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Foxpaw's Past

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10 Chapter - 1.283 Words - Developed by: - Updated on: - 826 taken-The story is currently being written

Say hello to Foxpaw's past Special Edition! Update: I add new chapters and Flamestar's Warrior Name!

    Fox's Howl opened her eyes. "You opened your eyes for the first time!" Someone mewed. "Hmmm?" Fox's Howl stared where the voice was coming from. "Fox's Howl this is your sister Leaf's Flutter and your brother Fox's Moon." Fox's Howl mother mewed. "Fox's Howl want to play with Father's tail?" Leaf's Flutter said with joy. "I just want to play with this moss ball." Fox's Howl point to a ball of moss near their nest. "Ok..." Leaf's Flutter said as tears started up in her eyes. Fox's Howl saw her mother talking to a tom that looked like her and her brother. Fox's Howl padded towards the two. "Fox's Bark I don't care that you want to go to the Clan territory with the others. You have a family to raise and you want to abandon them and me?" Fox's Howl Mother mewed upset at the tom. Fox's Howl decided that the tom was her father. "Moon's Shine you can come with me along with the kits in a few moons." Fox's Bark purred. "Fine but you will raise your family still." Moon's Shine spat. Someone leaped on to Fox's Howl. When she saw who leaped on her. Fox's Howl went limp. "MOTHER I KILLED FOX'S HOWL!" Fox's Moon yowled. Fox's Howl pushed up on Fox's Moon belly. "That's what you get Fox-Brain." Fox's Howl said teasing her brother. "Kits why don't you listen to the elders stories." Moon's Shine mewed.

    Fox's Howl was excited. Her and her siblings were going out of cave for the first time! Leaf's Flutter looked excited too. Fox's Moon looked bored. "Fox's Moon aren't you excited that we are going out of the cave for the first time?" Fox's Howl mewed. "Sure." Fox's Moon replied. "You don't sound excited." Leaf's Flutter let her head go to a side. "I'm excited I just choose not to show it." Fox's Moon mewed with blank eyes staring into Fox's Howl's soul. Finally Moon's Shine appeared before Fox's Moon could stare right into the middle of her soul. "Kits are you really to go?" Fox's Howl mother mewed. "Yes!" Fox's Howl and Leaf's Flutter yowled at the same time. "No." Fox's Moon mewed under his breath.

    "Today is going to be the best day of my life!" Fox's Howl thought. When they were far from the cave it started pouring. Thunder clapped and Lighting glowed as a large cat loomed out from behind a rock. "KITS GET UNDER A ROCK!" Moon's Shine yowled. Fox's Howl was the first one under the rock then Fox's Moon, and Leaf's Flutter was last. Fox's Howl and her siblings watched their mother fought Sharp Tooth. Soon their was killed by a blow to the head from Sharp Tooth. The Sharp Tooth was pawing at Leaf's Flutter trying to get her out. The Sharp Tooth tried several times soon the Sharp Tooth got Leaf's Flutter and clawed her till she bled from the neck to her tail. Fox's Howl started sobbing. The Sharp Tooth clawed her right eye. She heard several cats attack the Sharp Tooth. Soon the sound if the battle stopped and her father's paw pulled her and Fox's Moon out from under the rock. Fox's Bark put Fox's Howl on his back. One of the other tribe members put Fox's Moon on their back. Fox's Howl cried into her father's neck fur the whole way to the cave.

    Fox's Howl stared blankly at one of the cave's walls. Fox's Moon padded up to Fox's Howl left side. "You killed Leaf's Flutter and Mother!" Fox's Moon hissed at Fox's Howl. "No I didn't!" Fox's Howl mewed at her brother. Fox's Moon leaped at Fox's Howl. Fox's Howl hissed as Fox's Moon clawed her front left leg. Fox's Howl clawed Fox's Moon muzzle. Their Father Fox's Bark shouted at them. Fox's Howl couldn't hear a word he said. Blood from her leg dripped on the stone floor of the cave. Blackness started to stir at the edge of Fox's Howl vision. Soon everything went black as night.

    Fox's Howl was still grieving over Leaf's Flutter and her mother's deaths 1 moon later. "Fox's Howl. We are going to the Clan's territory. You are special like everyone says you are. Trust me." Her father mewed. Fox's Howl stared blankly at her father. "I don't feel special." Fox's Howl mewed. Fox's Howl father put her on his back with Fox's Moon. Rain's song and Fox's song her kin on her father's side padded along them as they walked down to the base of the mountains. Fox's Howl closed her eyes and fell asleep when they stopped to rest a few days later.

    Fox's Howl heard the dogs barking when she woke up. "Fox's Howl take Fox's Moon up that tree quickly!" Her father mewed. "But father! I can't leave you and the rest of the tribe that came with us to die!" Fox's Howl mewed. "Go!" Fox's Howl father mewed. Fox's Howl climbed halfway up a tree behind Fox's Moon before she leaped at a dog. Fox's Moon also jumped down but fell into the jaws of a dog. The dog's jaws clamped down on Fox's Moon spine. Fox's Howl could hear the crack of Fox's Moon spine breaking. Soon enough the dogs either were die or ran away. Rain's song and Fox's song when dead like Fox's Moon. "Father..." Fox's Howl cried over her father. "Shish my beautiful kit. It's okay. Find the clans." Fox's Howl father mewed. "O-o-o-okay Father." Fox's Howl mewed. Her father took one last breath then he went limp. A ginger tom spotted Fox's Howl. "Hello little kit." He mewed softly. "H-h-hello." Fox's Howl stuttered. "I'm Flamefern. Deputy of Thunder Clan." The tom mewed.

    Okay meh taking a break ยกยฌยก This took an hour to write the new chapters 4 to 6 Soooo It's meh break.




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