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Dawnbridge's Favor... REMIX (Warrior Cats Fan-fiction)

11 Chapter - 7.071 Words - Developed by:
- Updated on: - 1,732 taken-The story is currently being written

A new and improved version of my first fan-fiction. Please read, it is SO much better than the first one!


    A blue cat raced towards ThunderClan camp, the fox's breath hot on her tail.
        A sudden thought rushed into her head as she scented the familiar scent of her daughter.
       What if it follows me into camp?
    Bracing herself, she dug her claws into the crumbly dirt and turned around, ready to fight with her life.
       Great StarClan, what will become of me now?

    Chapter One

    Dawnbridge sniffed. She was gone.
        Nothing had ever made her feel so helpless.
      She growled suddenly and struck a wad of moss.
        "I should have helped her!" She snarled.
    She paused. "I should have helped her."
       The dark brown tabby she-cat's tail drooped and a gray tom pushed through the lichen into the hollow tree trunk that was the medicine den.
        "What do you want?" Dawnbridge hissed sadly.
      Crevicefoot dipped his head. "The vigil is starting," he murmured and brushed his chin against hers.
       Dawnbridge poked her head out of the medicine den for a moment, then drew it back in with a sharp inhale.
        "I hope she made it to StarClan!" She blurted to the brown-eyed tom and thrust out of the den out into the clearing.
       Bluetail's dead body lie in the middle, Snowtail and Dapplepelt were rubbing mint and rosemary on the dead she-cat's body.
        Dawnbridge swallowed. This couldn't be happening.
    She padded up to her mother's body and sniffed it. The scent of death of unmistakable.
        Crevicefoot stood beside her, and gave her ear a comforting lick.
      A sharp cry from above made Dawnbridge glance up to see Riverstar on Highledge.
        "We need to send Bluetail to StarClan."
      Dawnbridge noticed the reassuring look he gave her. "Dawnbridge," he said softly. "Would you like to lead it?"
       Dawnbridge nodded uncertainly. "Bluetail," she choked out. "You were a wonderful warrior and mother, and mate to Soiltail."
         The Clan murmured agreement and Riverstar nodded.
      The blueish tom lifted his chin. "Courtesy of ThunderClan."
          The Clan let out a chorus of sorrowful hisses, letting sadness hover like a storm cloud over them.
       The sun had begun to set, and Snowtail walked up to her. "I hope that she is happy in StarClan," she muttered. "Dawnbridge, would you like to come help bury her?"
        Crevicefoot rested his tail on his mother's back. "I'll help," he offered. The light gray tom knew how close Snowtail and Bluetail had been, almost sisters.
        Dawnbridge glanced to the side. "Sure..."
      Soiltail strode over to them. He stared at his daughter, his favorite, as Sheentail had been pure white. "Dawnbridge, why don't you hunt for the Clan instead of wasting your time burying your mother?"
      He curled his lip at the mention of Bluetail.
      Dawnbridge's fur pricked. She had forgotten about Sheentail.
        Soiltail and Snowtail sat beside each other, both of them beckoning Dawnbridge to come help them.
       Soiltail smiled at her. "Come hunt!"
      Snowtail's eyes looked pained. "Dawnbridge, we need you to help bury Bluetail."
       Crevicefoot stood next to his mother. "Dawnbridge?"
    Dawnbridge felt an overwhelming feeling overcome her.
       "No," her mew was shaky.
      She looked at each of the cats before her.
        Realization dawned on her. "No," she mewed, trembling. "I need to go."

