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Warriors The Wild

22 Chapter - 1.569 Words - Developed by:
- Developed on: - 941 taken- The story is completed

The first book in the series: A book about 4 Clans: DawnClan, FireClan, MeadowClan, and OceanClan. Whitepaw, a apprentice in MeadowClan, will work hard for her warrior name. After that, she will work hard and defend the clan. (No copyright allowed) Thank you!

    Leaftail was putting away her medicine supplies when StarClan sent her a message.
    "What is it, Leaftail?" Asked Daisystar.
    "StarClan sent me a message.", Replied Leaftail, MeadowClan medicine cat.
    "What is it?" Asked Daisystar.
    "A clan shall attack.", Said Leaftail.
    "We will have our apprentices ready, I'm sure.", Replied Daisystar.
    "I hope so.", Replied Leaftail.

    DAISYSTAR: she-cat, gray tabby.
    FEATHERTAIL: She-cat, white fur.

    Chapter 1
    "Wake up, Whitepaw.", Said Tigerpaw.
    Whitepaw opened her eyes. "Why?" Whitepaw asked.
    "It's time for training.", Replied Tigerpaw.
    "Can I at least have some freshkill?" Asked Whitepaw.
    "No fresh kill right now, we caught DawnClan in our territory.", Replied Tigerpaw.
    "Oh.", Said Whitepaw.
    Whitepaw and Tigerpaw walked out of camp.
    "Bye, I'll see you later.", Said Whitepaw.
    "Bye.", Replied Tigerpaw.
    Whitepaw was hunting when she saw a orange tabby. It was a Tom.
    Whitepaw sniffed the air. "Kittypet.", She Thought. Then Daisystar appeared.
    "Whos this?" Asked Daisystar.
    "A kittypet.", Hissed Whitepaw.
    "What do you mean? And I'm Flame!" Said The Kittypet.
    "Would you like to join MeadowClan?" Asked Daisystar.
    "Yes!" Replied Flame.

    Chapter 2
    "What?" Thought Whitepaw. "Why did she let Flame, that kittypet, join the clan?" She Thought.
    Later, when she was back at camp, Daisystar had an annoucment.
    "From this day, until he earns his warrior name, Flame will now be Flamepaw.", Said Daisystar.
    "Cool!" Mewed Flamepaw.
    "I will be your mentor, so you can learn quickly.", Said Daisystar."We will start training tomorrow morning.", Finished Daisystar.
    Whitepaw and Tigerpaw lay down in the apprentice den. Flamepaw layed nearby.
    "I can't belive it.", Thought Whitepaw, as she fell asleep.

    Chapter 3
    Whitepaw woke up.
    "Any fresh kill?" She Asked Tigerpaw.
    "Yes.", Said Tigerpaw.
    Whitepaw ran to the fresh kill pile. She grabbed some fresh kill and started eating.
    "Hi.", Said Flamepaw.
    "What, kittypet?" She Hissed.
    Flamepaw went back to talk with his only friend, Stormpaw.
    Whitepaw went to Redheart.
    "What's today?" She Asked.
    "Fighting.", Replied Redheart.
    Whitepaw was busy practicing.
    "Why don't you go get some fresh kill for the clan?" Asked Redheart.
    "Of course!" Mewed Whitepaw.
    Whitepaw found a rabbit. She leaped, hoping to catch it. She bit the rabbits neck. When she had killed enough fresh kill, she ran back to camp.
    "Good, Whitepaw.", Said Daisystar.

    Chapter 4
    "Thank you.", Replied Whitepaw.
    "I am so proud of you, Whitepaw.", Said Feathertail, Whitepaws mom.
    "I will serve my clan well.", Said Whitepaw.
    Tigerpaw and Whitepaw were going to see the kits when a FireClan warrior ran out of the nursery with the kits. They saw Feathertail try to save the kits. But then, the warrior bit into her neck, killing her.
    "Feathertail!" Screamed Whitepaw.
    She was about to attack, but the warrior was gone.

    Chapter 5
    "What's wrong?" Asked Rootstripe, Whitepaws dad.
    "FireClan took the kits, and Feathertails dead.", Said Whitepaw.
    She held back her tears. Her mom was dead.
    "I appoint Skyclaw as the new deputy.", Said Daisystar.
    "As for Feathertail, she got killed by a FireClan warrior trying to save the kits.", Said Daisystar.

    Chapter 6
    "I can't belive Feathertail, my mom, died.", Thought Whitepaw as she layed in the apprentince den. She fell asleep, sad about her mother's death.
    "Don't worry, she's probably going to be proud of the warrior you'll be someday.", Said Tigerpaw.
    "I hope so.", Replied Whitepaw.
    "Poor Flamepaw, he only has one friend, Stormpaw.", Said Tigerpaw.
    "He doesn't matter, he's just a kittypet.", Replied Whitepaw.
    "Our ancestors, some were kittypet, but they escaped, so we are the same.", Said Tigerpaw.
    "I don't care.", Replied Whitepaw. She walked away, and ate some fresh kill. She met Redheart.
    "Bring back some fresh kill.", He Said.
    Whitepaw found a mouse. She leaped onto it, and bit it. She could smell Redheart. When she was done, she had lots of fresh kill.
    "Good job.", Said Redheart.
    When they got back to camp, Whitepaw saw Flamepaw had hunted a lot of fresh kill.
    "Good job, Flamepaw.", Said Whitepaw.
    "I thought you were calling me kittypet.", Said Flamepaw.
    "I realized you have what it takes to become a warrior.", Said Whitepaw.
    Later that night she curled up with Tigerpaw.

