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Banished (Dawnbridge Fan Fiction #6)

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This book, by JayfeatherBB, is about the birth of Shinekit. It has lots of action and I know that lots of you were not expecting another fan fiction! Well, now you have one! Also, I was requested to add a special character (hello Lunarusty!) . Her name is Ravenkit! (URGENT: Need Fan Art! Mostly Shimmerlight fan fiction, Shinekit fan fiction, and a kit with white paws, tail tip, and muzzle with black base! Please send in fan art as soon as possible! And I will accept any cat fan art!)


    Shinekit blinked open her eyes.
    "Mother?" Shimmerlight wasn't there.
    She got up and lashed her tail. "Ravenkit!"
    Ravenkit opened her wide eyes to glare at her.
    "C'mon!" Shinekit twitched her nose. "Can't we go out and see the lake?"
    The black she-kit with white paws made a face. "But Shinekit, we're not allowed out of camp," she mewed.
    Shinekit nodded. "But we are special!" She complained. "I'm the medicine cat's kit, and you're the leader's kit!"
    Ravenkit glanced at her sleeping mother, Dewstep. "My mother is always too busy arguing with Turtlestar to notice me," she drooped her tail.
    Shinekit smiled at her cheerfully. "Ravenkit, Dewstep loves you. She may not show it often, but Dewstep is the most caring cat in all of ThunderClan."
    Shinekit rested her tail on Ravenkit's back. "And besides, Turtlestar loves you enough for both of them."
    Ravenkit purred. "Thanks for the speech, Shinekit," she screwed up her eyes. "Correction: Turtlestar loves me enough for both of them and Shimmerlight!"
    Shinekit giggled and they sped off.
    They snuck past Swiftpaw, Willowclaw's kit, and Stormtail, who was guarding. "The lake is... that way!" Ravenkit pointed with her tail, mewling triumphantly.
    "Race you!"
    She dashed off, leaving Ravenkit a tail-length behind. "Last one there is a stinky badger!" Shinekit yelled backwards.
    Ravenkit laughed and surged forward.
    Shinekit looked over her shoulder. "Ha! I'm going to beat you!" She called. She started to turn her head forward.
    She landed in the water.
    "Ravenkit!" Shinekit shrieked. "Help me!"
    "I-I can't!" Ravenkit stammered. "You're too far out!"
    Shinekit splashed around wildly. She called the name that meant the most to her, but she knew that the cat she wanted would not come.


    Shimmerlight pricked her ears. "Tansy, do you hear that?"
    "I do," Dalilah and her mewed in unison.
    Shimmerlight shook her head bemusedly. "Look, I can barely tell you two apart on a daily basis, it's even harder when you talk at the same time."
    They smiled. "That's our promise!" One of them said.
    Shimmerlight could actually tell them apart, but barely. Tansy had a black spot on her paw, but Dalilah's right forepaw remained blank. Otherwise, all of their other black spots were matching.
    "Tansy, that is not your promise, now come with me to find out out what that noise is."
    She listened harder, and words formulated. Why would someone be calling... tardy souls?
    "What?" Shimmerlight and Dalilah said together. She shot Dalilah a glare.
    Tansy rolled her eyes.
    Tardy- no tad- soul. Tad soul. Tadpole!
    Her eyes widened in alarm. "Shinekit!"
    "Okay," Tansy said. "Let's not jump to conclusions-"
    Shimmerlight cut her off with a sigh. "Dalilah, go tell Dewstep that she needs to pay more attention to her kit," she gazed thoughtfully at the white she-cat with black spots. "No, I'll do that. Both of you, come help me."
    She leapt away and the sisters followed.
    As soon as Shimmerlight saw the lake, it pushed her on. "Shinekit!"
    Shimmerlight slowed as she watched a brown-green tom drag her kit out of the water.
    She rushed towards him.
    "Oh, Tadpole!" She cried happily. She pressed herself to his wet pelt.
    Tadpole brushed his chin against hers.
    "What were you two doing out here? Alone?" Tansy demanded with an icy edge.
    Ravenkit's lip quivered.
    Shimmerlight heard a cat approach from behind.
    Ravenkit's eyes brimmed with emotion.
    Dewstep kneeled before her. "Ravenkit, you need to tell me what's wrong."
    "Everytime Shinekit goes to Shimmerlight with a bellyache, Shimmerlight soothes her and sends Tansy to get some chervil!" She blurted. "But you aren't even in the nursery when I need you! And even if you were, you and Turtlestar would be fighting anyways!"
    Dewstep's eyes rounded. "Oh, my baby raven," she mewed sadly. "I am sorry. From now on I will always be there. I will try." She smiled weakly. "I am sorry that Salvetail is going to be the father of my new litter."
    Ravenkit gasped. "Mother, you're expecting?"
    Dewstep nodded and pulled Ravenkit in.
    "Dewstep, I wouldn't be any less happy for you if they were Turtlestar's," Ravenkit mewed sweetly.
    Dewstep picked her up by the scruff and together they went back to camp.
    Shimmerlight pointed a claw at her own daughter. "And why are you out here?"
    Tadpole stood beside her.
    "Mother, I'm sorry, I- I just-" Shinekit took a deep breath. "I know that you're a medicine cat, but you never make time for me."
    Shimmerlight tilted her head. "Alright, I promise to make more time for my little ray of light."
    Shinekit pushed her. Shinekit nipped her.
    "Hey!" Shimmerlight growled, but a grin peeked through.
    Tadpole joined in, and together they tussled him to the ground.
    "We win!" Shinekit declared.
    Tadpole chuckled. "Okay, I've got to get back to FireClan," his eyes darkened. "There has been some problems with SkyClan."
    "Let us help," Shimmerlight pleaded. "ThunderClan has plenty to spare."
    Tadpole purred. "I'm sorry, but I don't think that any warrior can kill Birdstar's ego."
    Shimmerlight laughed and Shinekit rolled her eyes.
    "Old cats," she heard Shinekit whisper.
    The only elders or warriors that Shinekit really liked were Dawnbridge and Raypelt, since they were kin. Dawnbridge told of the best stories, like how Shimmerlight became medicine cat apprentice, or about Reedtuft, who had been Turtlestar's mate.
    "Wow, it must be crazy being Turtlestar," Shinekit said out of the blue.
    Shimmerlight nudged Tadpole.
    Tadpole cleared his throat. "Goodbye, Shinekit. I will BYEEEEEEEEEE you soon." He dove into the water and swam away.
    "Why?" Shimmerlight asked.
    "Because he is leader."
    Shinekit's eyes widened.
    "What? What is it?"
    Shinekit set her jaw determinedly.
    "One day, I will become leader." She vowed.
    "One day."