    Chapter Two

    Dawnbridge scented the air. No trace of her sister's smell.
       The white she-cat hadn't come here in a while, she could tell.
    Her sister, Sheentail, had left ThunderClan after just becoming a warrior because she hadn't felt accepted.
       And one other reason that Dawnbridge couldn't quite put a paw on, about mates.
       She hadn't told anyone where she had went. Not Dawnbridge or Bluetail.
        And now she was gone.
      Dawnbridge lowered her nose to the ground and found a rogue scent.
       Her heart quickened. Sheentail?
      She called her sister's name once, then followed the scent trail to a large Thunderpath.
       A red monster zipped by and Dawnbridge flinched.
        Four more monsters passed, then there was a clearing.
      Dawnbridge pattered over the slightly sticky tar and once she was on the other side, panted for ages.
       A blue and green monster scared her out of her fur, and that's when she picked up the vole scent.
       Dawnbridge's mouth watered.
      She sniffled through the tall grass, then heard a scuttling.
    A beech tree loomed in front of her and Dawnbridge grinned in satisfaction.
       She pounced and nipped the writhing creature on the neck.
    It stopped flailing and lie limp. It was dead.
        The creature swinging from her jaws, she trotted out of the tall grass and found a heather bush to shelter under.
      She tucked in and soon enough, the sky was filled with stars and she tried to see if there was a new star.
       It was impossible to tell.
    Dawnbridge felt her eyelids getting droopy and soon drifted off to sleep.

    Chapter Three

    "Who are you?" A low growl woke Dawnbridge. "Reed, check her out."
       A cat sniffed. "Yeah, she's one of them."
    Some cat snarled. "Move out of the way, Rabbit."
        White flashed into her vision, and Dawnbridge blinked open her eyes blearily. "What is it?"
       A black tom and a tan she-cat were in front of her, and a white she-cat stared at her with icy blue eyes.
       "Reed, Rabbit." Dawnbridge dipped her head to them.
        The white she-cat whispered something to them and they bounded away.
       "You look familiar..." Dawnbridge narrowed her eyes.
      The white cat's eyes brimmed with emotion. "Are.. are you Dawnpaw?"
       Dawnbridge's eyes widened.
      It was Sheentail.
         "Y-yes!" She stammered.
       Sheentail squinted. "I would've thought you were a warrior by now," she commented vehemently.
    Dawnbridge laughed harshly. "I'm Dawnbridge," she meowed. "Sheentail, I've something to tell you."
        Sheentail made a face. "Come with me," she frowned and slipped away.
        When Dawnbridge followed, she added; "And it's Sheen now."
    Dawnbridge pushed away the thorns with her tail and came to a large camp.
       A light blue-gray tom walked straight up to Sheen and brushed his chin against hers. "Grand, Oak, and Dandelion have gone to patrol against the Thunderpath," he purred.
        Sheen nodded. "When they come back, tell them to take a rest."
       The tom dipped his head and twined his tail with Sheen's before she moved forward.
        A calico she-cat padded to her. "Sheen!"
    "Blossom," Sheen chirped. "Go ahead and tell Meadow that he is going to take over for Sky!"
      Blossom gave a mutter of agreement. "I guess I should tell Sky to fill in for you, then." She turned around and ran up to a tan-brown tom.
        Sheen ducked into a hollow tree trunk that had a sandy floor.
      Dawnbridge gaped in awe. She was so amazed at everything that she almost forgot why she had come here.
      Sheen turned her head. "Yes?"
    Dawnbridge shifted her paws. "Well, I-"
       Sheen smiled. "I know."
    Dawnbridge stiffened. What?
        "I know that you want to join EarthClan!"
    Dawnbridge opened her jaws to protest, but before she could, Sheen replied again.
       "I will let you, but you have to change your name," Sheen explained.
      Dawnbridge sighed in relief. If she could join Sheen's rogue Clan, there was more chance of surviving out here.
       And more chance to wait to tell Sheen about Bluetail,  a voice in her head throbbed.
        Dawnbridge smiled as she looked into her sister's eyes for the first time in many, many moons.
       "Hello, Sheen of EarthClan." Dawnbridge asserted. "I am Dawn."
        *   *   *

