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Warrior Cats: Pebblepaw’s loss

8 Chapter - 2.827 Words - Developed by:
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When Pebblepaw listens to her best friend, a life is lost. But somehow, luck is on their side. Will Pebblepaw be able to get over the drama, and revive her warrior name, or punished, for her actions...

    “Rosefur!” Leopardflame called,”Rosefur!”
    “What is it?” The lean, black she cat padded up to the deputy, flicking her tail to excuse the apprentices behind her. “Go on.”
    “I need you to take a patrol down to the lake. There hasn’t been a patrol down there for a while, and if your lucky you may even find some prey.”
    “Sure. Who should I take?” Rosefur lifted her head high and looked around as the deputy replied.
    “Anybody. Your can choose. Take Pebblepaw, she needs to learn to hunt properly.”
    Rosefur nodded gracefully and trotted back to the apprentices.
    “Pebblepaw, you are coming with me to patrol the lake. Maybe hunt, too.Cinderpaw, you can come too, if you want.” The grey tom edged towards Pebblepaw and nodded several times.
    “I’ll meet you two out by the thorn tunnel, ok? I just need a few more warriors.”
    “Ok, Rosefur.” Pebblepaw meowed, flicking a pale ear.”Let’s go, Cinderpaw!”
    Cinderpaw nodded and sped ahead, Pebblepaw just behind him. They burst through the tunnel and out into the forest, just as Maplefur and Jayglade arrived from hunting. The two apprentices bashed into the senior warriors, and lay, stunned, on their backs for a moment.
    “I’m -sorry!” Pebblepaw panted, her eyes wide with surprise and guilt.
    “Yeah, Sorry.” Cinderpaw nodded, scrambling to his paws.
    At that moment, Pebblepaw’s mentor Rosefur came out of the camp, followed by Falconpaw and Yellowripple.
    “Rosefur, Yellowripple. Falconpaw.” Jayglade nodded to them, and without saying anything more the two warriors padded back into the camp.
    “Well well well.” Yellowripple glanced down at Pebblepaw and snorted.”How graceful.”
    Pebblepaw pulled herself off the ground and sniffed in defiance. “I’ll show you!”
    “I’ll be waiting.” Yellowripple’s voice was tinged with amusement.
    “Stop arguing you two! We have a border to patrol and prey to catch!” Rosefur stalked ahead of them and lead the way through the bushes.Falconpaw followed her closely, her eyes wide in admiration. With a nod to Cinderpaw, Pebblepaw ran ahead and joined Falconpaw.
    Falconpaw didn’t reply, just stalked onwards, her hackles raised slightly.
    “Falconpaw, are you alright?”
    “I’m fine.”
    ‘Who put ants in her nest?’ Pebblepaw thought, falling behind her slightly.
    “Come on! I see a Windclan patrol!” Whispered Cinderpaw, who had suddenly appeared by her side.”and best of all, Rosefur hasn’t spotted it!”

