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Chasing The Sun Chapter Five

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1 Chapter - 285 Words - Developed by: - Developed on: - 400 taken- The story is completed

Gingerpaw quit so yay I am writing it

    Flagpost walked through the forest next to Piestar and Gingerpaw. " Where are we going? "asked Gingerpaw. " The Pine Forest. " Pie
    Flagpost walked through the forest next to Piestar and Gingerpaw. " Where are we going? "asked Gingerpaw. " The Pine Forest. " Piestar said. A huge gray wolf leaped out and attacked them. Gingerpaw quickly fell to the ground, dead. Piestar was ripped open, life bleeding out of him. Flagpost ran back to camp and found that he had lost the wolf.The Clan looked at him and Flameclaw suddenly appeared from a hole. " Piestar is dead. " Flagpost told them. Foxpaw let out a wail. " Flagstar! Flagstar! Flagstar! " The Clan chanted. Flagpost smiled and left to the Moonfall. " Welcome Flagpost. " said a dark brown tom. " Piestar! " He said. Piestar nodded. A group of cats gathered around him. ( I start playing piano ) " With this life I give you courage. " Gingerpaw said. Nightheart padded forwards. " This life I give you great heart, tell my brother that too. " she whispered.
    (Ten minutes later)
    " Flagstar! Flagstar! Flagstar! " they all chanted. He woke up and padded out of the cave as soon as a storm started. Flameclaw suddenly appeared and unsheathed his claws.
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Okay I want Flameclaw to write the next chapter cause the cliffhanger.

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I wonder if Flaggy has a YT channel
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Okay lol

Um I am sorry to say this, but Sheentail's Journey, Split, and the other ones might not come out... ever.... my tablet broke containing all of the text... :/ We're trying really hard to get it fixed but it might not...

Good news though, Ivy's Life should come out soon!
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Thanks! I will still be on Allthetests.
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Why is everyone leaving XD but okay Foxy.. will do
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She doesn't even know that me and Luv are the same person at this point
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xD Fox in the "what I'm working on" section you'll die when you see it. Either way, Flags will be mad... and idk if Flaggy wrote it yet or not... tbh I am mad at your mom and I've never met her before xD
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I thought that your profile was nice! Along with Luv's! Question does anyone know where 23 is? Or has Flags not wrote it? Yes I hope it smooths out also UwU