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The Fate of the Clans - A Warrior Cats Roleplay

10 Chapter - 1.005 Words - Developed by:
- Updated on: - 3,420 taken-The story is currently being written - 4 people like it

Far away from the Clans we all know and love, deep in foreign territory, live two Clans. MoonClan, paws drumming on the heather and stars shining on bright pelts. And StormClan, which calls a forest their home. But this isn't like any moor and forest. Secrets and dangers are to be found, but that's nobody's concern. Deep hatred rules the cats' hearts and makes peace impossible. Countless warriors have fallen. But as dark times begin to settle above the territory, times change. Will pride and stubbornness divide the Clans even through the hardest of times? Or will they be ready to give in and work together to thrive again, as they once did in peace?

    Hello everyone!
    I hope you understood what I explained in the description, I'm from Germany, so sorry if my English is a bit incomprehensible at times...
    As you could see in the description, this RPG is about two Clans living near each other. Despite this, they are eager for a good fight at every opportunity that they got. There are powerhungry cats on both sides and sometimes one does not now who to trust.
    But a great danger is coming, and no matter how bad they wish it was possible, none of the Clans will be able to deal with it by themselves. Working together is their only choice, but right now, it seems unlikely one side or the other is ever going to swallow their pride.

    If you don't know what a RPG is, I will explain it in the next chapter. If you do, you can skip that.

    What is a RPG

    (This information only applies to this RPG, not to RPGs in general, although I think it's mostly the same.)

    It's a game where you make up different characters matching the world the RPG is set and roleplay with them, that means you pretend they are real persons who interact with each. How, what, that's up to you. A piece of an RPG could look like this.

    Character A: *character A looked around and spotted Character B* Hello [insert Charakter B's name]!
    Charakter B: Hello [insert Charakter A's name]! How are you today?
    Charakter A: Fine, thanks! Wanna go hunting?
    Charakter B: Sure, why not. *pads out of camp and sniffs to pick up the scent of prey*

    And so on. There are different stiles of RPing, I personally write things my charakters do in *s, things they say normally and things they thing like this // [insert thoughts here]//.

    The second Clan is called MoonClan:



    Medicine Cat:
    Static - male
    black with blue flecks, blue eyes, horribly burnt and scarred face, limps

    Medicine Cat Apprentice:
    Huge gray and beige tom with gray-green eyes

    Sootwhisker has very dark gray fur and black dapples. He has heterochromia, left eye amber and right eye green.

    Golden tabby tom with blue eyes


    tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with very pale green eyes
    Mother of Spottedkit (tortoiseshell she-kit), Honeykit (golden tabby she-kit), Goldenkit (tabby she-kit) and Redkit (tortoiseshell tom)



    Here is the capter of the Story of the RPG.

    Soon to be WIP


    First cat:

    Second cat:


    First cat:

    Second cat:

    Who plays which cat?



    - Silverwing, f, warrior

    Static: '

    - Static, m, medicine Cat

    - Buzzardstrike, m, deputy

    - Sootwhisker, m, warrior


    - Lionstep, m, warrior
    - Rosesong, f, queen


    -Oysterpaw, m, medicine cat apprentice

    Here are all information of all the cats:

    My cats:


    Here I have like a live-ticker for this Roleplaygame:

    For humans:
    -I finished this RPG and I hope someone will join.

    For cats:


    Amberkit and Desertkit will be apprentices on the 16st march.Their mentors will be? and?

    Dead cats:

    - she was the mate of Static
    - she died in the fire that scarred Static (if I understood correctly)

    Marbles and Scratch
    - they were the kits of Static
    - they died in the fire that scarred Static (if I understood correctly)


    In StormClan:

    In MoonClan:
    Oysterpaw is Static's apprentice
    Lionstep is Rosesongs mate
    Lionstep and Rosesong are father and mother of Spottedkit, Redkit, Honeykit and Goldenkit
    Static is the father of Marbles and Scratch (both dead)
    Static is the mate of Raven (dead)

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