    Cinderpaw nodded to Pebblepaw slightly from next to Yellowripple.The old Tom cat was making strange noises after every step, and Cinderpaw was beginning to feel anxious for the warrior.Very slowly, he slid backwards, until he was a fox length behind the shuddering tom. Suddenly, he jerked sideways and slid into the bushes. From his hiding place, he could just see Pebblepaw sidestep into the shadow of a tree, where she stood straight and rigid, her blue eyes flickering as she watched the patrol move on. After a while, Cinderpaw came out from the bush. He followed Pebblepaw silently through the trees until they reached a small clearing, very close to the Windclan border.
    “We did it! Now let’s go to the stream and catch that patrol!” He meowed happily.
    “I’m not sure, Cinderpaw. They aren’t exactly doing anything wrong. They’re just patrolling.”
    “But they could be stealing prey!”
    “But they could also be patrolling.” She looked at him through stern eyes.”We could get ourselves into serious trouble, you know that, don’t you?”
    “I- I- “ What Cinderpaw was actually going to say was, I didn’t account for that, but what he said was very different.” I know, stop worrying. We are doing something good for the clan!”
    “Fine. “ She still looked very nervous and uncertain, but she followed Cinderpaw all the way to the border, where she stopped and sniffed the air. “They’re over there! “ She meowed, her eyes lighting up in excitement.
    “Run to them! We need to stop them while we can!” Cinderpaw meowed, racing towards the stream. He leaped over it in one jump, landing perfectly before carrying on towards the patrol.
    “STOP!” He roared, and all the Windclan cats spun around and stared at him. Suddenly, reality came rushing back to him at once. He must look stupid, a single apprentice all on his own, confronting a whole patrol for no apparent reason. A touch of fur against his own. Well, at least he had Pebblepaw.
    “What is it, apprentice?” A lean she cat padded forwards, her white pelt so sleek it looked like she had never been dirty.
    “I um...” He shuddered, realising that he didn’t want to accuse them anymore.
    “Spit it out.” A tom, Cinderpaw remembered to be called Horse, hissed from the back of the patrol.
    “Well... I ... We...”
    “We wanted to ask for some herbs.” Pebblepaw put in suddenly, a confidence in her voice that Cinderpaw thought he could never manage.”Gol-Goldenrod, Sparknose said.”
    “Where are you mentors?” Horse asked, coming forwards.
    “They are still in camp, helping to patch up all our dens. We were sent alone, as we are due to become warriors at sundown. This was our first mission.” Cinderpaw didn’t think his voice would sound as clear as it did.”May me have some herbs, then?”
    “Why not?” The white-she cat turned to the rest of the patrol.”They can’t do any harm.”
    Horse nodded, and the rest of the patrol muttered their agreement.
    “There is a clump over there, if you want it.” The she cat meowed again, pointing with her tail.
    “Thank you.” Pebblepaw meowed, and hared over to it, before picking a few stems.”That is all we need.”
    “Go on then, you are free to leave.” Horse meowed kindly to the Cinderpaw as he padded to join Pebblepaw, who was making her way to the stream. They sped up their pace until they were racing along, and leaping over the stream, one by one.
    Suddenly, Pebblepaw stopped. She lifted her nose and sniffed.
    ”It’s Rosefur!” She called.
    “Run! Up towards the moonpool! If we get caught we’re crow-food!” He raced forwards, his legs moving faster than ever before. He sprinted through the reeds and, finally, reached the path leading up to the Moonpool. He leaped up it frantically, his muscles burning with the effort. When he reached the top of the slope, he collapsed onto the ground, groaning slightly.Pebblepaw crouched beside him, her eyes blazing as she stared down at him. He rolled onto his side, and watched through slowly closing eyes as Pebblepaw turned, only glancing at him once, and ran back down the stones, away from him, towards safety.

    Pebblepaw gasped as she saw Cinderpaw’s chest. It was barely moving at all, he was so out of breath he was nearly dead. She gulped, and turned to run back down the hill. She almost turned back, but didn’t. He needed help. And fast.

    Falconpaw crouched under Rosefur’s looming body.
    “Are you sure you don’t know about where they went? Are you sure you have no idea! “ she questioned.
    “I don’t know where they are! “ Falconpaw cried out. “I have no idea!”
    “Fine then. If you say so. But you better be telling the truth, or you will regret it. “ Rosefur whisked away into the trees, leaving Falconpaw, pressed against a tree trunk, her eyes wide, and scared.

    “Pebblepaw!” Jayglade yowled at the top of his voice.
    “Pebblepaw! It’s Pebblepaw! She’s here! She’s here!” The clan called out.
    “Pebblepaw! Up here!”
    She lifted her gaze, and sprinted forwards, diving for the rock tumble and scrambling up it to the high ledge.Goldenstar glared down at her from her nest.
    “ Where, is Cinderpaw?”
    “ The moonpool!” Pebblepaw cried out, gasping for breath.
    “Reedpelt, gather a patrol to get that apprentice. Now!” Her mate slid from the shadows and disappeared out of the enterance.
    “Mother, honestly, I’m so sorry!”Pebblepaw whispered to Goldenstar.
    “This will get you no punishment. There is nothing I can do to teach my daughter and her denmate to follow the rules. I have tried. I have failed. But know that you have disappointed me, Pebblepaw. Truelly and completely.Your father was son of the son of the son of the great Greystripe. You must feel disgraced by your actions! But, I know you and Cinderpaw have worked hard to receive your warrior names, so, even if I don’t wish it, you shall receive your warrior names, tonight.”
    “Thank you, Goldenstar.” Pebblepaw whispered, and left the den.

