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Warrior Cats: Shadow of Darkness

6 Chapter - 1.920 Words - Developed by:
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The long-awaited sequel to
The Hidden Storm!

Fernheart has won over Shadowclan, but now she wants more. She has her eyes set on Thunderclan, and her clan is growing by the minute. But there are still cats who will fight for what is right.

    Fernheart reared up and slashed viciously at Claws, who ducked and swirled out of the way, hissing. With a snarl, Pinefur leapt onto his mother’s back and pinned her down. Nearby, Snowfang lay contently in the sun, stretched out with her eyes closed and belly showing.
    “Well done, Pinefur.” Claws nodded respectfully.
    “Snowfang, get up!” Fernheart growled at her daughter. “Fight!”
    Pinefur released his grip on Fernheart, who instantly leapt up and knocked him to the ground.
    “Never, now I say never, let the enemy go free.” Fernheart spat at him, her eyes blazing.
    Maplepool padded up to her kin, tail lashing. “Let me fight Pinefur!”
    “Of course.” Fernheart leapt off her son and shimmied out of range. “Marshleap, fight Snowfang. Pinefur, fight Maplepool.I want you all to have blood on your fur by the time the sun has set!”

    Stormheart twitched her tail and scanned the clearing. The fresh-kill pile was heaped and the apprentices were out hunting, there would be plenty of prey of every cat. Stonetail was curled up in the sunlight, his grey fur flecked with the white of age.
    “I don’t want to loose him.” Stormheart whispered, her heart aching. Grouseheart padded up to Stormheart and licked her on the ear.
    “You’re thinking about Stonetail again, Aren’t you?” He asked, looking at her affectionately. “Your father is a brave cat, not even death will stop him from being adventurous.”
    Stormheart shivered and buried her muzzle in her mate’s fur. “I don’t want to say goodbye!”
    “You don’t have too, Stormheart. You don’t have too.” Grouseheart licked her again, nuzzling her comfortingly.

    Lostsight followed Hawkpaw through the trees to the river, where the air was cool and fresh.
    “Lostsight?” The beautifully soft voice of Distantbridge swept across the lapping waves. “Lostsight, my love!”
    “Distantbridge!” Lostsight bounded forwards, flicking his tail at Hawkpaw, signalling him to go back to camp. “Distantbridge, I can’t keep seeing you like this! I’m afraid that some cats may be onto me!”
    Distantbridge snarled to herself. “I am coming, my love!” Her heart beat quicker and quicker as she hopped along the stepping stones.
    “Distantbridge, what are you doing!” Lostsight howled, his eyes wide and distressed.
    “I’m coming with you. I want nothing more than to be with you, Lostsight!”
    Lostsight was so startled that he didn’t speak for a moment.
    “I’ve already said goodbye, I feared that I may have to join you soon!” Distantbridge leapt over the final stone and barged into Lostsight, her eyes sparkling with admiration. “I love you.”

    Driftpath trotted across the clearing and dropped his prey on the pile. As soon as he was done, Greystar appeared on the Highrock.
    “Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather here for a clan meeting.” Greystar called, his muscles bulging as he scanned the clearing. “ I have just been informed of two, very different things. The first, welcoming a new warrior to our clan!”
    Distantbridge stood up straight, her tail lashing and her eyes widening as she took in what was going on. Lostsight stood nearby, watching her happily.” She has already had an assessment today, and she is perfect for our clan! Welcome, Distantbridge!”
    “Distantbridge! Distantbridge!” The clan called, some cats sounding uncertain.
    “And number two, our deputy, Stormheart, is pregnant with kits! A new deputy must be announced in her place.” Greystar looked down at his deputy, who looked stricken. “So, I have decided;
    Ivorywater, will you be the new deputy of Thunderclan?”
    “Y-Yes?” Ivorywater blinked, her blue eye sparkling while her green eye stared up blandly. “I will.”
    “Then, from this day forward, Ivorywater will be the deputy of Thunderclan. Clan dismissed.” Greystar leapt down from the Highrock, and went to talk to Stormheart.

