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Warrior Cats book 1: The Jay's storm(3)

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1 Chapter - 298 Words - Developed by: - Developed on: - 386 taken-The story is currently being written

    Jaykit stomped away from these warriors, and his brother Owlkit.
    How was he going to show them..that he is a worthy warrior?
    Jaykit saw the leader, Hailstar talk to his deputy, Goldenfall and his medicine cat, Eagledawn. ' What are they talking about? ' Wondered Jaykit. He crept closer to them. " So this Two big orange cats with black stripes..is living on our territory?" Hailstar was talking. "Yes." Goldenfall replied. Hailstar looked at Eagledawn. " As You, were once a kittypet, do you know what this creature is? " Eagledawn replied. "Well........The twolegs called it a Tiger........." " So this tiger...... " Goldenfall said thoughtfully. " Tiger? What a stupid name. No wonder twolegs are weird." Hailstar cut her. We should call it......The thundercat. " Goldenfall and Eagledawn nodded. " So well...the Thundercat......there were two, right? If these two are male and female...and are not family....they may be mates. and they may have kits later." Eagledawn nodded " If they were....We have to fight it. Before their kits are born. " Jaykit gasped silently. Is what he heard true? Hailstar ears prickled. " Did anybody gasp over here? I thought I heard a silent gasp...." Jaykit moved silently away from these three and bounded toward the nursery.

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