Turtlepaw padded along beside Dawnbridge. "How many cats will be there?" He asked worriedly. Dawnbridge l

    Turtlepaw padded along beside Dawnbridge. "How many cats will be there?" He asked worriedly.
    Dawnbridge laughed. "Only StarClan knows, dear Turtlepaw." She turned to him with a serious look on her face. "It's an honor to go to the Gathering on your first moon as an apprentice, Turtlepaw."
    Turtlepaw nodded, trying really hard to keep a straight face. There were millions of cats!
    Dawnbridge looked at the gathering. "I know. It's a lot of stress..."
    Turtlepaw scampered away. The last thing he was feeling was stress!
    Dawnbridge shook her head and ran after him.
    "Be careful," she warned as they slowed to a trot by the tree-bridge.
    Turtlepaw stuck his chin out and walked across easily. He looked back and realized that Dawnbridge was tottering side to side.
    Turtlepaw leaped back. "Are you okay?" He fretted. His mother had always had great balance.
    Dawnbridge took a deep breath. "Yeah."
    Turtlepaw launched himself off of the tree and landed on the bank.
    Dawnbridge behind him, panting, mewed; " I'll introduce you-"
    But Turtlepaw had already gone to follow an unusual scent- it must have been RiverClan, since they didn't share borders.
    "Why hello, young one." An elder looked up at him. "My name is Rodtail. You must be ThunderClan."
    Turtlepaw dipped her head formally. "I'm Turtlepaw. My mother told me to come."
    Rodtail nodded. "Well, run along, young one!"
    A few warriors walked by and they acknowledged him with asserting nods.
    Dawnbridge ran up to him, laughing. "Let's go talk to some apprentices," she mewed.
    Some new RiverClan apprentices were huddled with their mentors, casting uneasy glances around.
    "Hi!" Turtlepaw called as he trotted over to them. "I'm Turtlepaw."
    The ginger tom had a crooked tail. "Hello! I'm Bentpaw."
    Turtlepaw meowed. "Who are you?" He asked the pretty light-brown she-cat beside Bentpaw.
    She blinked her wide blue eyes back at him. "Reedpaw." She murmured wide-eyed.
    Turtlepaw rested his tail kinked on his back. "Umm.. hi," he mewed quickly.
    Bentpaw looked at him. "She's kinda shy meeting new-"
    Reedpaw suddenly looked a lot bigger. "I can talk myself, Bentpaw!" She snapped, fire lighting in her eyes. The wind picked up and her ears flattened.
    Turtlepaw couldn't help but smile at her spark.
    "I don't care, " he examined his claw and mewed coolly.
    Reedpaw whisked her tail. "Alright." She matched his tone.
    Turtlepaw opened his mouth, then closed it. He didn't have a comeback.
    The edges of Reedpaw's mouth turned up as she realized Turtlepaw had nothing to say.
    Reedpaw whipped around smugly.
    Turtlepaw felt his heart sink. He frowned and padded after her. "Hey."
    Reedpaw grumbled a reply, not looking back.
    Turtlepaw circled around her. "I... do you- I don't know."
    Reedpaw stopped. She looked back. "Turtlepaw." She said.
    Turtlepaw nodded. "That's me," he meowed, trying to lighten the mood. Her soft glare forced him to look at the ground.
    He gulped. "How many moons?" Turtlepaw asked tentatively.
    Reedpaw lashed her tail. "None of your business, mouse-brain!" She meowed, but shifted her glance and her eyes rounded. "I'm only six."
    Turtlepaw nodded faintly. "I-I guess... are we-"
    Reedpaw sighed. "A chance." She mewed. "Tomorrow night. Here."
    As she softly trotted beside him on her way behind him, her whiskers brushed his fur.
    Excitement bubbled in his chest.
    Turtlepaw's paws were starting to feel numb because of the snow, but he didn't care.
    He walked slowly back to his mother. "I made some friends," he said.
    Dawnbridge looked at him, her forehead creased in worry. She went into a lecture about how on the inside, they will always be your enemy.
    Guilt wormed in his pelt. Meeting with Reedpaw was the best example, wasn't it? He couldn't fight Reedpaw.
    Turtlepaw shook his head. He would fight if he had to. And, anyways, he had just met Reedpaw.
    Maybe this meeting wasn't the best idea he'd had.