    Chapter 7
    Tigerpaw nudged Whitepaw. It was very early.
    "I noticed you called Flamepaw Flamepaw, not kittypet.", Said Tigerpaw.
    "Yeah, I realized he has what it takes to become a warrior.", Said Whitepaw.
    "Let's go back to sleep, we need to rest.", Said Tigerpaw.
    Whitepaw nodded and went back to sleep.
    When she woke up in the morning, Flamepaw greeted her.
    "Thanks.", Said Whitepaw.
    "No problem!" Said Flamepaw.
    "I have a crush on Flamepaw.", Whitepaw Thought, realizing it.
    "I better go.", Said Whitepaw.
    "You usually fresh kill.", Said Tigerpaw.
    "I'm not starving yet.", Said Whitepaw.
    "Okay?" Said Tigerpaw.
    Whitepaw went to Redheart.
    "I want you, Cloudpaw, Stormpaw, Flamepaw, and Tigerpaw to get the kits back.", Said Redheart.
    "Yes.", Said Whitepaw.

    Chapter 8
    Whitepaw was walking with them all to FireClan territory. They got their. They snuck into FireClan camp, wearing the scent of fire, like all the FireClan cats. They snuck into the nursery and grabbed the kits. They ran back to MeadowClan territory, and when they walked into camp, they saw FireClan cats attacking.
    "Hide the kits!" Said Leaftail.
    They hid the kits in the warriors den. They covered the kits with the smell of fresh kill, so FireClan would think it was the smell of old fresh kill. Whitepaw helped attack the FireClan cats. She bit one, causing it to run away. Soon, all the FireClan cats were gone.

    Chapter 9
    "From this day forward, Whitepaw will be Whiteheart.", Said Daisystar. The clan cheered.
    "And from this day forward, Flamepaw will be Flameheart.", Said Daisystar. "And Stormpaw will from this day forward be Stormpelt.", Said Daisystar.
    "And from this day forward, Tigerpaw will be Tigerstripe.", Said Daisystar.
    "And last, from this day forward, Cloudpaw will be Cloudclaw.", Said Daisystar.
    The cats were cheering the new warriors names all night.
    "This is just the beginning.", Thought Whitepaw.

    That was the book! Yes, it was supposed to be 22 Chapters, but that was going to be too much for my first fanfiction! If you want to be in the second book, say that you do, tell me what you look like and what you act like, what clan, then you'll be added to the second book, but if I've already said in the comments the second books out, check it out and ask to be in the third!











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364 days ago
I would like to be added to second or third book.
Name: Lilykit/Lilypaw
Clan: Meadowclan
Looks: A gray, white, and blue calico she-cat with green eyes
Purpose: an apprentice for Flameheart or Whiteheart and cause struggle when she goes missing (taken by twolegs)
Personality: Kind, curious, loyal, brave, strong, sometimes snippy, and fierce
372 days ago
A Clever,Rude, Large, She Cat, Part Of Dusk Clan, Was Sent To Spy On Meadow Clan, Likes Tiger's Stripe ( If not in book it's okay )She will be at the border then a partorl can bring her back and when the leader ask why she's here she will say she was exiled/ kicked out of dusk clan and has come to ask to join if you add this it may add drama if you edit it I do not mind btw great book! I also have a cat for ocean clan!
852 days ago
Omg, this is so good. Love it, so good.I would hope that I could be in one of your amazing fanfics
897 days ago
I won on the names!Your name is Flowerheart!
948 days ago
It's great. Just just before you submit a chapter you should check though the whole chapter and check for mistakes
950 days ago
if you wonder, I've been online. and on fanfiction.net I changed my name to Oceanpool
954 days ago
ive already posted the Prolouge, allegiances, and chapter 1. feel free to comment on fanfiction.net to Warriors The Wild. change it to writer, and search Flowerheart33 it should say I've written one book for warriors called Warriors The Wild. Follow me, if you use that website, please.
954 days ago
100 taken! 837 pm, the day it was availbe!
954 days ago
when this books reaches 100 views, I am making a special name generator!
954 days ago
almost 100 people have read this fanfiction!
954 days ago
i need 5 stars for the second book to make the third. please rate the second book when it's out so I can make the third!
954 days ago
almost half of the second book has been made. I hope it will become avalible sometime soon to read
954 days ago
30 chapters, I promise
954 days ago
i better get started with the second book!
954 days ago
thank you for reading my book. it takes a while to make things on this website.
954 days ago
i have a quiz on which of these clans your in. if you want to take it, press more from flowerheart,
then at the bottom of the screen, you will see something that says not included tests. press the second one. it should appear as which of my made up Warriors clan are you? or something like that.
954 days ago
im so glad to see my first fanfiction on allthetestscom.com
955 days ago
good news, while I was typing that, I got mail that said this is coming out tomorrow on allthetestscom.com!
955 days ago
on fanfiction.net, tomorrow I'll start working on The Wild the way it's supposed to be. Oringanlly, the chapters were going to be longer, but since this site has a 10 minutes to work on thing, I couldn't do that. Sorry! I promise all the mistakes will be fixed on fanfiction.net, so search for Flowerheart33 (in 2 days) and see it! I just signed in, so I'll have to wait until tommorow to start.
955 days ago
i read it-in that one part where Tigerpaw said "You usually fresh kill" I meant for her to say "you usually eat fresh kill"