    Turtlestar shifted in his nest, trying to get to sleep.
    This was all wrong. He felt wrong. He was used to sleeping in the nursery, with Reedtuft. It had been many moons, but he needed her.
    Things had been tense between him and Dewstep. Every day, fighting and arguing. The only cat he really loved was Ravenkit.
    Today, Dewstep had been nice to him. Today, they got along. It was less awkward, and he could tell that she hadn't been acting out for Ravenkit.
    He felt happy, but shivered.
    Turtlestar turned over again, grunting. He gasped.
    It was Reedtuft.
    She was curled up, her tail tucked over her nose.
    Turtlestar stared and yearned to wake her, to hear her voice, but he shouldn't.
    This was a sign.
    Reedtuft was his love, not Dewstep. And he had to tell her.
    Reedtuft stirred. "Turtlestar?" She murmured.
    "What is it?" Turtlestar asked softly, but on the inside he was excited.
    "Turtlestar, come with me." Reedtuft mewed quietly.
    Turtlestar dipped his head.
    Reedtuft led him out of camp. Deep into the woods.
    "Reedtuft!" Turtlestar gasped. She was no longer a ghost, but solid.
    He looked around the cave that she had brought him to.
    "It's magical," she mewed.
    "No kidding," Turtlestar breathed, running his tail along the wall.
    Reedtuft strode over to him and landed her head atop his. "I love you." She stated.
    "Me, too."
    Reedtuft stepped back and twined her tail with his, so that they were standing side-by-side.
    "This cave was dug by LionClan, and the hanging moss gives off not only light, but also the power for any StarClan who wishes to live again until sunrise."
    His heart sank like a rock. Reedtuft was back, back, but not indefinitely.
    "Tell her, Turtlestar," Reedtuft urged. "I will wait here for you every night."
    "Wait, Reedtuft-"
    But she had faded away.
    Turtlestar made a mental note to ask the question next time.
    In camp, he woke Dewstep.
    "Dewstep, I have to tell you something."
    Dewstep followed him without a word, into his den, like she trusted him.
    She probably did.
    "Here, last night, Reedtuft appeared." Turtlestar took a deep breath. "Right here, I realized that I love only her, and that you are not my love."
    Dewstep exhaled deeply, as if she had been holding her breath, in relief. "Oh, Turtlestar, thank you!" She mewed exsaperatedly.
    She rushed off, probably to tell Salvetail.
    Turtlestar eyed her flanks and realized that she already was kindling with Salvetail.
    He sighed dreamily. He had been happy with Ravenkit, because Dewstep had been so nice as to give her to him.
    But now, he realized, that it was time for him to return the favor.
    He was glad that she was happy, but on the inside, he also felt guilty. For keeping this from her. Dewstep had done all of this for him, but what had he given her.
    Turtlestar's heart felt light as he watched Salvetail and Dewstep.
    They would have beautiful caring kits that would never, ever, take anyone for granted.
    Even those that they thought they loved.


