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The Last Warrior

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2 Chapter - 713 Words - Developed by: - Developed on: - 336 taken-The story is currently being written

Senshi darted up a nearby tree as quick as he could, his round eyes wild with fear. Fire scorched below him, the intense heat making him sweat. The gas burned his nostrils as he twirled around the tree to the other side. Senshi risked a look behind him. His Tribe and family was nowhere to be seen. Okay, I just need to escape this fire, then i'll find them, he thought. The black tom leaped from the bark of the tree and flew across the dead forest. Tears from the gas streamed down his fluffy cheeks as he scanned the forest with his golden eyes.The moon was approaching, and Senshi was growing weak.He would have to find shelter and delay his search until the morning.

A sharp prod to the side made him jerk from his slumber.Senshi's instinct was to instantly attack but he froze when he saw a brown she-cat gazing at him with worried blue eyes. " Heartpaw! The tom was woken!" she yowled.A small gray cat padded toward the brown she-cat, her jaws full with bitter herbs. "You called Fernriver?" she said, dropping the herbs at her white paws. " Fetch me some wild garlic will you? This tom has a huge gash on his shoulder." Fernriver meowed, her eyes never leaving Senshi's wound.Heartpaw nodded and left, leaving the herbs in the ground.

"I'm sorry to ask this, but what's your name?" Fernriver asked. " I'm Senshi of the Tribe of Warriors."Senshi replied, stretching his paws."Tribe of Warriors, huh?"the brown she-cat muttered. Heartpaw returned holding wild garlic and moss stuffed in her jaws, tears forming in her eyes from the herb. "Lie back down please. This may sting a bit."

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207 days ago
More? This new life is making me bored :P
311 days ago
I agree too. we NEED more
345 days ago
SUNHEART I agree . My libraries closed and life is so boring now
352 days ago
please give me more.The life during corona is boring