    Jadefur padded along the edge of the thunderpath, surprised at how little monsters he had seen. He set a marker, then trotted on, scanning Shadowclan’s territory. Suddenly, there was a flash on the other side of the thunderpath. A pair of eyes glittered, then moved forwards and into the light, revealing a beautiful, silver furred she cat.
    “Hello, Jadefur.” Her voice was soft as the wind and gentle as starlight.
    “Who are you?” Jadefur’s hackles raised and he narrowed his eyes. “What do you want?”
    “I am Fernheart. I want you to join me, Jadefur.” She called.
    “Never!” Jadefur reared and hissed at her. “I will never join you! I am loyal!” Realisation flooded over him as he remembered who the vile cat who stood infront of him.
    “Then you must die.” Her voice turned cold and vicious.
    As Jadefur turned and prepared to sprint away, a lean white she cat leapt onto him, her eyes glistening. She drew back her lips to reveal long, sharp fangs, as white as the stars of silverpelt. Her face was expressionless as she dug her claws into his neck, and snarled. Blood pulsed from the wound and she leaned down, her muzzle pressing against his ear. “I’m sorry,” She whispered, and sprung away, disappearing into the trees.
    Jadefur felt the life oozing out of him like the blood from his wound. Just as darkness came for him, Fernheart spoke.
    “The time of the clans is over. It is Blood’s turn to rule.”
    And Jadefur died.

    Icefur skidded into camp and let out one long gasp, before collapsing onto the ground.
    “Icefur!” Greystar screeched in alarm. “Icefur!”
    “I’m-fine,” She panted, scrambling onto her feet and nearly toppling over again,”It’s, Jadefur! He’s ... Dead!”
    As one, the gathered cats gasped.
    “Who would kill such a good cat?”
    “Enough.” Greystar interrupted.” Icefur, how did Jadefur die?”
    “I don’t know! I found his body on the Bloodcl- Shadowclan border!”
    “Ivorywater, Sunstorm, Pepperleaf and Harestripe, go and check it out. Don’t do anything dangerous, and report back straight away!”

    Mosstail leapt down from the tree branch and landed gracefully by the river. The squirrel she had been chasing was gone, and she couldn’t smell and other prey nearby. Sighing, she sat down and stared into the water. Her reflection gazed back up at her, a glossy, golden furred she cat with bright blue eyes, nothing too special. A minnow broke across the surface of the river, causing ripples to disturb her image. As she watched, the minnow disappeared, and the ripples turned her reflection into something that was not her own. A dark grey cat with brown eyes, a blue she and a magnificent white tom gazed up at her.
    “Mosstail,” The blue cat spoke. “I am Rainfall.”
    “I am Whiteclaw.” The tom nodded.
    “And I am Stoneglaze.” The grey cat said.
    Rainfall blinked gently, causing the water to stir. “Bloodclan is growing.” She told the startled Thunderclan cat. “There is a prophecy, Starclan’s last hope to save the clans.”
    “Four will rise, three will fall.” Whiteclaw’s voice was cold.
    “They will be gifted with the power of the stars.” Stoneglaze said.
    “ And in the final battle, they will make a sacrifice greater than no other, to save the clans from Darkness”.