    Sheen's purring woke Dawn up.
        "What is it?" Dawn pricked her ears. There was a slight movement near the entrance of Sheen's den and she saw a blue tuft of fur caught on the brambles.
      Sheen laid her tail on the brown she-cat's back. "Nothing," she murmured. "If you want to join a patrol, talk to Beestripe."
        Beestripe! A jolt of shock shot up her tail, making it stand up straight.
       Beestripe was a former WindClan warrior, that had disappeared a few moons ago.
        Dawn heaved herself out of the small nest, the grief overcoming her once more.
       Sticking her head put of Sheen's den curiously, she could spot a yellow-and-black striped tom in the middle of camp.
        Seeing that Sheen let in any cat, as there were many warriors bustling around camp, before dawn, she sighed.
         Beestripe earnestly padded up to her. "How are you?" He asked, looking at his paws as if he weren't quite sure that he wanted to talk to her after all.
       Dawn tapped her claw on his shoulder. "I'm good," she glanced around nervously. How was she supposed to remember everyone? "Can you.. show me around, Beestripe?"
        The tom looked delighted. "Well, not every cat remembers my name," he pointed out. "And I'd love to show you around."
        Dawn's tail brushed up in embarrassment. Why did she need a tom to tell her where the dirtplace was?
       Beestripe looked disappointed. "Do you still want me to-"
      "Yes," Dawn cut him off. "First, show me around the forest, please."
    Beestripe looked baffled, and used his tail to guide Dawn around.
       They stepped into the open forest, and Dawn returned with enough knowledge to teach the entire of EarthClan.

    Chapter Four

    Sheen watched from the side of the clearing as Dawn and Beestripe lie together in the sun, basking.
       Beestripe said something, then Dawn laughed.
    Sheen looked at Sky and nodded.
       The blue tom padded over to her. "Sheen, I know that she's your sister and all, but-"
        "No 'but's!" Sheen hissed. "She belongs in ThunderClan, with Crevicefoot!"
        Sky lowered his head. "Wait it out," he whispered. "Fate will find the true way."
       He turned away and fled for the den that was his.
    Sheen grumbled in frustration.
        At least the two cats were having fun.
    Dawn caught her gaze and said something to Beestripe that Sheen couldn't make out through the bustle of the camp.
       The brown she-cat got up and padded over to Sheen.
    Sheen's fur bristled. "Dawn, why are you here?" She locked gazes with her younger sister. "What have you come to tell me?"
       Dawn shuffled her paws. "Sheen," she mewed awkwardly, taking another glance at Beestripe. "I'm really sorry."
        Sheen held her ground.
      Dawn sighed. "I guess I'll have to tell you sooner or later."
        Sheen's chest tightened. Dawn usually told her anything.
    Shame burned her pelt. That was seven moons ago, before she had left everyone.
        But she had Sky now, and that was all that mattered.
    "Bluetail got attacked by foxes," Dawn didn't pause, but lowered her voice. "She died."
      Sheen blinked. "Dawn?"
    Dawn's face curled into sadness. "There was nothing they could do," she whispered. "Yellowfur was really sad."
       Sheen couldn't find words. "Bluetail-dead-really?" She managed to choke.
       Dawn nodded somberly. "I'm sorry that I didn't tell you sooner," she mewed.
      Sheen shook her head. "No. It's fine."
        Sheen sidestepped as Beetle walked up to her.
      Dawn tilted her head when the white she-cat dipped her head at the dark brown elder.
       Sheen puffed out her chest. "Is there anything I can do for you?"
    Beetle nodded. "Tell Sky that Watercress wants to meet him at Twolegplace."
        Sheen nodded back to her, then found that her tail was drooping.
    Dawn studied Sheen, as if she had never seen this side of her.
        Sheen hardened her gaze and lifted her tail, tensing her muscles, determined to hide her grief. "I need to say goodbye before she is buried."
       Dawn stiffenened. "But I like it here," she gazed at Beestripe.
    Sheen bristled. More like she liked Beestripe.
        Dawn seemed to sense her anger, and turned back to her older sister. "It will take two days to get back, and they almost had her buried by the time I left!"
       Sheen shook her head. "Do you think I care?" There was menace in her voice.
      Dawn sighed. Obviously she was remembering how hard it was to argue with this stony-hard she-cat. "Fine." She mewed quietly. "But... we have to wait."
       Sheen hissed at her. "Why?" She spat.
      Dawn recoiled. "I need to spend some time knowing this place," she meowed sadly. She gazed at the black-striped tom waiting for her on the rock. "I need to spend time with him."
       Sheen then realized that Dawn was tearing herself away from this tom for her.
      For Sheen.
         Dawn sighed and caught Beestripe's glance, happily bolting over to him.
       Sheen watched as Beestripe brushed against her, then settled down beside Dawn to lick her pelt clean.
        Sheen growled, but stopped when Sky pressed his cheek to her cold one.
       She turned to him. "Sky," she rasped.
         The sky was a deep orange, casting a red glow over the camp.
       Sky nodded towards it. "That's a sign."
        Dawn was staring fiercely at it, as if it was a badger that she couldn't understand the next move of.
       Sheen cocked her head at him.
    "The sun is setting, casting the light over her." Sky breathed in her ear. "The sun is setting on her." he sniffed. "It's making the clearing yellow-and-black striped, like Beestripe." He nudged her chin to face the two cats. "The stripes will be gone soon."
       Sky loped away, leaving Sheen to face the setting sun alone.

