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Forbidden Love

5 Chapter - 3.172 Words - Developed by:
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The Clans are at peace, somewhat. But when Shadowclan kills the Riverclan deputy, and the new deputy falls in love with a Thunderclan warrior, the peace is disturbed. Now she needs to go on a quest to find herself, and a lost clan.

Everything was still. The wind howled and the stars lit up the night sky. Two cats glared at each other. One, a green, brown and gray calico, the other, a black and white main coon. “Hunting in our territory again, Shadowstar?​ ” Meowed Troutstar angrily. “Why no, of course not, Salmonstar.”S​hadowstar taunted.“I didn’t want this to end in violence, but it looks like it must.” Troutstar flicked her tail and an army of cats emerged from the river behind her. An army of Shadowclan cats emerged from the woods, matching the Riverclan warriors. Troutstar yowled and both sides sprang into attack. An amber-colored Riverclan she-cat dug her claws into the shoulders of a black Shadowclan tom, pinning him to the ground. Cats from both clans yowled and screeched as they fought. A white Shadowclan tom pinned a golden Riverclan tom on his back. Goldenpelt kicked and clawed to get Frostfire off of him. Frostfire let his claws pierce the soft skin of Goldenpelt’s stomach. Goldenpelt struggled even harder, but it only made Frostfire’s claws go deeper. Suddenly Goldenpelt stopped moving, his limbs went stiff and his eyes glazed over. Frostfire removed his paw from Riverclan’s deputy, letting blood pour from the gash on Goldenpelt’s stomach. Frostfire looked at his paw realizing what he had done. Shadowstar broke away from the battling cats, flicked his tail, and the cats stopped battling. The Shadowclan cats backed slowly away and ran back into the woods. Troutstar glared at Frostfire. Frostfire looked back, ashamed. Troutstar grabbed the scruff of Goldenpelt’s neck and carried him back to camp.

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524 days ago
i love it, i also wonder what story she's gonna tell (sorry if she already told one and there's a chapter 5, but i don't have ch.5 yet)
1057 days ago
Wait.... Could you put some LGBTIA in the next one?
1126 days ago
I really liked it!
1304 days ago
This was awesome! I cant wait for it to continue!
1305 days ago
This is really good so far!!