    Ravenkit purred.
    "Oh, Ravenkit, you are the best at moss ball!"
    Ravenkit giggled.
    Dewstep laughed with her, then settled down.
    "Sleep well, young one."
    She waited until Ravenkit produced a soft snore, then she got up.
    Dewstep trotted over to Turtlestar's den, where he was waiting outside.
    "What would you like to show me?" Dewstep asked. She was glad things were over between them- things weren't awkward anymore. They were just friends.
    "Come," Turtlestar beckoned.
    He ran through the forest, laughing.
    Dewstep relished the cool air blowing into her face. She drank it in and caught a scent in her nose. She skidded to a halt.
    "What?" The scent was.. Reedtuft's.
    Turtlestar swallowed a smile and he ducked into a small cave that Dewstep would not have noticed.
    Dewstep gaped. She had expected the cave to be pitch-black inside, but instead, the room was lit by bright hanging moss.
    Dewstep widened her eyes at a dark figure approaching them.
    She bared her teeth, warning the cat. But the light filtered over the cat's face and...
    It was Reedtuft!
    "Reedtuft!" She cried, throwing herself at Reedtuft.
    "Hello, Dewstep," Reedtuft mewed, amused. "It is nice to see you again." Her eyes suddenly glazed over. "You're expecting."
    Dewstep nodded.
    Reedtuft glanced at Turtlestar warningly. "I expect that Salvetail is the one happy."
    "Yes!" Dewstep mewed ecstatically. "Salvetail was thrilled!"
    "What," Turtlestar mewed at the same time. "A father is not allowed to be happy for his son and his new mate!"
    Reedtuft smiled. "Well, do you want me to tell you a story or not?"
    "Yes, please!"
    Before Reedtuft could begin, Dewstep heard and squeal and saw two small kits tumble into the cave.
    Ravenkit blinked up and smiled sheepishly.
    Shinekit giggled. "We wanted to hear the story ."
    Dewstep laughed and sat down. The kits cuddled beside her.
    Reedtuft cleared her throat. "When I was born, my mother, Trouttail, didn't have any milk for me. Apparently borage wouldn't help." She began. "So a cat named Sleekpelt fed me. Trouttail frolicked outside while Sleekpelt was stuck in the nursery with me, her own kits apprentices now. A moon later, I found a piece of parsley next to my mother's nest when she fell asleep."
    Reedtuft smiled like a mentor would to their apprentices parents. "Now, who knows what parsley does?"
    Shimmerlight walked in.
    Ravenkit and Shinekit yelled it out in unison. "Stops the flow of milk in nursing queens!" They yelled so earnestly, and Shimmerlight looked proud, but after, Ravenkit looked so sad for her.
    Dewstep winced quietly. It was her fault that Ravenkit knew how Reedtuft felt.
    "Anyways, I told Sleekpelt and she promised that she would always be there at my side to help me. She confronted Trouttail, and she admitted everything. She was my in-the-nursery mother again. So when I was a kit, I had two she-cats who loved me, and that is a lot like your story, kits."
    Ravenkit and Shinekit exchanged a glance and rolled their eyes.
    "Tell us another story," Shinekit demanded as Dewstep stifled her laugh.
    "No, kits, I think it's time for you to get some sleep." Shimmerlight mewed motherly.
    "That reminds me, where are your bodyguards? Are they doing all the mindless guarding out there?" Turtlestar teased.
    "I will have you know-" Shimmerlight's fur bristled. The fur along her spine lie flat. "We will discuss this matter like grown cats outside!"
    Turtlestar shrugged and followed her.
    Dewstep purred as she followed them to find out just how much calling Tansy and Dalilah 'mindless bodyguards' insulted Shimmerlight.
    "Kits, stay in there with Reedtuft," she ducked out of the den.
    "Yay, another story!"
    "Tansy and Dalilah have souls and soon families!" Shimmerlight snarled and lunged at Turtlestar.
    Shimmerlight yowled as his claws scraped across her side.
    Shimmerlight blew him off and clamped his neck in her jaws, drawing blood. Turtlestar was defeated.
    "They are not bodyguards."
    Turtlestar lifted his tail to smack her away. "I know that when we were kits we solved problems this way, but now we are older." He shivered. "And fiercer."
    Dewstep realized with a pang that they were siblings. She had not put two and two together. It was a minor detail, but dumbfoundedly important.
    Shimmerlight hissed. "They have minds, you know!" She ran back to camp, leaving the kits behind.
    Turtlestar hared after her, and she knew fox-dung well it wasn't to apologize.
    The moon was slowly sinking beneath the horizon and she knew soon the kits would be left alone in the cave.
    She padded into the dank room, swooped down, picked up the kits, and chirped a quick "bye!" to Reedtuft.
    Turtlestar was waiting at camp, waiting to welcome her. Obviously he hadn't cleared things up with Shimmerlight, becasue if he had, she would be at his side awaiting her kit's arrival.
    He had started to lift a paw when Dewstep heard a snarl.


