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Shimmerlight's Quest (Dawnbridge fanfic #5)

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Hey guys! I am sorry that it took so long, but I had a lot of things going on with the corona, and all of the things happening with some baby goats (yes) and some getting rid of goats. So I'm just sorry that it took so long, but a lot was happening.


    Dewstep nudged Salvetail.
    "I can totally see Shimmerlight and Tadpole together," she mewed to Salvetail.
    Salvetail purred. "You know she's a medicine cat!" He scolded, but nonetheless still purring.
    Shimmerlight stopped treating Tadpole and shooed him off playfully.
    Salvetail stifled a giggle, but Dewstep wasn't as fortunate.
    "What are you laughing at?" Shimmerlight challenged.
    "Nothing!" They squeaked in unison and scampered away.
    "Why you little-" she decided to spare the two new warriors.
    Dewstep nodded at Riverstar's den. "Him and Buckface are talking."
    Salvetail smiled mischievously.
    They crept closer.
    "Strad is a good fighter," came Buckface's voice. "Too good for us to fight him and his Clan."
    "Yes," Riverstar's voice drifted quieter and more urgent. "We needn't neglect our borders due to no happenings."
    Buckface agreed. "We need to send someone who is harmless, one whom willn't look a threat."
    Dewstep saw his eyes glinting in the early sun...
    As they rested on Shimmerlight.


    Shimmerlight hissed. "Get your paws off me!"
    A few moments ago, she had waken to two toms dragging her to a small throne woven of reeds Strad had stolen from RiverClan territory.
    Shimmerlight only remembered Strad as a vicious light gray tom. She remembered dipping her head at Riverstar's decision.
    Now she grimaced at the pile of bones next to Strad's throne.
    Her first encounter with him suddenly flashed in her head;
    Her breathing was shallow as she crept out of the bushes.
    The gray tom twitched his nose and whipped around.
    "Ack- I come in peace!" She yelped at he started to hate after her. "Is your name Strad?"
    Strad slowed. "Yes," he snarled. "And you never should have come to
    my camp!"
    He slammed a paw over her head and she was knocked unconscious.

