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Icepelt's Heart

5 Chapter - 1.400 Words - Developed by:
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This is the story based off my quiz: What is your Warrior Cat name/ pelt/ personality. Icepelt is a white She-Cat with icy blue eyes. She is the mother of Nightflower, Hollowwing, and Stonebranch. Her mate is Appletail. This is basically her death so yeah.

It was a sunny day in New-leaf. Birds were singing, flowers were blooming. Just then a flash of white ran through the trees, along with a russet-red pelt. A white She-Cat jumped into a nearby river, which marked the RiverClan territory. A russet-red tom, with a brown tail-tip, stopped by the river, and looked at the white She-Cat with bright yellow eyes. He then leaped onto a stone and playfully hissed at the white She-Cat. "Come back here, you RiverClan rat!" The Tom purred. "Never!" The She-Cat purred back. Suddenly a shadow walked out the woods. It was another She-Cat. She was black with white stripes, and she smelled of herbs. "What are you two doing?" She asked. "Bouldermask!" The Tom yelped in surprise. "We were just playing while we still could." replied the White She-Cat. "Icepelt! Your expecting kits! You should be in the nursery!" Bouldermask exclaimed.

"I'm fine Bouldermask. I can swim if I want to. It's what RiverClan cats do."

"We are heading straight back to camp, at once!"

Bouldermask waited till The russet Tom and Icepelt were on land. Bouldermask then glared at the Tom "Why didn't you stop her, Appletail?" She asked furiously. "Stop her? Since when could anycat stop her?" Appletail joked back. Just then three shapes ran out of the woods, two Toms and a She-cat. The She-Cat was silver with black stripes and Icy blue eyes. One Tom was a cream color with white spots with green eyes, while the other Tom was pure white with yellow eyes. "Icepelt! There you are! I was worried sick!" The She-cat spoke first. "Milktail, I'm fine!" Icepelt complained. "Or so you say! You're kits could come any day! and here you are pouncing around in the forest!" The cream colored Tom said. "Let's just go back to camp. Icepelt is fine, and if anything were to have happened I would've gone to camp for help" Appletail reminded the cats. "I guess your right." Bouldermask agreed. "Let's just get back to camp, then we can scold Icepelt."

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759 days ago
kinda sad. mabye u should make a fanfiction for another cat, but better and hsppier.