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If Bramblestar didn't become deputy

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5 Chapter - 746 Words - Developed by: - Developed on: - 802 taken- The story is completed

You will understand why if you watch Brakenfur King pmv on YouTube he has a sad life

Brakenfur watched Firestar talk to Leafpool and sat waiting for the Clan meeting to start."All cats old enough to catch their own prey gather for a Clan meeting!"Firestar said."As you know Graystripe has been taken by twolegs and I must have a new deputy.Brakenfur step forward.Do you wish to take the role as deputy?"Firestar asked
"I do."he said
"I Firestar leader of ThunderClan make Brakenfur my new deputy."
"Brakenfur! Brakenfur! Brakenfur!"the Clan chanted.
"I promise to be the best deputy I can be."he said

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167 days ago
Havent eaten a bat in meh life and I wont start now!

PS: I love bats and if someone on her has eaten one, well, you just better not have...
167 days ago
Still taking Flag's job and I haven't eaten any bats so Im good?
260 days ago
I’m not eating no bats
397 days ago
I will not eat bats and I will take ur job XD
432 days ago
446 days ago
I promise I will not eat bats
446 days ago
??? Did you hear that coronavirus myth?
446 days ago
Hey I didnt know you did fan fiction! Great job!
466 days ago
I CAN'T WAIT FOR MORE :D and no,I haven't eaten any bats lately
471 days ago
This is #3 but I made it at 1 am.