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Firekit's Journey

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This is my Warriors Cats fan-fiction that I made cause why not: P

As the kit woke, the glittering sunlight shone into his eyes and momentarily blinded him. He looked around to see Adderkit’s yellow eyes shining in the dim nursery light. A small tabby figure appeared I the entrance of the den and dropped a rabbit in front of his sleeping mate.
“Good morning kits, how are you?” The brown tabby meowed softly.
Before Firekit could respond, a large reddish brown she cat stirred behind him. She got up and yawned before bending down to eat the rabbit. A dark grey figure suddenly appeared behind the small tabby and meowed,
“Smallbranch, I need you to lead a border patrol with Sheepfur, Lakefire and her apprentice. They’re waiting for you at the entrance.”
Smallbranch nodded and hurried over to the entrance of the camp. Suddenly, something heavy slammed into Firekit and his head wiped around to see a tall dark brown tom.
“Ferretkit what was that for!” The small red tom exclaimed.
“As a warrior, you have to be aware of all your surroundings” he meowed in a smug voice. “I was teaching you a lesson!”
“You’re not even an apprentice, much less a warrior” meowed Adderkit as she padded over to stand beside her brother.
“I’m going to be an apprentice soon though” Ferretkit said defensively.
“But not now” Said the reddish brown she cat. The addition of a warrior to this conversation shut Ferretkit up. By then the rest of the nursery cats had awoken and began grooming their fur and getting fresh kill for themselves. Adderkit ran over to her mother and said,
“Can we go visit the elders now? You promised you’d take us today!” Squeaked Adderkit. Her mother looked uncertain until a silver tabby meowed,
“You did promise Fernsnout” Fernsnout sighed before getting to her feet and walked out of the nursery.
“Come on kits” She said flicking her tail, signaling for the kits to come to her.
“let’s go see the elders”

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986 days ago
I can’t wait to read this
987 days ago
*grabs the memories and tried to smack them back into Firepaw's brain"
999 days ago
1069 days ago
Omg the ending was so saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad! I hate that he lost his memory of his wind clan family! But I loved it nonetheless.
1072 days ago
1072 days ago
Omg we are the seesters.
1072 days ago
My twins?
1072 days ago
Lol! So many comments.....
1072 days ago
Omg Coooooooooooooooool
1072 days ago
1072 days ago
Omg yay Love this series
1072 days ago
Omg yayyyy I wove it
1072 days ago
Omg I wove dis ❤️
1072 days ago
Omg Cool! Love it! Imma read the 2nd one I’m so into this
1072 days ago
Yes of course there is a part 2 if there wasent I’d be spam asking for more
1072 days ago
Omg Awesome book. Is there a part 2?
1072 days ago
1072 days ago
Omg I love this going to read P2 right now
1072 days ago
I love this! I’m going to read part 2!
1096 days ago
This is great!