    Chapter Five

    Dawn twined her tail with the yellow tom, purring. Sadness lingered behind the joy in his eyes, and she wondered what he knew.
      Dawn's amber eyes faltered.
    Beestripe licked her ear comfortingly. "Dawn, I know that we've only known each other for two moons, but..." he paused hesitantly. "I really like you. Will you be my mate?"
       Regret stabbed her in the heart, pain filling her senses.
    Dawn closed her eyes. "Yes, Beestripe, I would like that very much."
       The tom's tail brushed up happily. "Dawn, thank you!"
    She hesitated. "But I'm leaving soon."
        Beestripe's face fell. "You are?" He squeaked.
      Dawn nodded reluctantly. "Sheen needs to say goodbye to Bluetail,"
       Beestripe grinded his teeth. "So you'll be coming back?"
    Dawn winced and rested her tail on his back. "Poor Beestripe," she sighed. "No."
        The tom let out a wail of agony. "Dawn!"
      Dawn sobbed. "Beestripe, I'm leaving tomorrow."
         His black tail hit the ground. "I'll come with you," he mewed miserably. "I'll follow you and Sheen, and we can live together."
       Dawn was tempted to say yes, but she knew it wasn't possible.
    Beestripe saw the look on her face and padded away.
        Dawn lie down and stuffed her muzzle in her paws. This was the hardest part done.
    She felt a tail on her shoulder and looked back over it.
       Sheen was behind her. "I'm sorry, Dawnbridge."
    Dawn shook her head. "You know that isn't my name anymore," she mewed quietly.
        Sheen nodded. "We need to leave."
      Dawn reluctantly followed her out of camp.
        Sheen looked like she had just seen her best friend die in front of her. "I'm really sorry," she whispered.
       Dawn's eyes rounded. "We've said that word too many times."
    Sheen nodded in agreement. "Let's go."
         The journey home was curt and silent, and one night, the two sisters found themselves trying to sleep in a small cave in the side of a hill.
         Dawn shifted in her makeshift nest, trying to get comfortable.
      Sheen hadn't moved all night, but Dawn could hear her breathing and could make out her icy-blue eyes glinting in the moonlight.
        Dawn finally gave up and padded out into the fierce wind that had picked up earlier that evening.
       She felt a prod in her back. "Dawn,"
    Dawn spun around and felt her heart rise in relief. "Sheen, you scared me," she mewed.
       Sheen was looking at the moon. "Dawn," she mewed. She looked at the ground. "I hope you aren't mad."
        The white rogue's eyes strayed to Dawn's belly.
    Dawn felt the urge to hide it, awkwardly awaiting why her sister was staring so intently.
        Sheen shook her head as if she had been imagining something. She treaded back into the den.
       Dawn's eyebrows furrowed. What had Sheen been referring to?
    The she-cat felt her eyes getting droopy, and no matter how much she couldn't get comfortable, she fell asleep before she could remember why she couldn't.
    A hiss woke her up. "You've been sleeping for three moons!"
         Instinctively Dawn rolled her eyes. This was the Sheen she had remembered.
       The brown she-cat stumbled out of the cave. Sheen waited outside.
       "Would you like me to hunt for you?" Dawn hadn't expected for Sheen's voice to be gentle, not scorning.
       Dawn sighed. "Thanks," she meowed. "I'll look for the Thunderpath that I had to cross to get here!"
       Sheen took one last worried glance at Dawn and slipped into the bushes.

