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Warrior Cats Talon paws discovery

7 Chapter - 1.695 Words - Developed by:
- Developed on: - 539 taken-The story is currently being written


    Cliff clan

    Leader: Jagged star
    A young black and brown Tom
    leader of cliff clan.

    Deputy: Moth splash
    A experienced she-cat with
    silver and cream fur who
    had saved the clan on
    multiple occasions.


    Tiger tooth: A fearsome gold and black Tom who doesn’t care about the good of the individual only the good of the many.

    Echo stripe: a brown and wight Tom with undying loyalty to his clan mates and his clan although when they where younger they had been know to let there sympathy get the better of them.

    Ivy wind: a gentle but deadly red and black she-cat who would only kill when needed or ordered by the leader no one questions them

    Adder scar: a black spotted she-cat with grey fur they have a scar on their back leg

    Storm flame: a eager young Tom with grey and blue fur who only wants to serve there clan to the best of there abilities


    Talon paw: a strong young Tom with brown and cream fur believes in justice .(mentor tiger tooth)

    Dust paw: a fast young she-cat with cream fur .(mentor echo stripe)

    Bounce paw: a quiet Tom who lost all there energy after a battle no one understands what to do.(mentor Adder scar)

    Claw paw: a eager Tom with dark brown fur who had a miss-shaped paw at birth but over come it with age.(mentor moth splash )

    Cave clan

    Leader: cavern star
    A dark grey she-cat who rules cave clan with justice and equality

    Deputy: gravel pelt
    A large intimidating Tom who only cares what’s on the inside his cream fur shines in day light


    Medical cat: drift spirit
    A small she-cat who hates seeing cat’s badly injured

    Talon paw followed his mentor tiger tooth into the two legs nest it was a merciless bear leaf and a fire had recently covered the forest in ash they had only one goal find fresh kill no matter what... talon paw tasted the air “tiger tooth? “ talon paw mumbled “yes talon paw?” he hissed “when jagged star order the clan to gather fresh kill no mater what only to not steal pray, I don’t think they meant to come here... ” tiger tooth spat “MOUSE BRAIN!, I am your mentor you listen to me and listen well we are dying what are some lazy kittypets gonna do? and keep this conversation quiet you mouse brained excuse of a cat should be able to manage that....” “yes tiger tooth ” talon paw obediently wined talon paw followed his vicious mentor deep into the two legs place raiding some tree trunks like containers for half eaten scraps.When they where returning they heard the crying of battle they rushed to help tiger tooth lagging behind and tasting they approached talon paw sniffed the air then yelled “it’s cave clan!” Tiger tooth responded but not how talon paw hoped “do you have a mouse brain or what! A kit could recognize that stench I expect more from you you worthless pile of bones”
    Talon paw wanted to argue but the battle grew closer they leaped up the trees and into a small cave on the side of the cliff they had taken this short cut hundreds of times they ran through the narrow tunnel to a pillar now they could see the battling cats and they had the high ground and leaped down tiger tooth hesitated then followed and whispered “that mouse brained kit is gonna get me killed” the battle was already lost but talon paw didn’t give in unlike tiger tooth who surrendered knowing the only way to win was to save his energy for a battle that he could win, soon talon paw was defeated and the cave clan warriors cheered triumphantly and spat at there defeated enemies a grey spotted Tom ordered something but talon paw could not hear his wounds burning soon the cave clan cats started to heard the limping injured prisoners some where they were too weak to fight back sometimes snapping at the cave clan warriors talon paw tasted the air they were heading towards cave clans camp he tried to escape limping as fast as his paws would let him but it was no use. Soon they entered cave clans camp and they were sat beneath a high rock to be judged by cave clans leader cavern star. Cavern star emerged from there den and leaped onto the rock, the grey spotted Tom talked“cavern star, we are at war with cliff clan we were attacked by a patrol and, some weak reinforcements, we can use these prisoners to find out information or at least as a better way to train our apprentices!”, soon cavern star answered “fine, do as you wish but... you must hunt for them at least one meal per day and our medical cat will care for them, we are not savages! ”cavern star then called aloud “drift spirit! come!” a small ginger cat limped over as fast as they could “yes cavern star?” There leader whispered something to them then left, a large cream Tom mewed “the prisoners can stay in the spare den dapple mist! Dusk puddle gather some stalagmites to keep them put, and boulder pelt will guard them until moon high then dapple mist will take over!”.talon paw knew that they had lost a lot of blood and soon the world started to spin his vision blurred then there was nothing... he started to regain vision “stop moving you need to rest!”a voice cried to talon paw he obliged his memory fuzzy “it’s okay you will live young one...” talon paw was confused “who is that?” he mumbled
    “Eat this”the voice mewed soon he fell back to sleep.When he awoke his limbs didn’t burn he opened his eyes once again “where am I?...”he meowed the voice replied “your safe in cave clans medicine den, I don’t know how they harm young apprentices like this...” talon was filled with worry and forced him self up his memory coming back, his breathing became heavy as you looked around “calm down it’s OK I’m drift spirit a medicine cat no warrior are allowed in here when I’m working” talon paw calmed down a bit but still highly alert “so what’s your name?”drift spirit calmly mewed “I’m Talon paw”he replied hesitantly “nice name, oh can you tell me how old you are or I could give you to much glowshrooms ”I’m 6 moons “ he mewed, they replied miserably “oh so your only a little one after all... wait here and don’t move it will only lead to more pain” they trotted out of the den, talon paw watched drift spirit whispering something to cavern star shortly after she called a small pale Tom who soon left camp in a hurry, soon drift spirit returned “talon paw?”she mewed “yes!”talon paw replied happy not to be alone in enemy territory “have you always been in cliff clan?” Talon paw was stunned “as long as I can remember! ” he mewed as he thought he became more worried “well... all my kin are supposedly in star clan... so all I know is that I was raised in cliff clan” he mewed never questioning his origins before drift spirit replied “well I asked because around 6 moons ago 3 kits were killed and the strongest and oldest stolen by the rouges clan in the two legs place there queen was never seen again presumably dead, the kits father was heartbroken and now leads a rouge clan who do there best to stop conflicts with there power often beating our cats claiming to be monster clan the Tom now goes by the name rag star”...Talon paw was amazed at the story “drift spirit ”he nervously mewed ”yes?” they replied
    “If what you’re saying is true there’s still one problem... I’m loyal to my clan, my friends ” he proudly mewed soon drift spirit replied “I know... but your clan will not know and you can meet your kin then so they will not be suspicious we will put you with your clan and I and continue to heal the injured ” she need trying to calm talon paw down, for a few seconds he was silent then nodded “talon paw, you should rest for a bit if you move too much the wounds could reopen and we could have the same problem all over again ” once again he nodded then drifted off to sleep on a thick layer of moss, “talon paw! Talon paw, wake up”drift spirit mewed, slowly he pushed himself to his feet and yawned “rag is here” drift spirit mewed slowly she lead talon paw out of the den and to high rock, where a large brown and cream Tom was waiting, he could not deny there similarity’s soon he stood directly in front of the huge Tom not sure what to do he spoke “hi?...”

    This is a work in progress

    It is not finished and needs a lot

    Of work

    Please give any ideas or options

    As I am not fin writing this

    All options count

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1019 days ago
Try to spread out the stuff. Don''t stuff it all into one chapter
1060 days ago
Please tell me what you think as it’s not fin and it’s my first fan fiction so all ideas are welcome!