    Shinekit snapped open her eyes.
    "Get off of me!"
    "Ouch!" A tom winced. "Take it easy!"
    And Turtlestar.
    She hopped out of her nest and ran to the clearing.
    "Why are you attacking them?" Shinekit screeched and hurled herself at Grasspaw, Stormtail, and Whirltail.
    "Back off, kit." Stonetail growled, pushing her aside.
    "Confess what you've done!" Grasspaw hissed. "Admit you've been training in the Dark Forest!"
    "What!" Shinekit, Shimmerlight and Turtlestar exclaimed.
    "You're bleeding, you're up early, and you obviously haven't gotten enough sleep!" Whirltail challenged.
    Turtlestar glanced at Shimmerlight, who shook her head. "Well, then I demand that you unpaw me!"
    "Traitor!" Grasspaw spat.
    Tansy came up behind them. "I'm not sure this is necessary..."
    "Shut up, loner!" Whirltail snorted.
    Tansy bared her teeth, her and Dalilah backing away.
    "Kill them!" Someone yelled.
    Shinekit stared at Raintail, the cat who had yelled, in horror.
    Ravenkit ran to stand beside her.
    "Banish the siblings! Banish the siblings!"
    A chant broke out and the kits pressed closer together.
    What would be done with their parents?
    Shinekit glanced around and realized that some of her Clanmates were doing the same, chanting hesitantly.
    Ravenkit's lip quivered. "Shinekit..."
    Shinekit closed her eyes and tried to believe that it would be okay.
    Dewstep was trying to raise her voice over the crowd, but the Clan had decided that it was time for them to go.
    "But I'm not weaned!" Shinekit wailed and ran after them as they were dragged out of camp, even though that was the least thing that mattered to her.
    Nobody noticed her.
    Shimmerloght scooped her up and held her tight. Turtlestar did the same to Ravenkit. "I will miss you, my precious," Shimmerlight whispered and slid away.
    "Find Reedtuft."
    Turtlestar uttered the last words as he was dragged from ThunderClan as well.
    "No!" Ravenkit was pushed aside by Whirltail.
    "C'mon," Shinekit drooped her tail and mewed helplessly. "It's over."
    "Why didn't they listen to us?" Ravenkit snarled. "Or Dewstep?" She dug her white paws into the ground.
    "They don't care about what we have to say."
    Ravenkit sighed. Chants were getting louder in the distance.
    "There will be a Dewstar! There will be a Dewstar!"
    Ravenkit sobbed and ran away.
    Shinekit shook her dipped head. This was all wrong.
    She head back to camp to see Dewstep sitting with Tansy and Dalilah.
    "I have an idea." Shinekit mewed confidently, and the she-cats all huddled in to hear.


    Dewstep nodded. Shinekit was right.
    The plan she had suggested was that Tansy and Dalilah take Dewstep to get her nine lives, but StarClan knows she won't get them, since Turtlestar is alive. She'd come back and act like leader for a while, then introduce an idea; that Shimmerlight had gotten into a fight because Turtlestar called Tansy and Dalilah "bodyguards" (the two sisters were taken aback by this) then get Dewstep's approval.
    "That... was amazing." Dalilah breathed. Tansy inhaled the same way as well.
    "We will get right on it," Tansy nodded.
    Dewstep turned to Shinekit. "You and Ravenkit try to convince the Clan while we are gone." She tilted her head. "Where is Ravenkit?"
    Shinekit looked helpless. "I-I- she ran off," she mewed uneasily.
    Dewstep's face softened. "Her apprenticeship was supposed to start today."
    "Who was her mentor going to be?" Shinekit asked gently.
    "Stormtail." Dewstep replied, spitting the name out with disgust. "Hopefully Turtlestar will reconsider."
    "Stormtail wasn't doing anything wrong. If you thought... let's say Whirltail, was training in the Dark Forest, then you would kick him out! Stormtail was trying to protect his Clan, and he had the courage to do that. Not all cats can say the same."
    Dewstep looked injured, but continued. "But leader's word is law."
    Shinekit thought for a moment. "True," she finally agreed. "But what if said leader was possibly a traitor?"
    Dewstep purred. "Okay, I'm done learning. Let's go!"
    Shinekit nodded approvingly, and Dewstep hesitated, thinking.
    Shimmerlight was lucky to have such a smart, loyal, thinking-out-of-the-box kit. She wished she could have a kit like that.
    Dewstep sighed dreamily and glanced at her swelling flanks.
    Who was to say she couldn't?

    * * *

    Dewstep dipped her nose into the cold water and was transported into the realm of StarClan.
    Two cats stood in front of her.
    The cat she loved the most.
    Startail and Shallowstar exchanged a glance.
    "Mother, why is Shallowstar here?" Dewstep had been told about her by Shimmerlight.
    "Mother, tell her why." Startail turned to Shallowstar with a smirk.
    Dewstep nodded with understanding. She couldn't wait to tell Shimmerlight that Shallowstar was her mother's mother.
    "What have you to tell me?" Dewstep asked respectfully.
    Shallowstar's eyes darkened. "Your plan will work, but someone won't survive."
    Dewstep woke up.
    Tansy and Dalilah were actually staring her down.
    No, actually, it was hard to get up.
    Dewstep sighed. "We will prove that Turtlestar and Shimmerlight are innocent- well for the most part." She made a face.
    "But someone will die in the process."
    Tansy laughed. "We know! This happens in every tale of the Clans that our mother told us about."
    The sisters closed their eyes and whispered something together. They pointed their tails to the left, then the right, then twitched them twice.
    They both let out their breath as if they had been holding it. Maybe they had.
    "What was that?" Dewstep meowed.
    "We do it to honor the dead," Dalilah explained. "It let's them know that we're thinking of them."
    Tansy nodded, and together they hummed a small bird song into the sky.
    "Teach me!" Dewstep pressed.
    "Not yet, Dewstar," Dalilah mewed.
    "Not yet, but soon."


