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Onestar rejects his own son

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This is a what happened when Onewhisker rejected Darktail.

    Onewhisker felt the cool breeze flow through his fur. He was hunting alone on the moor, close to the border. Then, suddenly, he picked up a scent, and it wasn't prey. As he walked closer to the border, he noticed Smoke, and she was carrying a kit, who looked almost 6 moons old. He was white and fluffy. "Onewhisker!" she yowled, and ran up to him, putting the kit down gently. He looked up at Onewhisker, excitement shining in his eyes. "Listen. On my way home after our meet, I gave birth. Nobody was there to help me; not a cat, nor a twoleg. Not one of our kits survived, expect of him. Darktail." She looked down at their son, love in her eyes. "Please, take him! He is old enough to go with you and be loyal to your clan." Onewhisker flinched, to shocked to speak. After a few heartbeats, he answered. "No. I'm sorry, but I can't take him." Onewhisker could not imagine taking his son in. He would be in so much trouble! He hated to have to say no to this beautiful gray she-cat who use to be his mate, but he couldn't. Suddenly, she turned on him, angry blazing in her bright blue eyes. "Then I will raise him by myself! I will teach him to hate the clans who had rejected him! Come, Darktail." She picked up her kit and stormed off. It will be ok. Onewhisker thought. She is just angry, she will go back to her twolegs with him. I made the right choice. But as he watched her run off, he felt deep shame in his belly. Oh, starclan, what have I done?

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290 days ago
The story is okay, but you might want to check your writing for errors.
850 days ago
I agree with Lunarusty
867 days ago
Hi! I have advice for you. I think that although it was a very good story you need to put it in paragraphs so that it is easier for young readers to read. I was teaching my brother how to read and he was saying to me that it was very ongoing. So my point is to put it in paragraphs. Thank you!
888 days ago
I will gladly take advice that anyone has
888 days ago
889 days ago
Onestar ia goo(sorry for the spelling I have a dog ON the keybord
903 days ago
Warrior cats is the best! Thank you for reading!