    Shimmerlight shuddered at the memory,
    "So," Strad mewed coolly. "Why are you here?"
    I don't know, do you do this to all of your prisoners? Shimmerlight's fur fell flat as if she were calm. "I came to join you. I'm a rogue and I need shelter for me and my-" she cringed. "Mate."
    Strad nodded approvingly, muttering something about good fighters.
    "What are your names? I mean, I would like to call you by your sacred names."
    Shimmerlight paused. Nobody had thought of this.
    Strad raised his eyebrows.
    "What, me?" She laughed, stalling. "I'm Shrimp, and my mate is Tadpole."
    "Hmm..." he regarded her with narrowed eyes.
    "So..." Strad sucked on a stray bone. "Where is this mate of yours?"
    "He's back where I left him," she forced out.
    Strad chuckled. "Go fetch him, and bring him here." He smirked maliciously. "And there's no going back."
    His words made Shimmerlight shiver. What had she agreed to?
    "Tell me more," she mewed.
    "Well, you have to be completely loyal, and no bonds except, I guess-" his lips curled into a grimace. "Mates."
    The word was forced out with disgust.
    "Okay." Shimmerlight dipped her head.
    She quickly ran from Strad's camp and hared for ThunderClan.
    "Tadpole!" She called, out of breath.
    Tadpole was standing guard and scurried up to her. "Did they except you?"
    Shimmerlight sighed. "Yes, I was convincing enough."
    Tadpole's face fell. "I didn't mean it like that," he protested, running up to her as she started up the hill.
    "I know," Shimmerlight replied gruffly.
    Her and Tadpole ran the rest of the way together.
    Tadpole nodded as they approached.
    "Okay, quiet." She laid a tail over his mouth and for a moment it stayed there.
    Tadpole didn't flinch until she pulled it off.
    "Hello?" Shimmerlight called. The sun was setting, barely lingering in the sigh.
    "Well," Tadpole drooped his tail. "There goes a spy mission."
    "Wait," she instructed. "Strad!"
    Strad laughed and slunk in front of them. "Hello, Shrimp and Tadpole."
    Tadpole exchanged a bemused glance at Shimmerlight.
    "Hello," Shimmerlight responded through clenched teeth, and nudged Tadpole.
    Strad beckoned for them to follow.
    "This is our camp."
    Shimmerlight almost gasped.
    There were cats fighting over the last morsel of sparrow, and more bones lie scattered around the huge clearing.
    "Your den with be over there," he pointed with a claw to a bare spot on the edge.
    "We build it ourself?" Tadpole asked disbelievingly.
    "Shush!" She whispered to him. They could do this.
    Shimmerlight spotted a tom with a black petal coughing madly in the clearing.
    Strad strode up to him. "Out of my Clan!" He bellowed. "For the last time, sick ones are no use to me!"
    Shimmerlight stared.
    "Yes, Shrimp?"
    Laughter came from the dens, along with amused talk. "Her name is Shrimp?"
    "Wh-why don't you heal them instead of kick them out?" She mewed courageously.
    The laughter was much louder now, like millions of hyenas.
    "We don't need softies either," Strad growled. "So toughen up and make a den."
    Tadpole laughed nervously.
    Shimmerlight felt weak as they trudged into the small forest to collect brambles. "I'm so... hungry."
    Tadpole shook his head angrily. "Every cat fends for himself here!"
    Shimmerlight stumbled away from him.
    "No!" Tadpole cried. "Not that way! I- that's-" he paused. "All the words are coming out wrong."
    "I know what you meant," she soothed. "And anyways, we're 'mates', so we can fend together."
    Tadpole looked away. "I'll catch something,"
    "I feel so guilty," she confessed before he jumped away. "I don't want to leave my Clan with no medicine cat!"
    "Hush," Now it was Tadpole's turn to soothe. "They chose you because you're a medicine cat, and besides," he paused dramatically. "Salvetail's there, and he knows about herbs."
    "But what if Willowclaw kits while we're away?" She fretted.
    He sighed. "She-cats have been kitting as long as the sun's been rising and setting. You're fine."
    Shimmerlight drooped her tail. "But I want to live by the Warrior Code," she mewed sadly. "I don't want to turn into a rogue."
    "I understand," Tadpole said softly, resting his tail on her shoulder. His face turned playful. "Shrimp."
    "Oh, you're-"
    Tadpole purred and ran off to hunt.
    Which left Shimmerlight alone with the brambles.
    She dragged a huge bundle into the small clearing, then added to it 'till it was too big for one warrior to carry.
    A familiar scent caught her attention.
    She started to purr. They'd need this.
    Tadpole pushed out of the undergrowth, two rabbits swinging in his jaws.
    "Looks like we have dinner," Shimmerlight remarked.
    Tadpole purred. "Do you want me to help with the brambles?"
    "You deal with the prey, I'll take these."
    They moved back to Strad's camp slowly.
    When they reached, they set up their den and laughed.
    "We probably should have brought some moss," Shimmerlight giggled.
    Tadpole nodded. "We'll be fine though."
    Strad's gray gaze struck her pelt and make it burn.
    Shimmerlight stiffened. "He's watching," she whispered. "Do.... mate-y stuff."
    Tadpole hissed back at her. "What?"
    "I don't know!" Shimmerlight mewed quickly.
    She stuck her chin forward and brushed it against his.
    They sat in that position, trancelike.
    "Let's share a rabbit," Tadpole suggested, breaking the trance.
    They pulled away and started to tear apart the rabbit.
    Shimmerlight's pelt burned for what seemed like moons until Strad padded away.
    They sighed in unison and continued eating the rabbit.
    "Strad's nosy," Tadpole commented nasally.
    Shimmerlight yawned. "Yeah, but-" she yawned again. "Now we got him right where we want him."
    "Yeah," Tadpole breathed distractedly.
    His amber eyes were staring at her.
    "Tadpole?" She asked hotly, but couldn't help returning his gaze with glittering red eyes.
    The gaze turned into a stare, and the stare turned into a conversation with eyes.
    Yes, Tadpole's said.
    No, Shimmerlight's pleaded.
    Maybe, both of them said shyly, almost breaking away from the stare.
    Tadpole blinked, looked at the ground, and shook out his fur. All had been said.
    "I can't." Shimmerlight mewed plainly, helplessly.
    "It will be their fault," Tadpole pressed. "They send a tom and a she-cat together on a dangerous quest with only each other for socialization- what did they think would happen?"
    Shimmerlight flickered back to the memory of her being made into a medicine cat.
    "Do you promise to devote your loyalty to being a medicine cat and to never fall in love?" Lavenderfur had looked her in the eye and asked.
    "I do." Shimmerlight had replied hesitantly.
    "I would keep my oath and-" she sighed. A long road like that was not possible.
    Tadpole smiled encouragingly as he scooted next to her until their pelts were brushing. "At least we don't have to pretend anymore," he joked, but his face fell when he saw her sorrow.
    Shimmerlight looked into his eyes for one moment then turned over and fell asleep.