    "How much longer must we stay like this?" Shimmerlight whimpered to her brother.
    Trutlestar snuggled closer to her. "Come on," he encouraged. "This storm will be over soon."
    Personally, the storm didn't bother Shimmerlight. It was the staying in secret from her Clan. Actually, she was glad it was pouring outside, because it washed away their scents.
    They were sheltered in Reedtuft's magical cave, and some nights, they had a dozen cats huddled in with them. Maybe they could get all of StarClan to convince ThunderClan that they did nothing wrong.
    When Shimmerlight proposed this, Turtlestar rolled his eyes and drifted up to sleep.
    Shimmerlight tried to do the same, but as soon as she had gotten comfy, she had an idea.
    They could take shelter up the mountain with FireClan!
    Shimmerlight glanced at Turtlestar, who was sleeping, and decided not to wake him.
    She bounded across the forest, rain pouring down on her.
    Shimmerlight saw Shinekit talking with Ravenkit about 'the plan' and crept closer.
    "Kits!" She hissed.
    Ravenkit's widened eyes and pricked ears indicated that she knew it was her, and she was watching out for them.
    "Thanks," she quipped. "How are you?"
    "Fine." Shinekit replied.
    "I'm okay," Ravenkit shrugged.
    "Go see your father," Shimmerlight mewed. "Ravenkit, he's in the cave."
    Ravenkit nodded and sped off.
    "Let's follow her,"
    They told Turtlestar to meet them at FireClan.
    "This is marigold." Shimmerlight told Shinekit. "This is burnet."
    Watermint, thyme, tansy, catmint, lavender, feverfew.
    "Let's be done," Shinekit interrupted.
    Shimmerlight had a bundle of herbs. She dropped them, and done talking about goldenrod, she picked some and added it to the bundle. "Okay," she agreed before picking up her herbs and setting off.
    They played tag on the way, a game they had picked up from the Twolegs. They didn't come out much anymore. When they did, they were wearing pelts on their flat faces and always carrying things and putting water on their paws. And they only got into their monsters. Nobody played tag. It was weird.
    "I wonder if they're afraid of something," Shimmerlight thought out loud. "Maybe we should be."
    Shinekit gave a little pftt . "Hey, I see Turtlestar and Ravenkit!"
    She could, too. They were talking to two toms at the entrance of FireClan camp.
    Shimmerlight snorted. Surprisingly they had gotten through the whole territory without running into any patrols.
    The she-cat and she-kit ran faster and finally caught up to Ravenkit and Turtlestar.
    "We would like to see Tadpole," Turtlestar mewed assertively, not aggressively.
    "He is busy," the dark brown tom growled.
    "Let us in," Shimmerlight ordered. "We need to see Tadpole."
    The white tom dipped his head. "Go right in."
    Turtlestar stared at her as they walked into camp. "What-"
    Shimmerlight swept her tail over his mouth. "I'm like royalty here, the leader's mate." She tilted her head from side to side eagerly before bursting out. "And I saved them from Strad!"
    Ravenkit skipped along happily, despite the rain pounding down that they were now again exposed to.
    Shinekit sprinted across the soaking camp to Tadpole.
    "For the last time, Shinekit, you are not allowed out of camp!" He purred.
    Tadpole spotted Ravenkit and the grown cats. "What is going on?"
    "Apparently we trained in the Dark Forest, and now we are banished."
    "Well did you?"
    "No!" Shimmerlight spat. "So we took the kits and we seek refuge in your camp. Dewstep, Tansy and Dalilah will get us out of here soon."
    "So, should I call you Turtlefin?"
    Turtlestar looked taken aback. "Should I call you Tadstar?"
    "Yuck, that's a horrible name," Shimmerlight intervened bluntly.
    Tadpole shook his head. "No, actually, I went to get my nine lives and StarClan said that no leader of FireClan would ever take the name with the suffix 'star'." His eyes were fiery. "They will always stay the same."
    "Well, we all like it better that way," Shimmerlight mewed affectionately. "I think that it helps keep conversations casual."
    Tadpole nodded. "You can all help with the medicine cat," he eyed Shimmerlight's bundle of herbs. "Obviously you were looking to."
    She dipped her head and with the herbs, trotted to the medicine den.
    A scrawny orange tabby tom was sorting herbs. "Hello. I am Suntail. Can I help you?"
    "I am Shimmerlight. I brought soem herbs, and Tadpole told us to stay in here with you."
    Suntail snorted, losing the formal look. "Great, more herbs to sort." But he took them gratefully anyways.
    Shimmerlight, Turtlestar, Ravenkit, and Shinekit all helped that night. After helping Suntail, they slept half in the raina and half in the den.
    Shimmerlight groaned as she woke. She had gotten barely any sleep at all the night before.
    Ravenkit and Shinekit had been allowed to sleep inside the medicine den, where it was dry.
    "Sleep well?"
    Shimmerlight jumped. "Suntail!" She closed her eyes. The orange tabby tom wasn't very welcoming.
    "Yes," Suntail replied. "That is me."
    Tadpole stuck his head into the medicine den. "Suntail, what are we short on?"
    "Tansy, feverfew, and it wouldn't hurt to have some more mallow."
    Tadpole dipped his head. "Go collect some with the kits."
    Turtlestar was snoring as Ravenkit and Shinekit walked out with Suntail.
    "So, how are things?"
    It was a question, but it was really a statement.
    The words said that he cared. It made Shimmerlight's eyes water.
    "I'm lonely," she whispered ducking her head to meet his. "I miss you."
    Tadpole looked her in the eye. "You'll stay for a while."
    He twined his tail with hers and held it tight before letting go and walking out.
    "Oooooooh!" Turtlestar opened an eye.
    Shimmerlight turned to him accusingly. "We didn't even say anything romantic!" She exclaimed.
    "If that wasn't romantic, nothing is."
    She wrinkled her nose. "And you were asleep."
    "Was," Turtlestar mewed and winked.
    Shimmerlight scoffed.
    After a moment, she confessed; "I miss him,"
    Turtlestar chuckled. "Yeah, I heard." He shook his head and laughed. "This is classic."
    Shimmerlight shoved him.
    "Maybe you should stay with him." Turtlestar offered.
    "No," Shimmerlight mewed as if it was the stupidest thing in the world. "ThunderClan needs me."
    "Do they?"
    Shimmerlight had a feeling that he was right.


