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Foxhowl's Quest Part #1 of #3

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5 Chapter - 373 Words - Developed by: - Developed on: - 328 taken-The story is currently being written

Foxhowl sighed as she looked across the big lake. Her brother Meadowcreek a brown faded tabby came up from behind her. "What's wrong now?" Meadowcreek teased Foxhowl. "Nothing" Foxhowl shot back. "We should get our fresh-kill and get back to camp." "Sounds great." Meadowcreek said under his breath. Foxhowl looks back at the moor and marsh across the lake as they pad along the pine and oak trees once the old Shadow Clan, Thunder Clan, and Sky Clan Border. Foxhowl sighs again. "Oh Foxhowl there is something bugging you isn't there?" Meadowcreek asks Foxhowl after placing a hare on Foxhowl's back. "Just why did the Five Clans had to become Three it just doesn't make sense. Can't we just go back to being five clans again!" Foxhowl bursted the words out before she could think. "Foxhowl the leaders chose to become three clans and Star Clan isn't angry are they?" Meadowcreek told Foxhowl as he piled a few mice of Foxhowl's back. "That should be all the prey." Foxhowl said shamelessly.

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226 days ago
I know but I'm working on the other series and Chasing the Sun chapter ten and I have alot going on in my life right now.
228 days ago
It was a good idea!
234 days ago
Thxs Flagpost I quit this series since I'm doing a different series not becuz the views
237 days ago
I can't blame you looking at the views
239 days ago
See my quiz number 1598382953 for the new series
239 days ago
I'm quiting on this series sorry guys