    Turtlefin padded up to Riverstar. "Shimmerlight reported last night," he mewed.
    Riverstar coughed. "What did you say?" He wheezed.
    Turtlefin shifted his paws. "I didn't say you were sick-"
    Riverstar cut him off. "Turtlefin! We need her!"
    Turtlefin sighed. "I know, but we need her there more," he mewed. "And Salvetail is doing his best."
    "I don't care!" Riverstar's eyes were fiery, filled with rage. "I'm on my last life!"
    Turtlefin took a step back. Riverstar was on his last life?
    He took a deep breath. "And you were one of the best leaders, but we need this for our Clan."
    Ruverstar gasped. "Turtlefin!"
    Turtlefin turned around. "Salvetail will do his best," he said, walking out.
    Turtlefin turned back to him, concern creasing his forehead. "What?"
    Riverstar suddenly looked peaceful. "You have suffered through lots, and you miss Reedtuft, yet you continue to serve our Clan with all you have left."
    Riverstar chuckled. "Buckface isn't ready for leadership just yet," his gaze clouded. "You are."
    Turtlefin sat down and stuck his muzzle deep in Riverstar's fur. "I'll lead well," he meowed hoarsely. "But you must first tell the Clan."
    He helped him up and together they padded atop Highledge.
    "I have to replace my deputy," he announced softly, his throat obviously failing him. Cats leaned forward as he looked into Turtlefin's eyes.
    "Turtlefin will lead well."
    Wails of sorrow exploded from the throng of cats as Riverstar fell into a heap of fur.
    Buckface stared up at Turtlefin. "What?"
    "Riverstar said you weren't ready," Turtlefin jumped off of Highledge to explain. "And I will have to choose a new deputy for the time being."
    Buckface dipped his head. "And I can understand," he assured. "I don't feel ready either."
    "Thank you," Turtlefin whispered.
    Buckface tilted his head in confusion, but went along. "You're very welcome."
    Salvetail pushed forward. "I may not be a real medicine cat but-"
    "No," Turtlefin interrupted. "I'm sure Shimmerlight will come."
    "You said yourself that Shimmerlight was there for the good of the Clan."
    "Riverstar!" Turtlefin whispered, whipping around.
    "What is it?" Salvetail asked.
    Riverstar's ghost, Turtlefin thought saltily.
    Turtlefin dipped her head to indicate that he understood, and turned back to Salvetail. "Take me."
    * * *
    "Thanks for taking me," Turtlefin murmured, then winced as the cold seeped into his fur as he sat down on the stone.
    He dipped his head into the water and closed his eyes...
    And suddenly snapped them open.
    Thousands-no, millions- of cats were crouched before him.
    He was in StarClan.
    The voice filled him with love.
    Reedtuft was standing in front of him. He wanted to lunge forward, stand next to her forever. He willed his body to move but he was stuck.
    "With this life I give you love," Reedtuft touched her nose to his. "May you love your Clanmates as you love me."
    "I still love you," he whispered.
    A surge of warmth powered through him.
    A tan she-kit padded up to him. "I am Sandkit. I was from Startail's litter but passed early on," she held her tail high. "With this life, I offer compassion."
    "Use it to sympathize with your Clan when they need it."
    A shiver passed through his body, then was replaced by a certainty that made him feel like he would never doubt himself again. He felt Sandkit's yearning for a normal life.
    Riverstar then stepped up. "This life is for understanding. Understand your Clanmates' pain and agony."
    Turtlefin was filled with a pain that made him want to crumple to the ground, but he stood steady.
    "This life is for lightening your Clan's spirits' in dark times," a new cat came and mewed. "Humor."
    Turtlefin recognized her as Bluetail, Dawnbridge's mother, as a feeling that felt like a weight loss came and lifted the enormous boulder of grief off of his shoulders.
    Shallowstar replaced her. "Cleverness will help in times of need."
    A red tom took her place and twitched his whiskers. "This life is for forgiving. Forgiveness always is more satisfying than vengeance."
    A soft glow formed in Turtlefin's chest.
    Kinktail stepped up and nuzzled him. She had died of greencough earlier. "With this life I give you empathy. Use it to understand what others are feeling."
    She touched her muzzle to his.
    A spasm rocked Turtlefin he felt powerful, like a lion about to pounce on an ant.
    Next, a light gray tom padded up. "It may not seem like it, but being calm can help in many ways," he took a deep breath. "I am Wallowsky, and with this eighth life, I give you the ability to stay calm, and calm ThunderClan as well."
    Turtlefin suddenly felt peaceful, as if his problems had flown away.
    A ginger tom was now in front of him,. His dazzling green eyes were glittering with wisdom.
    Turtlefin gasped.
    "As you may know," he began. "I am Firestar, once the greatest leader of all. "
    Very modest, Turtlefin thought, swallowing back a laugh. "Why am I so special?"
    Firestar blinked fondly at him. "We may never know."
    Turtlefin nodded.
    "With this life I grant you peace," Firestar's eyes darkened. "You will need this life."
    Turtlefin's tail twitched.
    The cats who had given him lives lined up in front of him.
    "Turtlestar! Turtlestar!"
    The last chant promised him all he had been given as he snapped awake.