    Chapter Six

    Sheen crouched as she heard a mouse scuttle around in the beech nuts that had fallen from the tree in front of her.
        She crept forward, her paws bringing her closer with each step.
      Sheen licked her lips as she rested her gaze on a plump mouse, munching on a cracked nut.
       She couldn't help but creep closer, her paws barely skimming the leaves.
      Sheen pounced and nipped the mouse's spine. A satisfying crunch filled her senses. This would fill Dawn up nicely.
        "Hey, Dawnbridge!" Sheen called. "Mouse!"
      The brown she-cat bounded towards her and lie down, ready to tuck in. "I found the Thunderpath," she mumbled around a bite of mouse before swallowing.
       The mouse was almost gone in a moment.
    "Save some for me!" Sheen growled.
        Dawn pushed the rest towards her. "Sorry," she meowed. "I'm really hungry." Her voice cracked.
       Sheen instantly regretted taking the mouse. Either way, her belly was churning with guilt and she didn't have an appetite. "I thought we agreed not to say the 's' word anymore." She said stonily.
        Sheen shoved the carcass of the brown creature towards her famished sister. "I don't need it."
        Dawn's face fell. "Why are you treating me like a kit?" She spat. "Where did Sheentail go?"
         Sheen recoiled, taken aback.
        Her neck fur began to bristle.
      "Sheentail is gone." She replied coldly.
    Dawn flattened her ears. "When you say gone you mean it!" She snarled. "You were the one who left us all to die!"
       Her sentence ended with a wail and Dawn ran away.
         Sheen widened her eyes. "Literally." She whispered, numb with shock.
        A tangy scent caught her nose, and Sheen stiffened as she pictured Dawn in the dark forest alone, with this prowling around.
      Sheen tried to tread lightly, but couldn't help but throwing herself at the brambles that Dawn had pushed through.
      Sheen let out a sob. "Dawn, I know that you're upset-"
      A pang in her belly interrupted her. She yowled in pain.
    Dawn rushed back to her. "Are you okay?" He gaze was sincere.
      Sheen snorted. Figure, she didn't come when her sister was trying to warn her about wolves, but when Sheen was remotely hurt, she came to the rescue.
        She flicked her white tail. "It's nothing, but there is a wolf here."
      Dawn tilted her head. "Wolf-"
         A yelp filled the crisp air and Sheen moaned. "They're here."
      The strong scent flooded her senses, and another pain in her belly made her crumple to the ground, and the last thing she felt was strong teeth deep in her neck.