    Cinderpaw lay in the medicine den, his eyes shining. Sparknose stood over him, his ear twitching as he ran a paw over the apprentice’s chest. His gaze darkened and he pulled his paw off the limp body. He slid out of the den, leaving the limp form of the apprentice inside.

    Pebblepaw watched as Sparknose appeared from the medicine den, looking grave.
    “No!” She tried to shout, but her voice escaped her. She ran forwards into the middle of the hollow and bent down, burying her muzzle in her tail.
    She blocked her ears as Goldenstar began to speak.
    “Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather here beneath the high ledge for a clan meeting.” She paused, then began again when everyone had assembled.” Today, we have lost a loyal apprentice. He may have joined starclan for the wrong reason, but his heart was always in the right place. Will will never forget, CINDERPAW! May starclan light your path, young warrior.”
    The clan fell silent in respect, and Falconpaw and Jayglade pulled out the limb body from the medicine den. Pebblepaw turned to look at the lifeless figure, and a shrill cry escaped her.
    “No!” She yowled to the stars.”No!”
    “We have a new warrior to announce!” Goldenstar called out, and the clan juried their agreement.” Pebblepaw, you have trained hard to learn the ways of a warrior, and respect the code. I look upon our warrior ancestors, and commend you a warrior in your turn! Pebblepaw, do you except the role and responsibilities of becoming a warrior, and promise to protect your clan at the cost of your life?”
    Despite her grief, Pebblepaw still managed to reply,,”I do.”
    “Then, from now on, Pebblepaw, you shall be known as Pebblestream, to honour your ability and persistence in driving through any obstacle, like a stream through a rock.”
    “Pebblestream! Pebblestream!” The crowd cheered, their eyes wide and bright.
    “And also, Cinderpaw. He deserved his name, it’s just unfortunate that he cannot be here when he receives it. From this day forwards, Cinderpaw, you shall be known as Cinder-“
    “Flame.” A young, bright voice sounded from the darkness.
    “That’s... better than what I was going to do... Cinderflame!” Goldenstar finished.
    “Cinderflame! Cinderflame!” The clan called out after a moment of hesitation.
    “LOOK!” Screeched Ashpool, a young warrior standing near the enterance”It’s Cinderflame!”
    The whole of the clearing was a mass of confusion. Pebblestream leaped to her feet and peered through the darkness, her tail lashing from side to side.
    A dim orange glow appeared in the center of the clearing. It slowly grew bigger and bigger, until it covered the whole of the camp. Suddenly, it flashed bright white, then disappeared, leaving behind two figures in the center of the camp, one standing strong and stiff, the other standing nearby, looking mildly confused.
    “It’s- it’s Cinderflame!”
    “Cinderflame! Cinderflame!”
    “It can’t be!”
    “It’s... it’s Cinderflame... but...”Harewing shrieked from just outside the elders den,” It’s Cinderflame and Firestar!”

    Firestar nodded to Cinderflame.” He had to come back. He is part of something to great to be forgotten. “ The legendary cat slowly faded, until only his outline was visible. Just as suddenly as they had appeared, Firestar was gone.
    “Cinderflame! “ Pebblestream called, her voice cracking.
    “My love, Pebblestream!” Cinderflame was considerable taller than he had been before, and had to lean down slightly to lick Pebblestream’s ear. They collapsed together onto the ground, staring into each other’s eyes.
    “Cinderflame.” Pebblestream whispered.
    “Yes?” ‘He looked as young and beautiful as ever’ though Pebblestream as he replied.
    “Will you be my mate?”
    He didn’t reply, just slowly rolled onto his paws and nudged her to hers, too. “Only if you will be mine.”
    Their eyes met and a great light began to fill the clearing. Slowly, as the sun rose, the camp was bathed in a pinky-orange glow.
    “Yes.” They said in unison.
    “Clan dismissed.” Called Goldenstar, her voice tinged with love for her daughter.”You have made our ancestors proud!”
    “Come on.” Cinderflame led Pebblestream into the warriors den, and whispered quietly about getting some prey from the pile. Pebblestream nodded and slid down into a nest. As he left the den, Pebblestream couldn’t help but wonder, what did Firestar mean by’ Something too important to be forgotten?’ and what did Cinderflame have to do with it?