    Dewstep sat down.
    Turtlestar had called the meeting to choose the new deputy.
    "It's going to be you," Salvetail whispered to her.
    "No," Dewstep shook her head. "It's going to be Buckface."
    Salvetail made a face. "What makes you say that?"
    "Haven't you ever heard of Tallstar making Onewhisker leader instead of Mudclaw?" Dewstep tilted her head. "Onewhisker didn't choose Mudclaw as the new deputy, and Mudclaw almost killed Onestar."
    Salvetail started to nod. "But Buckface wouldn't do that," he reasoned.
    "That's what Tallstar thought too," Dewstep pointed out. "And he was wrong."
    "Now to appoint the deputy!" Turtlestar yowled.
    Dewstep shook out her fur.
    "Dewstep!" He called. "Step forward!"
    Salvetail turned to her smugly. "Told you so."
    Dewstep gulped and padded to the middle of the clearing.
    "You are now the deputy of ThunderClan." Turtlestar pressed his nose into her ear.
    Dewstep stood still, feeling awkward. Turtlestar was like her father. Moons ago, he had asked her if she felt the way he did, like a mate. Dewstep had to refuse, feeling a pull towards Salvetail.
    "I will serve you as long as I live." She vowed to him.
    Turtlestar looked at the ground then padded away.
    Dewstep knew what she had to do to make him feel loved.


    "Turtlestar!" Shimmerlight yelped. "How much have we missed?"
    Tadpole stood up beside her. "Yeah, we leave for two moons and Riverstar dies, Buckface is rejected, you become leader and Dewstep becomes deputy!" He looked a little proud of his adopted sister.
    "Sorry," Turtlestar shifted his paws. "I've been busy."
    Shimmerlight snorted. "No doubt about it," she muttered, then exhaled. "I still love you," she mewed.
    Tadpole took a step back.
    Shimmerlight laughed. "He is one of my (many) siblings," she explained, remembering with a pang Kinktail.
    Tadpole purred. "Good."
    "Why?" Turtlestar narrowed his eyes suspiciously.
    "Nobody would want her to break her oath at medicine cat," Tadpole replied steadily, looking him in the eye.
    "True," Shimmerlight mewed casually, her voice wavering.
    Turtlestar looked at them sadly, then shrugged. "It's your oath, Leafpool."
    Shimmerlight gasped and recoiled. "How dare you?" She hissed.
    The name Leafpool was now a term that meant basically a cat who had broken a sacred oath and had forbidden kits.
    Turtlestar blinked angrily. "Maybe this has turned you rogue," he spat. "Because ThunderClan didn't tell you to fall in love and have kits!"
    Shimmerlight looked down at her flanks, which she found swelling. For the past moon, she had been feeling tired.
    "And don't tell me that you're not expecting," he said fiercely before she could reply. "I know what an expecting queen looks like."
    Tadpole pressed closer to her. "Our kits may be born here, and half loner, but they will be great warriors."
    Shimmerlight suddenly saw a glimmer of Shallowstar's face.
    "This will be punishef," she promised darkly. She disappeared.
    "I'm sorry!" She wailed, loud enough that she was sure StarClan would hear. "I didn't mean to!"
    She curled into a tiny ball, sounding like a small kit.
    "I'm sorry," she whispered and she shut her eyes.
    The two toms stared at her pitifully.
    Turtlestar murmured something to Tadpole and bounded away.
    Shimmerlight sniffled, then broke out sobbing.
    Tadpole curled up beside her and murmured soothingly to her.
    "Just think about our kits."
    Shimmerlight opened her eyes and they brimmed with emotion. "I can't."
    Tadpole inhaled. "You can," he brushed his chin on her head. "Think about them, then don't stop, and you'll dream about them."
    Shimmerlight glanced at the full moon.
    "Goodnight, Tadpole."


