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Ebonysmoke's hope

6 Chapter - 476 Words - Developed by:
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Ebonysmoke's point of view is black, Hawkclaw's is green

    "Ebonysmoke, something's happened." Sandstripe's urgent mew awoke Ebonysmoke. "What?" Ebonysmoke asked. "Wolfpelt's dead." Ebonysmoke shot up, pushing past a bewildered Sandstripe, and out into the cavern. A dark gray she-cat lay, unmoving, in the middle. "Wolfpelt no!" Ebonysmoke wailed. She whipped around to face Sandstripe. She hissed in fury and stalked off, leaving Sandstripe looking crestfallen in the clearing.

    Hawkclaw pawed at the measly squirrel. "Sparkpelt, it's so small!" She turned to the ginger tom, her mate. Sparkpelt's amber eyes narrowed in frustration. "I know." He growled. "It's like Jaypaw didn't even try." Hawkclaw shook her head. "It's not enough to feed all of MarbleClan. I'll hunt myse-" Sparkpelt glanced at Hawkclaw's swollen belly. "I don't want you risking it. I'll ask Rosepaw and Darkpaw to go. I'll go too." Hawkclaw sighed as she watched Sparkpelt talk to the apprentices, who nodded eagerly and bounded off towards the cave-hole. Sparkpelt cast one last glance back, and then dissapeared from view.

    Ebonysmoke was awoken by a yowl from the nursery. It must be Hawkclaw! Ebonysmoke thought. She purred with delight at the thought of her sister kitting. She headed towards the cave-hole. She found that Sandstripe had fallen into step beside her. "Can I go with you?" He asked. Ebonysmoke narrowed her eyes. "I guess..." Sandstripe nodded in gratitude and they bounded into the forest.

    Hawkclaw was exhausted. Five kits lay at her belly. A white she-kit, Lightkit, a gray tom-kit, Batkit, a white tom-kit, Skykit, a white she-kit, Ivykit, and a very small white tom-kit, Twigkit. Batkit seemed to have been elected the ringleader of the five, and he was suckling until he found the best source of milk. Then the rest of the kits suckled. Sparkpelt was looking down at the kits. "They're perfect." He purred. Without knowing, Hawkclaw let sleep wash over her as the scene gradually faded.


    Sorry if that was short. I'd like to see another part of the story, if someone else wound be kind enough to make it. Adios amigos!

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1025 days ago
This is great, I love it! Idk why I have never read this before!
1289 days ago
You speak Spanish? I do too. Well a bit. Adiós amigos means by friends, right?