    Shinekit purred as she nipped off a stalk of mallow, its fruity scent washing over her.
    This Clan was perfect for her.
    And, she missed Dewstep, Dawnbridge, and of course Raypelt, since he was Dewstep's brother.
    Shinekit liked helping the warriors train. She loved alerting them of nearby prey.
    But most of all, she loved battle practice with Scar.
    Scar wasn't tough as his name suggested, but gentle. He had two kits, Greenkit and Yewkit.
    Shinekit played with Greenkit all through battle training.
    He always had a twinkle in his eye when she was around her. His green, brilliant eyes were always on her.
    It felt amazing to be loved.
    Shinekit had already decided.
    She would stay in FireClan with Shimmerlight.
    She knew that Shimmerlight would. She just wished that Ravenkit felt that way.
    But Ravenkit's mother was in ThunderClan. And soon her father, too. And even after that, her new baby siblings. She would never choose to betray her Clan like that.
    Shinekit would miss everyone. But really all she had to do to see her friends was walk down a hill a few tree-lengths to ThunderClan and pad in.
    Shinekit sighed.
    "Suntail, may we be done?" She asked, Ravenkit nodding beside her.
    "Sure!" Suntail was in an extra-good mood today. "Run along, kits!"
    Shinekit and Ravenkit squealed and ran over to where Scar was waiting.
    Shinekit halted as soon as she saw Greenkit.
    "Ooh," Ravenkit nudged her and twitched her white tail tip. "Someone has a crush!" She said in a sing-song voice.
    Shinekit shoved her back. "I do not!" She rammed her head into hers and padded closer to Greenkit.
    "Wanna play mossball?" Ravenkit came up behind her and asked.
    Shinekit gave her a quick glare and turned back to Greenkit.
    He looked into his eyes.
    Shinekit broke away shyly.
    "Sure," Greenkit finally mewed suspiciously.
    Yewkit popped up. "I'll play with her!' He pointed to Ravenkit.
    Greenkit looked back at Shinekit. "You okay?"
    She looked at the ground.
    "Hey guys, why don't you get the moss?"
    Shinekit sat down and whisked her tail over her paws.
    Ravenkit and Yewkit left.
    "What's up?" Greenkit asked. "You're never like this."
    Shinekit laughed nervously. "You've only known me for three days!" She mewed uneasily.
    "And? I know you," Greenkit smiled, but not only with his mouth, with his whole face. "I'm really good at figuring cats out."
    Shinekit sneezed and he moved closer.
    "So tell me; what's wrong?"
    "Ravenkit was teasing me about having and crush on you," she whimpered. "And then something clicked."
    She summoned up all of her courage and strength. This was always the hardest part.
    "And I realized maybe I did have a crush on you."
    Shinekit braced herself for the taunting, for the laughing.
    But Greenkit just pressed closer. "I'm okay with that," he chose his words carefully. "But maybe we can wait on confirming things until we at least know that you're staying here."
    "Okay," Shinekit purred.
    "Hey, you two, pause your little love session!" Ravenkit called. "We wanna play!"
    Greenkit followed Shinekit as they ran down the hill.
    "Hey, what is it?" Ravenkit asked when she saw them.
    "Nothing," Shinekit answered, shrugging.
    Ravenkit smirked at her, then Shinekit stuck her tongue out. Ravenkit stuck her tongue out and then Shinekit glared at her.
    "Okay, if you guys are done with your... face.. battle, then we should get to playing." Yewkit meowed.
    "Okay!" Greenkit pushed her forward.
    Shinekit tossed the ball and glanced at Greenkit.
    She was glad that she had a choice.