    Dewstep walked up to Turtlestar. "Hello."
    Turtlestar glanced up at her. "Hello, " he mewed tentatively.
    Dewstep sighed. "I wanted you to know that I still love you."
    "As a father."
    Dewstep took a deep breath. "Turtlestar, I'm expecting your kits."
    Turtlestar jumped back. "But, Dewstep-"
    "No buts," Dewstep interrupted. "I'm doing this for you."
    Turtlestar's face fell. "Why?"
    "Because I love you."
    Dewdtep turned away swiftly, tail held high.
    Salvetail watched her, jaw wide open.
    "I-I don't understand-" Salvetail's rounded eyes stared at her. "I thought you loved me."
    Dewstep pulled him aside. "I do, and I love Turtlestar..." she searched for the right word. "Differently."
    "Then why are you having kits with him?" Salvetail pulled his lips back in a snarl.
    "I don't know, do you have enough patience to wait?" She countered.
    Salvetail growled.
    "Because he needs to fell loved," Dewstep pleaded plainly. "And I love him. Please understand."
    "No." Salvetail drew a paw over his ear. "I don't understand. He's like your dad, but you love him enough that you are willing to make him happy by having kits with him?" His eyes showed horror for a moment. "What about us?"
    "We're still a thing," Dewstep promised. "And I will have more than one litter."
    Salvetail blinked at her. "I will wait," he vowed. "I will wait as long as it takes."
    Dewstep purred. "I knew you had it in you," she mewed enthusiastically. "It won't be long," she added.
    "It might," Salvetail looked at Turtlestar, who was sitting at the edge of the clearing, gazing at the sky dreamily.
    Dewstep walked away.
    Turtlestar trotted up to her. "I'm a father."
    "Yeah," Dewstep mewed. Did he have to be so obvious, padding after her like a kit following its mother?
    "I just- my-" he looked lost for words. "Reedtuft died."
    "She was my everything," Turtlestar meowed. "Everything and still is."
    Dewstep inhaled sharply. Had she done this for nothing?
    "And you," Turtlestar added. He changed the subject. "Let's get you to the nursery."
    Dewstep groaned inwardly. Were they all this protective? She was sure that Salvetail would have given her a choice and free will.
    But she let him push her along anyways.
    Willowclaw, who was due in a quarter moon, purred at her. "Lucky Salvetail," she grinned.
    Dewsteo gave a frown. "Lucky Turtlestar," she corrected, and Willowclaw's face fell.
    Willowclaw tugged her aside. "No way those are Turtlestar's!" She hissed quietly. "You and Salvetail are mates!"
    Dewstep shook her head. "I'll explain later," she whispered, drawing her tail over Willowclaw's muzzle.
    Willowclaw flicked her tail, signaling an agreement.
    Turtlestar dipped his head. "Rest well, Dewstep." He left the nursery.
    Dewstep rolled her eyes. "Toms."
    "Yeah, tell me about it," she rested her head on her paws. "Toadspeck forced me in here and refused to go on patrol for four moons because he had to 'guard the nursery'" she purred and added; "I got him to go first gibbous."
    Dewstep nodded.
    "So, you fell for Turtlestar?"
    "No, he fell for me when Reedtuft died, and-" she winced. "He looked so lonely and he loved me so much I just had to."
    "What about Salvetail?"
    "I love him as much as Turtlestar loves me," Dewstep looked at the ground. "But I'm going to, just not yet."
    Willowclaw nodded knowingly. "Well don't go too fast," she offered. "Knowing Turtlestar, he likes to... cherish his moments."
    Dewstep sighed. "I know."
    Golden light filtered through the brambles as the sun set.
    Dewstep wondered what she'd gotten herself into.