    Chapter Seven

    Dawn whimpered as she dragged her sister away from the wolf's land.
        The she-cat left a thin trail of blood behind her, trickling from a wound on her side, and her neck had been staunched with cobwebs.
        After she had no more strength, she dropped Sheen's scruff and sat down to pant.
        Sheen gasped for air, gaining consciousness. "My kits!" She wheezed.
        Shock shot through Dawn. Kits?
      Sheen got to her paws. "Sorry, I didn't tell you!" She snapped. "I'm kitting!"
       Dawn sighed. She and her sister had told each other everything in their past.
       It looked like that bond had broken.
    Sheen lie down on the leaf litter, scrabbling around. "Fetch me a few raspberry leaves," she mewed, trying to keep her temper. "They have jagged edges and they are slightly shiny."
       Dawn raised her eyebrows. "How do you know?"
    Sheen let out her breath and Dawn hurried away.
          The brown cat had been to enough kittings that she knew that her sister needed some burnet and a thick stick as well.
        A raspberry bush was in the other side of a Twoleg fence, and Dawn pushed her way through it. She tore off three leaves and scented.
       "Fox-dung!" She cursed quietly after she realized she had no idea what burnet smelled like.
       She broke a strong branch off of a holly bush and growled as she brought them to Sheen.
       The white leader was writhing in pain, her tail lashing furiously as it disturbed the leaves around her. "Thanks," she breathed.
        Dawn looked worriedly at Sheen. "Will you be okay without me?" She asked.
       Sheen narrowed her eyes. "Yes..."
      As soon as the sound hit her ears, the brown she-cat was gone.
    Mouse scent reached her nose, making it twitch.
        Mice nest.
      The wolf was snacking on a few it had killed next to an oak.
      Dawn bristled at the fear that this wolf would kill the newborn kits. How would they survive with a wolf in the loose?
          She lashed her tail and dove back into the sheltering bushes.
        Sheen was curled around three tiny objects, murmuring to them with a motherly edge in her voice.
       She lifted her head when Dawn approached. "These are Sky's kits," she rasped.
       Dawn kneeled down beside them. "What are you naming them?"
      A flash of agony shot through Sheen's eyes. "I don't know," she whispered. "I thought that Sky would help me."
       Dawn winced as sympathy flooded her. "I'll help you," she offered. "The she-kit has reddish fur," she murmured. "What about Rosekit?"
        Right after she had said it, she regretted it. Rosekit had been one of the names locked up in the mother part of her brain.
       She shook the hindsight away. Dawn wasn't going to have kits; she was a rogue now.
          Sheen's face lit up. "Sky would have chosen that for her," she muttered. "That's his favorite flower."
         Dawn smiled. Inside, she felt like her intestines were squirming.
      Sheen started to lick the tom's fur. "You know, he is gray, like Sky."
           Dawn nodded vigorously. No way, she thought sarcastically. It was all about Sky!
        Sheen blinked happily at her. "Stark!"
      Dawn looked around. "Where?"
       Sheen laughed. "She is Rose," she tapped the she-kit with her tail. "And this is Stark." She did the same for the light-gray tom-kit.
          "Oh," Dawn replied, secretly disappointed that the kits hadn't been named with the suffix of 'kit'.
        Sheen closed her eyes and Rose and Stark began to suckle.
      Dawn cuddled closer to her sister, and nuzzled her. "I'm so proud of you," she purred.
        Sheen moved her head away. "I know what you're thinking," she whispered.
        "What?" Dawn was confused.
      Sheen bared her teeth at her sister. "You want these kits as your own!"
       Dawn's jaw dropped. Her ears flattened as she realized that she couldn't disagree.
       "I'm sorry," Dawn pleaded. "I promise, it's just something that I've always wanted!"
         Sheen grinned, her eyes gleaming. "Again, I thought we agreed to no saying that."
         Dawn sighed in relief. "You scared me!" She protested when she saw Sheen's whiskers twitching.
         Sheen's grin didn't falter. "There's something you need to know," she purred.
        Dawn clenched her teeth in mock-anger. "What?"
      Sheen closed her eyes and nudged Stark towards her. "One day you'll have one of these," she murmured.
        Dawn scoffed. "Sure," she meowed. "With who? Beestripe?" Her mew trembled with hurt.
         Sheen shook her head somberly.
       Dawn flopped on the ground, willing to have forgotten the conversation. "Wow, I am tired." She commented laxly.
         Sheen eyed her stomach again until Dawn turned away to hide it.
    "What is up with you?" She hissed. "You're acting like I'm an expectant queen!"
          Sheen dropped her gaze.
        Dawn's heart pounded as she realized.
      "You are expectant," Sheen mewed quietly.
           Dawn's world exploded. "What?"
         Sheen laid her tail across her back. "Beestripe's," she mumbled. "They're Beestripe's."
           Dawn couldn't resist the urge to smile, to be happy. She was having kits with- a Clan cat that had run away from home to be a rogue that she had left behind.
         Dawn looked away from her sister. "The Clans are not going to approve of this." Her words were long and drawn out.
        Sheen nodded. "But they'll approve of you and Crevicefoot."
    Dawn hissed soberly. "No way!" She mewed. "Him and me aren't..."
         Sheen gave her an affectionate look. "You will love him as much as you love Beestripe," she mewed fondly.
         Dawn scowled at her sister, but curled up in the leaves and fell asleep to the rhythmic kicking of her kits.