    ((bold))CHAPTER 7((ebold)) ((red))Shimmerpaw woke up, panting. She scurried out of her nest and rushed to wake up Lavenderfur. She knew it. In her hea

    Shimmerpaw woke up, panting.
    She scurried out of her nest and rushed to wake up Lavenderfur.
    She knew it. In her head she knew what the prophecy meant, and she knew part of it had been fulfilled.
    Lavenderfur blinked drowsily. "Yeah," she grumbled. "I'll be up in a minute."
    Shimmerpaw sorted herbs while Lavenderfur groomed and woke herself up.
    Lavenderfur yawned. "Alright. What is it?"
    Shimmerpaw sat down. "I know what the prophecy means." She mewed.
    "Tell me about it," Lavenderfur urged.
    "The part about the snow and wind means there will be another blizzard." she recalled. "We should save up prey in the snow."
    Lavenderfur nodded slowly.
    "And the hidden love thing, I can feel it in me." Shimmerpaw contorted her face, trying to get her point across. "I can feel it!"
    Lavenderfur let out a purr. "Wow, Shimmerpaw," she laughed. "You're great at this!"
    "I know," she mewed smugly.
    She and Lavenderfur discussed herbs again.
    Shimmerpaw let out a yawn. "I didn't get much sleep last night," she remarked.
    Lavenderfur nodded. "Look in my stores and see which herbs I need." She suggested. "I think I need some watermint. It grows in RiverClan territory, or by the lake."
    Shimmerpaw nodded and stumbled out of the den.
    She went out of camp and pulled a thorn out of her fur. When she stepped into the humid forest, she took a deep breath.
    The only places Shimmerpaw knew to find watermint were the lake, and RiverClan.
    She set her jaw. To the lake.
    Her nose kept twitching as she wove her way through the undergrowth. There were so many smells! Now that she was looking out for herbs, her nose was confused.
    Shimmerpaw shook her head to clear it. Lavenderfur had told her how to get to the lake.
    Two tree lengths is the lake, she decided after recalling Lavenderfur's directions.
    She fluffed her fur out. It was cold. Shimmerpaw quickly trotted along.
    The sun was falling and the moon rising. Shimmerpaw gave up and turned around to retrace her steps, and she realized something.
    Shimmerpaw was lost.
    She breathed deeply and exhaled sharply. She was sensible.
    She could find a way out of this.
    Shimmerpaw pricked her ears in case she could catch a mouse or something to eat if she had to stay overnight. She would see better in the light.
    She stiffened when she heard voices. They were warm and soft, but not very loud.
    "Let's hope it rains soon," a distant voice remarked.
    "Yeah," a different voice, this of a she-cat, mewed, clearly distracted.
    Shimmerpaw cocked her head as she moved closer. Why would anybody need rain right now? Had WindClan fallen short on the moor?
    "To wash... " The first voice trailed away warily. "To wash us away."
    The she-cat seemed to get what the other was saying.
    As she pushed through the ferns, she heard a young voice, a male, much quieter.
    "This is fun," he whispered softly.
    That voice. It sounded familiar.
    The she-cat replied. "It is,-"
    Shimmerpaw didn't hear the name of the tom, for she was rustling in the undergrowth.
    The lake! The huge body of water lay before her. She saw the Gathering island and her heart sank like a rock in a river.
    Turtlepaw and a sleek-furred apprentice were courting. The prophecy had been fulfilled most definitely.
    She slinked over the tree bridge and into the trees bordering the island.
    Shimmerpaw watched as they tussled. They looked like... a couple.
    She stifled a sob.
    Turtlepaw turned his head, ears pricked and eyes alert.
    Shimmerpaw sighed and stalked away.