    Dawnbridge watched from the elders' den.
    Crevicefoot purred beside her when Sinewtail tripped over.
    "Oh hush," Dawnbridge scolded, stifling her purr. She knew that Sinewtail's blindess made it hard for her to be in camp, because everything had changed three moons ago. Otherwise, she had memorized the paw-steps of everything else, and never skipped a step while hunting or patrolling.
    "No 'buts'." Dawnbridge scolded again. She had to do this all the time.
    "Yeah, okay," Crevicefoot chuckled.
    Dawnbridge groaned and got up.
    Dewstep walked up to her and grinned halfheartedly. "So, how is having your son as leader?"
    Dawnbridge smiled. "Good." She answered. "How is carrying kits?"
    Dewstep's smile faded. "Horrible." She replied sadly. "Especially when you know that they're being had with the wrong cat."
    Dawnbridge frowned. "Is Salvetail the wrong cat?"
    "No," Dewstep glanced at Highleadge where Turtlestar was sitting.
    Dawnbridge's eyes widened instinctively. "Wow," she breathed. "Well, then why are you having kits with him?" Her eyes opened even wider. "But you like him as a father."
    Dewstep sighed. "I know." Is all she said before turning around and padding off.
    Dawnbridge sighed. "Well that was pointless."
    She decided that she was already up and padded after her.
    "I may be an elder," Dawnbridge reminded Dewstep. "But I can still walk."
    Dewstep exhaled. "I wish they were Salvetail's."
    It was one sentence, miserable and kitlike, but very informative.
    "I know," Dawnbridge soothed. Her wish was that Dewstep had a mother to talk to this about. Startail hadn't made it to the elders' den.
    Dewstep sagged.
    "But you know what I think?" Dawnbridge asked confidently, raising her voice and ignoring that Sinewtail and a few others glanced her way. "I think that you are the kindest, most caring she-cat in all of the Clans for what you are doing for him."
    Dewstep fell to the ground.
    Dawnbridge licked her ears comfortingly. Turtlestar gazed at them.
    "Okay, up, up!"
    Dewstep did get up. "Thanks. I needed that."
    Dawnbridge grinned. "Anytime."
    Dewstep grinned back, fully this time. "Bye!" She chirped, snapped up a mouse from the fresh-kill pile and ran to the nursery.
    Dawnbridge sighed dreamily. Startail had been lucky. Dawnbridge never had she-kits that had mates besides Lynxfur, and she had just jumped right in.
    But, either way, she felt like another of her kits were asking for her help. Not Dewstep, but someone else.
    And the only one she couldn't see right there was...


    Shimmerlight squeezed her eyes shut.
    "Want to come hunting?" Tadpole asked gently.
    "I don't feel like it," Shimmerlight mumbled, her eyes still shut.
    Tadpole sighed impatiently. "What do you think you're going to do?" He asked. "Strad doesn't like kits."
    Shimmerlight finally blinked open her red eyes. "We leave."
    "What?" He exclaimed. "What about saving ThunderClan?"
    "It doesn't matter!" Shimmerlight cried and turned over.
    Tadpole sat down beside her. "They'll forgive you," he mewed softly, resting his tail on her back.
    Shimmerlight gazed up at him. "Are you sure?"
    Tadpole smiled. "Well, I'm sure, when we drive Strad outta' here!"
    Shimmerlight couldn't stifle a purr. She got up. "Thanks. You always know how to cheer me up."
    "Literally," Tadpole mewed, motioning to her walking. "Ain't that what mates are for?"
    His words hung in the air.
    Shimmerlight walked away.
    Tadpole followed. "Oh come on," he groaned. "You know I always say the wrong words!"
    "Yeah you do."
    Shimmerlight raised her tail for silence and crept forward. She leaped and bent down, nipping the killing bite on the mouse.
    Tadpole nodded with approval. "Good, for a medicine cat."
    She pounced on him, tussling him to the ground. She pinned him. "I think you mean good for a warrior!"
    "Warrior?" A voice asked.
    They whipped around.
    Two she-cats were tilting their heads. "Are you guys warriors?"
    Tadpole and Shimmerlight exchanged a glance. "Do you promise not to tell?" Tadpole asked.
    "Swear on the stars." The she-cats promised in unison.
    "We are warriors, and we have come to save ThunderClan from Strad."
    "Dalilah, and this is Tansy. We're in."
    "Huh?" Shimmerlight said. "I guess we could get Strad's Clan to turn it's back on him."
    "Yup," Tansy mewed. "Dalilah has good ideas."
    "Okay then," Tadpole meowed awkwardly. "Go round up some cats who are against Strad."
    Dalilah giggled, but turned around and ran to camp.
    Tansy waited a moment. "Are you expecting?" She asked Shimmerlight. "And earlier Tadpole said you were a medicine cat."
    "Yes, I know- wait."
    Tansy nodded. "Me and my sister know all about the Clans, and we admire them."
    Tadpole let out his breath.
    "Ohhhhhh, so you do have a mate!" She purred. "Dalilah, you owe me a mouse!" She called, hoping away.
    Shimmerlight laughed, and Tadpole nudged her.
    They shared the mouse and a few moments after, Tansy and Dalilah were back- with all of Strad's Clan behind them.
    "Wha- Tansy how- what?"
    Dalilah brushed her tail over Shimmerlight's mouth. "No one likes Strad except his deputy and a few loyals."
    Tadpole stepped up. "So... how did you tell everyone?"
    Tansy and Dalilah laughed.
    "Well, we waited for Strad and his friends to go hunting, then we climbed a tree and yelled if anyone wanted to humiliate Strad." Tansy explained.
    Dalilah giggled. "Everyone immediately said yes."
    Everyone laughed, and Shimmerlight felt like the powerful cat in the world.
    "Everyone, meet back here at moon high tonight! Feed yourself well!"
    Tadpole glanced at her and she closed her eyes, bathing in the warm setting sun and approving mews of the ally.