    Chapter Eight

       Rose hit the moss ball over to her gray brother. "Catch it!"
      Stark nipped the ball out of the air. "I did it!" He mewed triumphantly.
       Rose rolled her eyes. "Yeah, now toss it back,"
         Stark made a face.
       Sheen turned to Dawn. "We can't travel with newborn kits," she meowed.
       Dawn shook her head. "Yes we can," she argued. "What about badger rides? They're small enough that they can ride on our backs, light as feathers."
        Sheen winced as she imagined tiny kit claws digging into her scruff.
        Dawn pressed closer to her sister. "We are doing it for Bluetail," she reminded her softly.
        Sheen's gaze hardened. "Not anymore," she growled. "I'm doing it for Bluetail, my kits, and yours."
         Dawn sighed. "Thank StarClan you have a reason," she said. "Because that's all I had."
       The brown she-cat padded away with a flourish of her tail.
      Sheen tapped the kits on their backs. "It's time to go," her voice cracked.
        Rose tilted her head. "But this is our home," she looked around.
      Sheen let out her breath, unable to hide her amusement. "No, your home is in ThunderClan."
         Stark bounded up to his mother. "ThunderClan?" He mewed excitedly. "You mean the place you told us about?"
         Sheen nodded. "That place, where all of my friends are,"
      Rose's eyes darkened. "What about Sky?"
          Sheen looked away shyly. She hadn't told them much about their father yet.
        Sky and Sheen had met when they were kits, and after Fallpaw had died....
         "Come on," Sheen snapped.
       Stark stopped in his tracks. "Didn't you say that all of the kits were named kit?"
           Sheen shook her head. "But your names will be Starkkit and Rosekit."
       Starkkit puffed out his chest. "I like my new name!"
        Rosekit purred. "Me too!"
      Sheen crouched to allow Starkkit to climb aboard.
         Rosekit squealed as Dawn did the same.
    Dawn sniffed. "I guess you can call me Dawnbridge now," her voice sounded choked with emotion.
      Sheen dipped her head and took a step forward. "Dawnbridge, let's get going."
        Dawnbridge nodded and smiled. "Okay,"
       The two she-cats began their journey back to the Clans.

