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Warrior Cats book 1: The Jay's storm(2)

1 Chapter - 300 Words - Developed by:
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Here's book 2!

    Jaykit stomped around the clearing. He shook his fur and sat down. Owlkit sat down next to him. Owlkit looked around then stood up than ran toward the warriors and apprentices and started chattering. Jaykit glared at his brother. He walked to him and hissed, " Stop chattering! Your making our image a chattery cat! " " But it's fun I want to learn all about things! " Owlkit hissed excitedly back. Jaykit flattened his ears. He sighed and shrugged. It's Owlkit's personality anyways............
    A big eyed cat stared at him and Owlkit. " Hello Big-eyes. " The cat who Owlkit is talking to greeted the big eyed cat. Big-eyes nodded. " Hello, tall-ears. " Jaykit could see that they were brothers.
    Big-eyes was keep staring at Owlkit and Jaykit. Jaykit shivered. Big-eyes tilted his head. " They were born at the same minute. Then how does this one.. " He poked Owlkit. "And this one's.." He poked Jaykit.Jaykit snarled as he poked him." Size is so different? " Jaykit Growled menacingly with his kit tone. " I'm not small! " Tall-ears snorted. "Oh, I said that when I was small, I said I was not small." He laughed. This all seemed unfair to Jaykit. He was going to show them..

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