    "I'm worried!" Dewstep pushed. "Shimmerlight may be dead!"
    Salvetail brushed his cheek against hers. "I have a feeling we jinxed it."
    Dewstep stopped pacing to stare at him. "What?"
    "Before you were deputy, you and me commented on how we could see them together."
    Dewstep shared his look of horror. "But why would StarClan do that?"
    Turtlestar burst in. "So you know how I can see ghosts?"
    "No!" Dewstep and Salvetail spat.
    Turtlestar shrugged. "Oh. Well, I can, and-"
    "So that's why I can too!" Salvetail dipped his head. "Continue."
    "So, I heard some StarClan cats talking, and they said that for Shimmerlight to complete the quest, she needs something to push her on, to keep her going. Shimmerlight would never give up on kits! A mother's love is strong enough for anything."
    "But," Salvetail mewed. "StarClan will punish her for having kits. Leafpool?"
    "Yeah, yeah," Turtlestar a waved his words away, but he obviously had concerns for his sister.
    Dewstep stamped down her foreleg. "How will she feel after she did all of that hard work of expecting and completing the quest that she gets nothing in reward?" She challenged, and half-demanded.
    "Proud." Turtlestar replied. "Strong, and successful."
    Salvetail turned to her. "Yeah, he's got you there."
    Dewstep growled and strode out of the den.