    So, that’s it so far, but, I would like to say a few things in the remaining chapters. Firstly, I would like to give some shoutouts to some people for really encouraging me to write more fanfics.
    Top shoutouts!
    Hawkstar - thanks for constantly asking me for more! It really helps me remember to always think of new plots!

    Sandflower & Shadowheart -Thank you for just writing nice things and making me feel good!

    Firenose- So kind! I love it when people express their true feelings about my work, so don’t be shy to say it’s bad!

    #Theglisteningpizza- I think you were the first person to support me, and I really respect you for doing that, thanks!

    Lynxsight- I can't think of a single time you haven’t written a nice comment!

    Those are all the shoutouts for now, but I’m always looking!

    Quick questions-
    Should I make a part 2 ....
    Should you help me make a part 2...
    Can I have some More OC cats please? (Own character or original character)
    Did you like it?
    Do you honestly want more?
    Should I do a collab with somebody, if so, who?(I will obviously ask them, first!)

    Cevil’s Warrior Cats
    Easter challenge!

    So, the challenge is pretty simple, make and create your own warrior cat event! For example, in the book series there is a daylight gathering, where the clans gather to do challenges in the daylight! Either write them in the comments, or write a whole fan fiction about it! Just make sure that it gets out! This competition is purely for fun, and in the comments please write if you want me to judge them, or not! If yes, #yesyesyes if no, #nonono!

    Some starters if your stuck;
    They can be weird, too! It could be a Warrior Cats River Swim! Where the clans have take a collection of prey over a rushing river, and try to keep it dry!
    It could be a jumping contest!
    Where the highest jumper wins!

    The challenge ends on the 30th of April!

    It’s up to you!

    Please tell me if you like me adding this information at the end of the fan fics, it really helps me out in telling you guys stuff, but do you think it’s helpful?

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954 days ago
Hi this is Lynxsight I thought to change my name to this becuz I liked the name
956 days ago
And, no, I love the info at the end, it kind of wraps things up. I do that with my fan fictions as well. I should put you on my shoutout list!
Anyways, I hope this gets more views and I wish that I could make everyone's fan fictions as popular as mine!!
956 days ago
YES! I love these fan fictions, I'm surprised that this book only has 250 readers! It deserves many more! I do think that the Cinderflame-coming-back-to-life thing was kind of rushed, I can help with that, and also the mate thing. Good cliffhanger, it definitely gets you anticipated for the next one! At any time, would you like to do a collab piece?
1040 days ago
Using them all! I’m super excited! I definitely think that The hidden storm is my most popular fan fiction, and that the new sequel will be just as popular!
1045 days ago
Sunstorm a sweet loving ginger tabby tom who is the opposite of his friend Distantbridge he has a mate who is expecting kits called Spottedleap he has amber eyes and likes hunting and looking after the elders many cats think he is weird to love this but he will just do it he always does what he is asked and will not question orders he has a nick in his ear and his mother and father were rogues

This is my VERY first oc that I do roleplays with so you can use him too 🐱
1045 days ago
You can use this sweet edgy girl if ya want to cevil
1045 days ago
My oc
Distantbridge clever and kind she with a sleek white pelt with gold and grey dapples she has an ambition to be leader and sometimes goes to the dark forest but she is loyal at heart she doesn’t trust easily and hasn’t got a mate but she has a crush, Lostsight she is a warrior of ThunderClan and likes training her apprentice Hawkpaw who is always eager to learn
1046 days ago
Stormheart always wants to help the clan she id deputy but is expecting more kits so will have to stop being deputy. Please use her.
1046 days ago
Please make another!!!!! Can you take my oc cat? If so it is Stormheart, a silver and white tabby she cat with deep blue eyes. mate is grouseheart kits are duskfall and mossshadow. thank you.
1052 days ago
That's fine, I'm looking forward to it! ;)
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can you make another
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Currently writing another fanfic.Thinking of using Hawkstar’s OC’s, if they don’t mind!
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Yes make another.We need a tragic love story.
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Black with blue-gray paws and one crystal blue eye and one dark green eye
Fair and patient, a good leader
1077 days ago
12 days left! If not many people see this or compete, I will make another, more interesting challenge!
1087 days ago
Black with green eyes
Determined and feirce
Hope ya like her! She's my first OC!