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If Bramblestar didn't become deputy

6 Chapter - 430 Words - Developed by:
- Developed on: - 693 taken- The story is completed

So Graystripe is dead? Hmmm.......TRAITOR! I am a Graystripe fan but sadly could not think of a important living character.

Leader Brackenstar
Deputy Berrynose
Medicine cat Jayfeather

(I forgot)

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973 days ago
Havent eaten a bat in meh life and I wont start now!

PS: I love bats and if someone on her has eaten one, well, you just better not have...
973 days ago
Still taking Flag's job and I haven't eaten any bats so Im good?
1067 days ago
I’m not eating no bats
1203 days ago
I will not eat bats and I will take ur job XD
1238 days ago
1252 days ago
I promise I will not eat bats
1252 days ago
??? Did you hear that coronavirus myth?
1252 days ago
Hey I didnt know you did fan fiction! Great job!
1272 days ago
I CAN'T WAIT FOR MORE :D and no,I haven't eaten any bats lately
1277 days ago
This is #3 but I made it at 1 am.