    Shimmerlight crept forward. "How is this supposed to work?"
    "Trust us," Tansy assured. "Me and Dalilah have done this before."
    Shimmerlight tilted her head. "Where did you do-"
    Dalilah cut her off. "And we know his weakness."
    Shimmerlight hissed. "What is it?"
    "Bullying." Tansy and Dalilah said together.
    "If we bully him back, say the meanest things that will stab him in the back, then say sorry, everything's good!"
    Shimmerlight bristled. "Sorry don't fix everything." She growled. She padded forward.
    "We're doing it my way. Follow my lead."
    Shimmerlight trotted into the clearing. "Hey Strad."
    Strad looked confused. "Hello, Shrimp."
    Tansy and Dalilah stifled giggles.
    "Just came to inform you that I'm starting a new Clan," Shimmerlight mockingly picked at a claw casually like Strad did. "Anyone who wants to join can."
    Strad's lips pulled back in a snarl and he whispered; "See how far you get with an attitude like that." Then louder; "Go ahead. Ask. I doubt anyone will want to join."
    The cats filed out from behind the dens.
    "Who wants to join Shrimp's Clan?" Strad boomed.
    Every cat, starting with Dalilah and ending with Tansy, came and stood behind Shimmerlight.
    "Well- well-" Strad sputtered.
    "Well-well what?" Tansy mocked, stepping up. "Run home to your momma?"
    Shimmerlight gave her a nudge. "Follow my lead,"
    "Well," Strad roared. "You'll have to fight me for it!"
    Tansy and Dalilah beside her bared their teeth, unsheathed their claws and growled.
    "No." Shimmerlight turned to each of them calmly, resting her tail on each of the eager sisters' backs. "This is my fight."
    Strad grinned maliciously. "Even better."
    He lunged forward and landed on Shimmerlight.
    She laid limp.
    "Ha!" Strad loosened his grip. "Down al-"
    Shimmerlight burst out of his paws and slashed her claws over his muzzle.
    Strad gasped. Shimmerlight hared away as he tried to nip her leg.
    Once he had caught up, Strad drew blood from her leg and pinned her.
    "I knew it!" He snarled. "You're ThunderClan! A ThunderClan spy!"
    He flung her across the clearing.
    Shimmerlight felt a kit kick inside of her, and rage boiled up.
    She flew at Strad. She dived underneath him, slicing a claw across his belly. He cried out and fell.
    Shimmerkight bit his neck, then held it in her jaws, ready to bite.
    "Tell me you surrender," came her muffled mew. "Or else."
    "I do! I swear to StarClan I won't ever bother the Clans again! Just don't kill me please!"
    Shimmerlight let go of his scruff. "Why are you afraid of death?"
    Strad looked into her eyes. "I had a mate once," he bit his lip, looking on the edge of tears. "I let her go. I didn't feel responsible enough to be a father."
    Shimmerlight sat down beside him. "Who was it?"
    Strad's eyes brimmed with emotion. "She was beautiful. She welcomed me into ShadowClan, but Batstar didn't. And to add on top of all of that, she was expecting." He sobbed.
    "I know how that feels."
    "Being torn in two," Shimmerlight replied sadly.
    Strad looked up at her. "I didn't want Nightclaw to come out into the rough world. She loved her Clan so much." His eyes watered. "So did I."
    Shimmerlight set her jaw determinedly. "We'll get you into ShadowClan," she mewed. "As long as you promise not to hurt a fly unless Batstar orders you to."
    "I promise!" Strad's face looked so happy. "Please, go back to ThunderClan first. I did wrong, and I can wait."
    Shimmerlight exchanged glances with Tansy and Dalilah. They smiled at her. "You guys are fut to be leaders. Lead this group of cats well."
    Dalilah dipped her head, but Tansy just stood.
    "Shimmerlight, I'm sorry, but I have always wanted to be in a real Clan, and I know I can't lead." She looked into Shimmerlight's eyes. "Please, let me come with you."
    "Are you sure?" Shimmerlight asked. "Dalilah?"
    Dalilah glanced her apologies at her. "Wherever Tansy goes, I go." She frowned. "You may have to let someone else lead."
    "Alright." Shimmerlight's face fell. "Who wants to lead?"
    Nobody volunteered.
    "I'll do it."
    Shimmerlight gasped. "Tadpole?"
    Tadpole nodded. "Yes. I am a rogue at heart, but I swear, I won't attack anything."
    Shimmerlight stood steady but on the inside felt she should crumple to the ground. "What about out kits?" She whimpered. "What about us?"
    Tadpole widened his eyes. "You'll let me visit, right?" He asked softly. "I promise I will."
    Shimmerlight sobbed and Tadpole wrapped himself around her.
    "I love you, Shimmerlight."


    Twelve moons later...

    Strad's eyes rounded. "My kits are all grown up."
    Nightclaw nodded and rested her chin on his head. "Strad, I missed you."
    Strad's eyes brimmed with tears. "I missed you too, Nightclaw."

    "Push!" Tadpole yelled.
    The last kit tumbled into the nest and Shimmerlight purred. It was over.
    Three kits were lying before her. Two she-cats and a tom.
    "They're... dead."
    Panic took hold of her. "No!"
    Tadpole silenced her. "Wait."
    He pumped their little chests and a mottled-brown she-cat stared up with yellow eyes. Her little tom-kit blinked his amber eyes up. And a little white she-kit looked at her with bright red eyes.
    Two of them died that night. Emberkit the mottled brown she-cat, and Rookkit, the black tom.
    Shinekit lived.

    Thank you guys so much for the support and comments about how awesome my fan fics are, it helps a lot. To be honest, it took me about three months to remember about this series I started. I wrote Dawnbridge's Favor, and then forgot about my promise to make another! I hope you guys liked this series!
    Special thanks to:
    My family, for making this better.
    You guys, for pushing me on
    Flagpost, for emailing me some suggestions and just plain being very nice
    And that is all. If I don't write any more fan fictions I am sorry, but I will write some WOF (wings of fire) fan fiction.
    Thank you again for all of the encouragement, guys.
    And see you again next time!

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