    Turtlestar lie awake while everyone else was asleep.
    This was all his fault. The kits would be home if he simply had kept his "snarky thoughts" to himself, in Shimmerlight's words.
    He really didn't think that the she-cats were like bodyguards. He was just a lousy cat.
    "I wonder what Dewstep is doing," The ThunderClan leader thought aloud.
    Turtlestar imagined that she was having trouble keeping up.
    Expecting kits, missing a kit, and trying to be leader are all hard. Especially all at once.
    And she was doing it for him. Again. She wouldn't be having to cope with any of those things if it wasn't for him.
    He sighed and shook his head.
    Shimmerlight blinked her shining red eyes at him. "What are you doing up?"
    "Thinking about how this is all my fault," he mewed bitterly.
    "No, Turtlestar, this is not your fault." Shimmerlight said. "It's mine. If I hadn't blown up in your face about a tease then we would be at home."
    "No, Shimmerlight! I cannot let you take the blame!" Turtlestar laughed and shook his head. "Oh, who am I kidding, of course I can! Take half of it!"
    Shimmerlight gave him a look. "You know, me and Shinekit are staying in FireClan."
    Turtlestar dipped his head, barely even able to see Shimmerlight by the light of the moon. "We will all miss you."
    Shimmerlight wrinkled her nose. "Some more than others." She mewed, gazing at him.
    "Everyone in ThunderClan misses you," he said. "We all love you."
    Turtlestar realized for once that he was right. His Clan trusted Shimmerlight. She saved Sheentail, for StarClan's sake!
    "Wait, something's wrong!" He got up. "Shimmerlight, the Clan didn't want you to leave! Or me! When authority is being compromised, cats panic. They suddenly listen to the loudest voice. It's called peer pressure."
    "New plan!" Shimmerlight's eyes brightened, which had seemed impossible to Turtlestar. "Go to ThunderClan and be accepted!"
    Turtlestar gave her an exasperated look.
    "Nobody likes a buzzkill," he mewed.
    "Nobody except for you," Shimmerkight countered playfully.
    "Ehh, maybe a little.."
    Shimmerlight laughed.
    They fell asleep with light spirits.


    "Shinekit, we need you to come with us." Turtlestar mewed.
    "But I don't want to!" Shinekit protested.
    The green tom recoiled. "Shinekit, I know that you want to stay here. You can come back." He meowed. "But why don't you want to come back to ThunderClan?"
    Shinekit sighed. "FireClan is perfect for me," she said plainly. "Dewstep said that we would lose someone in the process. The warning didn't mean that someone was going to die, it meant that it wanted me to stay here."
    Turtlestar gave her a skeptical look, but led her out of camp.
    It took them barely a few minutes to get to ThunderClan.
    They had to pass through SkyClan, where Appletail, Grassfur, and Silverpelt criticized them for having kits out of camp.
    As they approached ThunderClan camp, Turtlestar turned to them.
    "You two need to talk to Dewstep and tell her the plan. You know what to do after that."
    Ravenkit nodded. "They'll listen to the leader's daughter."
    Shinekit giggled. "Both of your parents are leader,"
    Ravenkit gave her a look and they hopped into camp.
    "Dewstep!" Ravenkit hissed from inside the medicine den.
    Dewstep padded in and glared at the kits. "News?" She mewed angrily.
    "I'm sorry for disappearing on you!" Ravenkit whispered.
    "Okay, Dewstep, Turtlestar is going to walk in and you are going to tell the cats that... they will vote! If he will be leader again. Like the ancient cats did!" Shinekit exclaimed.
    Dewstep rolled her eyes. "I'm going to be ancient if you don't stop talking soon," she muttered.
    "Yes! I always make sense!" Shinekit nodded. "Shooba!"
    Ravenkit and Dewstep stifled laughter.
    "Okay, okay, let's go!"
    Dewstep climbed to Highledge, followed by Ravenkit and Shinekit.
    "Hello?" Shinekit called. A few cats turned to look.
    "Hello?" Ravenkit tried.
    "Hello!" They yowled in unison.
    Everybody looked to see what was the trouble.
    "Okay, cats of ThunderClan, I know that Turtlestar and Shimmerlight were banished, but we believe that you all went with what other cats thought." Ravenkit nodded at Shinekit.
    She piped up. "So, we want you to be heard. Turtlestar will be coming, and you will take one good look at you leader and decide; be the leader you deserve, or be banished, alone and afraid?"
    Many cats murmured their answers inaudibly.
    Dewstep stepped in front of the kits.
    "Clan! Everyone needs to grab a stone. Yes, bigger than your paw. Yes, small enough to move! Now, all in favor of keeping Turtlestar in ThunderClan, push your stone to the left!"
    Turtlestar sat at th edge of Highledge.
    Every cat except Whirltail, Grasspaw, Rainfoot, and Rosetail (which Sheentail tried to convince to vote Turtlestar) pushed their stone to the left.
    "Turtlestar! Turtlestar!"
    "Wait!" A cat yelled. "Where's Shimmerlight?"
    Shinekit ducked her head sadly.
    "Where's my savior?" Sheentail croaked from the elders' den.
    Dawnbridge sat beside her, blinking her amber eyes at Shinekit.
    "Me- me and my mother plan to stay in FireClan, with our family," Shinekit tried to dip her head, but she shook and decided she could just stay there.
    After, Shinekit was surprised at what she had done. She was a shy type.
    Dawnbridge smiled affectionately at her.
    Turtlestar ushered the kits off of Highledge and they were about to say goodbye when he called.
    He grinned. "I think it is high time you became an apprentice."
    Cheers filled the seemingly-sorrowful camp with joy.
    Shinekit hung her head. She would never have an apprentice ceremony with Ravenkit watching. Or Dawnbridge. Or Turtlestar.
    Was this the right choice?
    "Step forward! Stormtail, I expect you to pass on your skills and mentor her well!"
    "Ravenpaw! Ravenpaw!"
    Shinekit looked at her best friend.
    Ravenpaw's white muzzle was glinting in the sunlight. She looked beautiful-more than usual- for a moment.
    Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted Creekpaw cheering loudly and gazing dreamily at the black- and -white she-cat.
    Shinekit's breath caught in her throat. She hoped that Creekpaw and Ravenpaw would live a long, happy life together.
    She looked at Dawnbridge and Sheentail. Skypelt and Crevicefoot were talking next to them.
    Sinewtail, Morningpelt, Lynxfur, Pinetail, and the rest of Dawnbridge' kits were all chatting.
    Turtlestar was purring at Reedtuft, who was in ghost form.
    Salvetail and Dewstep were twining their tails at the edge of the clearing.
    Shinekit's tail drooped and her ears flattened.
    It was like she was saying goodbye to her whole life.
    Maybe she was.