    ((bold))CHAPTER 8((ebold)) ((teal)) Turtlepaw stared at the pair of eyes. They looked strikingly familiar. He motioned for Reedpaw to stay silent. He


    Turtlepaw stared at the pair of eyes. They looked strikingly familiar.
    He motioned for Reedpaw to stay silent.
    He crept forward and the red eyes blinked and fled.
    "Fox dung!" Turtlepaw spat. Shimmerpaw.
    "What is it?" Reedpaw asked fretfully and pressed her fur to his flank.
    "Nothing," Turtlepaw assured her, and licked her between the ears.
    "Why don't we try the water?" Reedpaw lightened.
    Turtlepaw looked at the water. "Sure..." he mewed uneasily.
    He saw Reedpaw's eyes lighten up. "Scared?" She teased.
    "Hey!" He mocked anger. "Have you ever tried to climb a tree?"
    Reedpaw shoved him into the water and jumped in after him.
    Turtlepaw bobbed up and spat. "I'll get you back when I teach you to climb trees!" He threatened.
    Reedpaw purred and licked Turtlepaw as they pulled themselves up onto the bank.
    Turtlepaw sighed as he realized the moon was high in the sky and falling down to the horizon where the sun had set what felt like moments ago.
    "I have to go," Turtlepaw mewed heavily. He got to his paws. "Goodbye."
    "Goodbye," Reedpaw meowed miserably, and brushed her chin against his. "See you." Her face turned serious and she nestled her tail on his shoulder. "Not even the river can stop that."
    Turtlepaw set his shoulders. "We might have to battle," he said. "I will if my clan tells me to."
    Reedpaw snorted good-naturedly. "And hedgehogs fly," she retorted, but her forehead creased in worry. Her voice lowered to a whisper. "Would you really?"
    Turtlepaw opened his mouth to protest but couldn't.
    Reedpaw looked at him. "Fine."
    Turtlepaw finally found words and laughed. "I just met you, Reedpaw!" He exclaimed. "How can I betray my clan and get in trouble for a cat I just met?" He laughed again. "I mean, she's a pretty beautiful cat, but-"
    Hurt sparked in Reedpaw's eyes. "But Turtlepaw, I thought..."
    Turtlepaw twitched his ear. "I have to go, Reedpaw, please-"
    Reedpaw shoved him away. "Every other night, okay." She growled and whipped around.
    "Shut up." Reedpaw murmured without turning around.
    Turtlepaw sighed and glanced back up at the moon. Going down.
    He scampered over the tree bridge and towards home, guilt worming beneath his pelt.

    ((bold))CHAPTER 9((ebold)) ((red))Shimmerpaw waited for Turtlepaw to push through the gorse entrance and he did soon. "Turtlepaw!" She hisse

    Shimmerpaw waited for Turtlepaw to push through the gorse entrance and he did soon.
    "Turtlepaw!" She hissed and bowled him over.
    "What do you want?" His whisper was almost inaudible.
    Shimmerpaw cleared her throat and sidestepped off of him awkwardly.
    Turtlepaw stood up and spat out a tuft of white fur.
    "Why were you with her?" She whimpered.
    A look of confusion passed over Turtlepaw's face. "Who?"
    Shimmerpaw ducked her head. Had she gotten it wrong? No.
    "That RiverClan apprentice you were mooning after at the Gathering," she growled.
    Turtlepaw opened his mouth, lost for words.
    Shimmerpaw gave a little told-you-so humph .
    "We-we had fun," he replied aggressively.
    Shimmerpaw smiled and started to pad away.
    She turned around with a groan.
    "Don't tell, please."
    "I wasn't gonna."
    Turtlepaw sighed with relief as Shimmerpaw walked to the medicine den.
    "Where were you!"
    Shimmerpaw was taken aback as Lavenderfur snarled.
    "I-I..." Shimmerpaw shifted her paws. "I got lost," she confessed. At least that was part of the truth.
    Warmth flooded Lavenderfur's gaze. "Alright." She mewed assertively. "Sleep. We'll go together first thing, dawn."
    Shimmerpaw curled up in her nest.

