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The Fate of the Clans

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Hello, my name is Silverwing, but call me Silver.This is a "RPG"(=Roleplaygame) where you can make up your own Warrior Cars character(=cat) and experience Adventures with your cat.
Come and join me!

    Hello.I hope you understood what I explained in the description.
    Btw, I`m from Germany, so please have patience with my bad English...

    This RPG is about two Clans who aren`t exactly best friends, but they will have to work together if they want to survive.

    To join, you must write some information about your Character.Just copy this and fill the gaps:

    In love with:
    Prophecy cat?:
    (Please note the Power if you want your character to be in the prophecy.)

    Please be a bit realistic and don`t make up a perfect character, okay? I would like to see, that you are nice to each other and don`t be rassistic or something.Also I would like you to write something not only once a week.If you have Questions, ask me, I`m not toxic.;-)

    So let`s start with the StormClan:


    Dark brown tabby with amber eyes

    Medicine Cat:
    Willowleaf is a small she-cat with black and white, silky fur.Her paws and her tail are brown.Willowleaf`s eyes are green and shine friendly.

    Rockfur is a tall, dark gray tom with clean, soft pelt.His pelt has a structure like a rock and is decorated with black stripes.Rockfur is quite muscular and he has a flat face which has a quite grumpy look.His eyes have a yellow-amber colour.

    Stonefur has a similar look to his brother Rockfur.His pelt is also dark gray and is decorated with black stripes.The tom is a little small und not very muscular.But he isn´t big, either.Stonefur is thin and his fur is soft and clean.





    StormClan-Cats catch mice, squirrels, birds and of course fish from the river.

    The Territory is a huge Forests with different kinds of Trees.There is also a little River where you can go to catch some fish and a small pit that can be used for training.On the border is a piece of rocks, the "Warm-Rocks".It`s not clear which Clan they belong, so there are often fights.

    The Cats must be afraid of wolves, badgers and birds of Prey, who sometimes take away kits or even adult cats.

    Typical of them:
    StormClan-Cats are known for their loyality and their courage.The apprentices are trained in Fighting, Hunting and so on, but also in character properties, like courage, patience and loyalty.

    The second Clan is called MoonClan:



    Medicine Cat:






    Here is the capter of the Story of the RPG.

    First, the winter will come, and a new, deadly sickness will spread, I call it "Blackcough".This is a quite big problem and both Clans will have it.Also the wolves are going to get nervous and they will attack the clans who are weak at that moment.
    Blackcough is a bit similar to greencough, but even more deadly.

    When spring comes, there will be another threat.The street cats from the nearby twolegplace will come together and built a own group to ban the clans.

    Of course, the clan-cats want to ban THEM, so the medicine Cats will get a prophecy and have to find the two prophecy cats in each clan.(Please just play one prophecy cat)


    First cat:

    Second cat:


    First cat:

    Second cat:

    Who plays which cat?




    Here are all information of all the cats:

    My cats:


    Here I have like a live-ticker for this Roleplaygame:

    For humans:
    -I finished this RPG and I hope someone will join.

    For cats:


    Amberkit and Desertkit will be apprentices on the 16st march.Their mentors will be? and?

    Dead cats:

    -he was the mate of Ivytail
    -he is the farther of Desertkit and Amberkit
    -he was the deputy of StormClan


    In StormClan:
    Stonefur, Rockfur and Ivytail are siblings.
    Ivytail is the mother of Desertkit and Amberkit.

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3 days ago
Reeeeeee I'm here to be in the rpg.
Name: (This is my name) Foxhowl
Age: 29
Gender: She-cat
Clan: None
Position: Loner
Look: Ginger fur with a white tipped tail and black paws, Yellow eyes
Character: Fox
In love with: No one
Mate: No one
Kits: None
Prophecy cat?: Yeah
Power: Can travel through minds only if she makes a deal. She is also amure to fire.
3 days ago
Sorry, btw, just saw this was made n 2011, okay, im really sorry, and dead, lol, bye, im cwaaaaazy.
3 days ago
16 days ago
Wait a sec: I'ma change my character again sorry:
Name: Static
Age: unknown
Gender: male
Clan: Moonclan
Position: Medicine cat
Look: black with blue flecks, blue eyes, horribly burnt and scarred face, limps
Character: Former rouge, insane, really good at his job.
In love with: unknown
Mate: Raven (dead)
Kits: Marbles and Scratch (dead)
Prophecy cat?: No.
16 days ago
Btw, what r ur pronouns?
16 days ago
Plz respond. Is this thing still going, sorry for being so pushy, but plz respond.
16 days ago
Name: Frostscar
Age: 70 moons
Gender: female
Clan: stormclan
Position: warrior
Look: light grey female with white speckles and sea green eyes with tints of blue, many scars and bad burns on face.
Character: Strong, independent, not ashamed of her looks, doesn't care what others think.
In love with: nobody at the moment.
Mate: none
Kits: none
Prophecy cat?: no.
16 days ago
OMG< ive been waiting so long for someone to make something like this! TYSM!
27 days ago
PPS: And please excuse me for my bad English, I'm very sorry. I hope you can understand what I am trying to say.
27 days ago
PS: I will decide then, if no one has written anything here (meaning if no one has written a message here) after a month, whether I should update the quiz.
27 days ago
Hello folks,
I don't know if anyone's here to read this, but I just wanted to apologize, properly this time. I'm sorry I didn't show up here to explain the concept properly. I mean, you liked it, as far as I can tell, and I wasn't here often enough to help you and make this work. And then I promised to make a new RPG, but I didn't and I didn't show up for a long time. I kept you waiting. I am very sorry. And then I gave you a very bad apology and didn't try hard enough to fix this problem. Now, I figured out that it is indeed possible to change your quiz. I hope you know what I want to say here, even if I don't write it all down. I disappointed you and broke my promise. I am very sorry.
I will wait for a month here if anyone writes anything here to see if somebody's still interested. If that's the case, I will update this quiz and explain everything more clearly. I don't know if I should do it anyway (in a month), even if nobody writes a message here. On one hand, I don't want to do all the effort for nothing, on the other hand, maybe it attracts some people. I hope you can see my reasoning. If this is wrong behavior and wrong decisions I make here, I am very sorry.
I hope you all are doing great.
148 days ago
(First, I have to apologize. I know its been almost a year or more, idk, (allthetests might be buggy) I either forgot to do the new RPG or I was delaying it, I`m sorry. Now, I was trying to do it, but turns out that allthetests.com isn`t made for RPGs, but the german version, which I know, better, does. On this website you can`t change your quiz, so the whole point is gone. If anybody`s here, I suppose I could make a 2.= of gthis on the german website, but in English, of course. Idk if anybody´s here anymore, but I promise, if I get answers to this, I will make the RPG asap. )
370 days ago
No Silverwing,he said Flagpost didn't even try on her first quiz
377 days ago
392 days ago
You were mean to Flagpost,why?
439 days ago
Wow! Two years that's a long time!
445 days ago
Wow!My comment from two years ago finally came through...I didn't read warriors back then
447 days ago
No it's about cats sir/madam
457 days ago
458 days ago
JayfeatherBB said he is busy writing a new series at the moment when I asked him