    Greystar called for the clan to gather at the base of the Highrock. “Mosstail has news!”
    The young, golden she cat came forwards and turned to her clan. “I received a prophecy from starclan.” She said.
    “What! Only medicine cats get prophecies!” The clan called out in outrage.
    “I believe her!” Duckthroat, the clan’s medicine cat, croaked from the shadows. “ I believe that what she says is true!”
    The hubbub diminished as the clan fell silent.
    “ Rainfall, Whiteclaw, and Stoneglaze came to me in a - A vision. They said;
    Bloodclan is rising,
    Four will rise, three will fall,
    They will be gifted with the power of the stars.
    And in the final battle, they will make a sacrifice greater than no other to save the clans from darkness.”
    The silence remained unbroken. A bird chirped in the distance. A twig snapped.
    “Who are the four?” Farrowleg broke in, looking confused.
    “Yes! Who are the chosen ones?”
    “I think it’s me!” Darkkit squeaked, scrambling into the clearing and ignoring his mother’s protests. “I think I am the chosen one!”
    “Go back to the nursery!” Yellowleaf snorted. “No way is a silly kit the chosen one!”
    There were meows of outrage and frantic whispering as the gathered cats stressed.
    “Who could it be?”
    “Are we in danger?”
    “Will we have to fight?”
    “Hush!” Duckthroat croaked, his voice cracking. “Hush!”
    The clan either didn’t hear him, or didn’t care, for they didn’t stop.
    “STOP!” Greystar screeched. The clan fell silent.
    With an appreciative glance at Greystar, Duckthroat spoke again.
    “I think I know who the chosen ones are.”

    Fernheart sat neatly on the tree branch, scanning the clearing. The branch dipped slightly as Claws scrambled up next to her. Despite living in the pines for so long, he still hated trees.
    “Are you pleased?” He asked his mate.
    “About what?” Fernheart turned to look at him.
    “This!” He waved his tail at the clearing, where the whole of Bloodclan was assembled. Some cats were practicing battle moves, while some were sharing tongues in the sunlight. A couple of kits poked their heads out of the nursery, before being ushered back in by their mother. Some apprentices fought together in a corner.
    Fernheart flicked an ear. “ I am not pleased. I am not proud. I am not happy. But I am strong.”
    Claws nodded in respect.
    “ I can feel the clans preparing for a fight. But when the final battle comes, we will hit them with a force so powerful, that they won’t stand a chance.”

    Yay! Finally! I wrote a sequel to The Hidden Storm!
    Don’t you just love cliffhangers!
    Sorry to everyone whose Ocs weren’t included, or weren’t featured as much as some others. But it is very hard to include everyone’s characters!
    Who wants me to finish it?: D

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706 days ago
Awesome story Cevil! You, JayfeatherBB, Foxhowl, Flagpost, and Rain Perch are my Allthetests.com idols. Your stories are amazing and well written!
840 days ago
I'm reading Shadow Of Darkness- this is amazing. I'm not even kidding, this might be better than mine. We should do a collab together!! (even though I'm writing like 10 other books right now)
840 days ago
989 days ago
Thanks @JayfeatherBB you are great at fan fics too! In my opinion, better than me!
1016 days ago
Wow, it said my message was too short.
1016 days ago
MORE MORE MORE. Could you add my OC as well? Pekoekit, Pekoepaw, or Pekoeflower. She is a tansy-colored orange tabby she-cat with amber-yellow eyes. She was a bright, hopeful cat who used to live in a Clan, but, expecting kits with a cat from another Clan, ran away and now lives as a loner, sad and alone, her happy expression now cold and dull.
1026 days ago
Both versions have the same comments. Wow.
1064 days ago
Ignore that comment.
1079 days ago
For some reason I posted both my first version of this, which happens to be exactly the same but with a different blurb thingy, so ignore that.
1089 days ago
love it 👀 I finally saw something warriors
1094 days ago
This is great!!!!! You NEED to make more. Please include my OC. A tortoiseshell she-cat with emerald green eyes. Her name is Bramblepaw. She has two kits; One she-cat that looks like her called Lunakit, and One tom that is a ginger tabby tom, called Rustykit.
1094 days ago
1095 days ago
*internal laughing*
1097 days ago
I have now and officially written a sequel! I’m so happy! 😊It’s called
Warrior cats: Shadow of Darkness
(Spoilers: #Cliffhangerclub)