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Warriors 2 The Rising Tension

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5 Chapter - 651 Words - Developed by: - Developed on: - 482 taken-The story is currently being written

Another generation of warriors is living at another place...Let's see their story.

    Allegiances(nothing long I'm just saying the clan names and just the leader, deputy, medicine cat and med cat apprentice)
    Leader: Berrystar: Black and white she cat
    Deputy: Cloverpetal: Gray tabby she cat
    Medicine cat: Ripplelight: white tom

    Leader: Miststar: Pale gray she cat
    Deputy: Grassfall: Pale brown tabby she cat
    Medicine cat: Pinestripe: Black she cat with light gray stripes

    Leader: Arrowstar: Spiky furred tabby she cat
    Deputy: Ratpool: Brown tom with ripped scar on back.He looks savage but only in battles.
    Medicine cat: Onewing: Is cruel and cold, but is loyal to his clan.Has one leg, is a Light brown tabby tom.

    Leader: Krestelstar, Looks like Ashfur with White spots, Tom
    Deputy: Nightfall, Black she cat
    Medicine cat: Gorsewhisker: Very pale gray and white she cat Medicine cat apprentice: Crowpaw, Looks like Crowfeather, but is young and soft.

    Leafpaw woke up.It was his nest, and he was still drowsy. He looked around the Scourchclan apprentice den.His littermate, Emberpaw was sleeping and his denmates, Breezepaw and Fuzzypaw was sleeping too. Only Larkpaw's nest was empty. 'She must have gone hunting' He resumed and stood up. He stumbled out to the entrance. As this is a 'Different' warriors, apprentice mentor him/herself. Leafpaw trotted to the Forest.He saw Larkpaw practicing. He trotted towards her. 'Hey Larkpaw.' 'Hey Leafpaw.'The dark tabby tom hesitated. Larkpaw was doing a different move, and it looked cool. Leafpaw looked at Larkpaw. "Can you teach me that move?" He asked. "Sure!" The pale brown tabby she cat replied. She trotted away from a distance. "Now I'll first do it at you, you will follow my move later" She ran toward her and did a soft kick at his belly. He chocked. Than she clawed his tail with sheathed claws and swiped at his muzzle with sheathed claws also. Leafpaw felt dazed. "Wow...That's cool!" "It sure is!" Larkpaw demonstrated that move on a rock one more time. Leafpaw followed, and quickly learned it. 'Yay! I have mastered it!" Larkpaw did a cuff at his ear "It's only your first move, Leafpaw!" "So are yours!" "Well, yeah...Hahahaha" Larkpaw laughed than cut off. "Oh Leafpaw by the way...This is not good for Foxes, Foxes know this move......" "Okay..." Leafpaw trotted towards camp with Larkpaw. There was a yowl at the camp. A battle sound came up. 'Oh no...'Leafpaw ran there with Larkpaw by his heels. 'No no no please no...please nothing attack the-' He stopped at the camp entrance. Foxes at the camp!

    Well that's it heh heh I did 5 chapters cause This is my first, and I want to know you all first:)

    So first to know you..
    Who's your favorite Warrior Cat in the books?(not in this fanfic)
    Picking many cats is allowed.

    Who's your Least favorite warrior cat in the books?
    Picking many cats is allowed
    Write in the comments!
    Next time, I'll have one chapter Lol but long

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Thank you for the encouragement Winterstar!
And yes,i will :)
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*bows head* May she find plenty of prey, swift running, and peace.

You should make more.