    * * *
    Lavenderfur woke her up what felt like a moon before dawn.
    "Hey!" Shimmerpaw hissed. "We agreed on dawn!"
    "A she-cat can change her mind," Lavenderfur mewed modestly and trotted out of the den. "Let's go."
    Shimmerpaw sighed.
    Outside, they ran in the forest.
    They slowed to a quick pad, and Shimmerpaw sniffed. "Is that... tangy smell the lake?"
    Lavenderfur opened her mouth. "Yes," she confirmed. "Very good."
    "Follow me," Shimmerpaw instructed, bounding along.
    Lavenderfur cocked her head. "How do you know where the lake is?"
    Shimemrpaw paused, thinking. "The scent, remember?" She laughed as if it were funny.
    They padded side by side.
    "Here!" Shimmerpaw announced.
    Lavenderfur looked out at the shiny seascape. "Wow!"
    Shimmerpaw turned back. "What?"
    "It's very full," Lavenderfur dipped her head to explain.
    Shimmerpaw nodded. "Can I catch a fish?"
    Lavenderfur let out a mroww of amusement. "We are medicine cats, Shimmerpaw," she said. "And besides, the lake belongs to RiverClan."
    Shimmerpaw licked her chest fur sheepishly. Of course!
    "Pick out scents and find watermint!" Lavenderfur called. She had run farther along the bank.
    Shimmerpaw lifted her muzzle to the air and cracked open her jaws. There!
    She hopped over to the bright green plant.
    "Found it!"
    Lavenderfur padded over. "Yes,"
    They collected all the stalks they could find. They were heading back when Shimmerpaw saw it and froze.
    The first snowflake.
    There was also a background scent, fresh and stale at the same time, like a rat's nest.
    "Come on, Shimmerpaw!" Lavenderfur urged. "We have to warn the clan!"
    Shimmerpaw shrugged her off. "I'll follow your scent, " she murmured. "The forest has spoken to me."
    Lavenderfur nodded. "You know it. Maybe getting lost has a few upsides."
    Shimmerpaw didn't watch as Lavenderfur took the watermint and left; she was speeding off already.
    The scent, she knew it by heart. A scent linked to her childhood.
    StarClan was guiding her.
    Shimmerpaw reached a small clearing, and there was the scent.
    "Sheentail!" She cried.
    Sheentail turned her head feebly.
    Shimmerpaw gasped.
    Sheentail's hind leg was covered in bloody gashes. Her eyes were sunken.
    Sheentail was about to die.
    "My leg is stuck," she croaked. "I managed to catch a mouse-dumb things, they are- and somehow a shrew wandered into my paws, ha, I look like snow..."
    Snow. Her words caught Shimmerpaw's ears.
    "You have to come!" Shimmerpaw yowled over the wind. "It's snowing again, Sheentail!"
    Sheentail nodded. "I wish I could," she sighed and motioned to her leg.
    "I'll help," Shimmerpaw offered and jumped over the thin layer of snow.
    They struggled for what seemed like all of Leaf-bare until the snow covered Sheentail's ear.
    "Help!" Shimmerpaw cried. "Help!"
    Sheentail lifted her head again. "No use, young Shimmerkit." A frown crossed her face. "What are you doing out here at... let's see, four moons old?"
    Shimmerpaw took a step back. "We're apprentices."
    Sheentail's fur bristled. "It's been three moons." She mewed disbelieving.
    "Four," Shimmerpaw corrected. "We've been apprentices for a moon."
    Sheentail put her head down with a sigh when two cats burst through the snow.
    One gasped.
    "Starkpaw!" Sheentail mewed hoarsely. "Rosepaw!"
    "Mother!" Rosepaw cried happily and ran forward to touch noses with Sheentail.
    Starkpaw turned to Shimmerpaw. "We heard your call," he explained. "We were out hunting with our mentors, but we didn't expect this!" His voice rose happily.
    "Her leg's stuck," Shimmerpaw announced grimly.
    Starkpaw smiled. "Not for long!" He chirped heroically.
    Rosepaw rolled her eyes.
    But, soon enough, Sheentail's leg was free and they were helping her limp back to camp.
    When they tried to enter, Lavenderfur walked out the same time.
    She gasped. "Shimmerpaw!" She exclaimed. "We sent out patrols! You've been gone since sunhigh! "
    Shimmerpaw looked at the sun and saw that it was setting.
    Lavenderfur's gaze lit up when she saw Sheentail.
    "Sheentail! You're alive! "
    "Shimmerpaw-" Sheentail managed to choke out. "It was Shimmerpaw."
    She collapsed into a writhing heap of white fur.
    Lavenderfur met Shimmerpaw's glare warmly.
    "ThunderClan owes you a great debt, Shimmerpaw..."
    Lavenderfur smiled.
    "... and some, for you, you saved Sheentail."

    ((cur))((fuchsia))STAY TUNED FOR THE NEXT BOOK!((efuchsia))((ecur)) ((maroon))DAWNBRIDGE AND SHEENTAIL REUNTITED!((emaroon))


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