    Shinekit sighed.
    Shimmerlight stopped sorting her herbs and walked over to talk to her.
    "Shinekit, I want you to know that you have a choice."
    "I know! The problem is that I don't know which choice to make!"
    Shimmerlight pulled her close.
    "Mother, I'm so sorry that I don't want to be a medicine cat like you wanted."
    Shimmerlight smiled sadly at her. "Shinekit, my loving daughter, anything you want is my wish. I want you to be leader if you do."
    She closed her eyes and drank in the scent of her mother.
    "You know, having a sister would help a lot." Shinekit breathed. "Sisters are the best."
    Shimmerlight gave her a sharp look.
    "But, like Dawnbridge and Sheentail were awesome! And Tansy and Dalilah!" (Shimmerligjt glanced at the ground sorrowfully at the mention of her friends) "Mother, sisters are so cool!"
    Shimmerlight went back to sorting herbs. "Shinekit, you know all you had to do was ask," she mewed. "You are going to have a sibling soon."
    "Shimmerlight, you're expecting?"
    Shimmerlight nodded.
    Shinekit curled up, awaiting the new chapter in her life.

    * * *
    Ravenwing smiled at her kits. Sheenkit, Turtlekit, Dawnkit, Shimmerkit, Shinekit, and Firekit.
    Creektail twitched his blue tail. "Ravenwing, they are beautiful."
    Ravenwing purred and wished that Shinepelt was there to see the birth of her new kits.
    She would have loved the names she had chosen.
    Firekit was just a name that she had dug out of the elders' old tales.
    Creektail sat down next to her. "I think that it's amazing how you named all of our kits after fallen warriors." He mewed affectionately.
    Ravenwing purred and wondered how her best friend had decided to become a member of another Clan. Her brother, Yakpaw, and her sister, Mallowpaw, came over and played with the kits.
    She sighed and glanced at the moon.
    Ravenwing was sure that Shinepelt was, too.

    * * *
    Shinepelt glanced at the rising moon.
    Suntail smiled at her and they streaked across the path to the Moonpool.
    Shinepelt breathed in the crisp air and turned to Suntail.
    "Thank you for serving FireClan."
    Tadpole had retired and then died a peaceful life in the elders' den. Flowertail had taken over, and then she had died in a battle with SkyClan. It was her turn now.
    She dipped her nose into the icy-cold water and cats started to appear one-by-one.
    Tadpole, Dawnbridge, Shimmerlight, Emberkit, Flowertail, Raypelt, Dewstar, Turtlestar, and Orangeflower came to her that night.
    She woke and head all the way back to camp without saying a word, where Greentail, her mate, Foxtail, Silverfur, Duckpelt, Spotclaw, Oakpaw, and Snakepaw were waiting for her. Her little sister, Lilacfur, was waiting too.
    Shinepelt had three litters, all of them warm and loving.
    She looked into the sky and connected the stars that formed a cat.
    A cat that looked exactly like her.
    Shinekit mewed one word aloud.
    She meant thanks to all of StarClan for helping her get through her life.
    Shinepelt had fulfilled her vow.
    And it was time for her to understand that everything that anyone had ever done was for this moment.
    Because going up the generations, past Dawnbridge, her mother, and her mother, thousands of generations up...
    It started with a cat named Rusty.

    Thank you! This is probably going to get published! Now, if anybody would like me to somehow add their characters into the next book (which will not be on this site) then put in the comments! I am happy to have your name in the back of the book, also, FAN ART PLEASE! I need pictures for the whole series! So, I would like it if all of you brought your pencils and markers onto paper and draw me some art! If you email it to me, then I will make sure to have your name and picture in the published version! And again, thanks, please give any suggestions, fan art, characters, or messages for me! It has been an honor to write for you.
    The End!

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