      *   *   *

    Sheen could just make out the outline of the ThunderClan dirtplace.
    Dawnbridge was behind her, her fur fizzled up.
    "Camp!" Dawnbridge exclaimed and slid Rosekit off of her back.
    Sheen twitched her tail and followed Dawnbridge as she jumped across the dirtplace in one leap.
    A few warriors filed out of their den and caught sight of her. "Dawnbridge?" Murmurs ran through the group.
    "Dawnbridge!" A commanding order shot through the clear morning air.
    Dawnbridge barely had time to turn around when a dark brown cat sat in front of her. Soiltail.
    "Father?" Dawnbridge looked at her paws.
    "What were you thinking?" Soiltail snarled. He padded closer until Dawnbridge could feel his rank breath. "You have ruined my reputation."
    Dawnbridge hung her head.
      Sheen felt a stab of pity for her sister. Everyone had treated Dawn wrong.
    "Dawnbridge didn't do anything wrong."
    The voice led to a small gray tom on the other side of the clearing. Dawnbridge walked towards him. "Crevicefoot," she backed up to let him talk.
      Sheen purred happily. Crevicefoot was standing up for Dawnbridge!
        Sheen had always known how lonely Crevicefoot had been.
    Crevicefoot licked his belly fur in embarrassment and ran towards Sheen. He nuzzled her.
    Soiltail glared at Dawnbridge as she padded towards him. "Why should we take you back in?"
    "I brought back four warriors as a proposition instead of one," Dawnbridge mewed.
    Soiltail's eyes softened. "Who?"
    Finally, Sheen's kits tumbled out of the dirtplace and into the clearing.
    "Soiltail," Sheen strode up to her father.
    "Sheentail." He responded coldly.
    "And why do you  deserve to come back?" Soiltail asked.
    "I am a trained warrior." She replied, her mew filled with dread and rage as it shook. "And I have kits."
    Soiltail drew his lips back in a snarl. "I don't care! Sheentail, you left and your mother died not knowing if you were safe! I hate you! And that white. Pelt."
    "It's Sheen!"  She hissed, betrayal smothering her voice.
    Dawnbridge stepped in between them. "Stop!" She turned to Soiltail. "If you make her go, I'm leaving too!"
    It was Crevicefoot's turn. "You'd also lose me, because I can't let Dawnbridge go alone." He gave the brown she-cat a sheepish glance.
    Snowtail stepped out of the crowd. "Dawn is expecting kits!" She exclaimed.
        Sheen tensed.
       Soiltail growled. "Fine. Have it your way," he meowed, teeth clenched. "Crevicefoot, you are a lucky tom!"
         Crevicefoot's eyes widened as he turned to Dawn.
       His voice crackled with emotion. "You're expecting my kits?"
      Dawn exchanged a glance with Sheen, then nodded. "I am."
          Sheen let out a mroww  of happiness.
       "Crevicefoot," she mewed. "I told you it would happen."
       Crevicefoot twined his tail with Sheen's. "Thank you," he breathed.
    Dawnbridge looked fairly amused as she watched Crevicefoot and Sheen. "Looks like you two have a history," she purred.  
        Sheen pulled away from him. "It's nothing," she mewed. She glanced back at her kits.
       Sheen felt a surge of protectiveness. These kits were hers, and she would do anything she could to keep them safe.
        Riverstar leaped to the the top of Highledge. "Everyone, welcome Sheentail back into her Clan!"
        As the Clan chanted her name, she closed her eyes and relished her name again.
        It had been a while.


    Crevicefoot looked at Dawnbridge with concern as she tripped over a rock, but didn't hop over to help her.
        "She's really expecting my kits, is she?" He said into Sheentail's ear.
        Sheentail flattened them. "Of course," She mewed calmly.
       Crevicefoot nodded. "I can't believe that she would choose a WindClan warrior over me," he commented.
       Sheentail rested her tail on his back. "Good thing she didn't," she meowed, relieved. "She came back to the Clan for you, after Beestripe asked her to be his mate."
       The fur on Crevicefoot's shoulders bristled. "She's mine!"
       His frustrated growl was sharp, and Dawnbridge turned her head.
      Sheentail smiled. "Go spend time with her," she whispered and nudged him. "She loves you."
         Crevicefoot steadied himself with his tail. "Okay," he mewed quietly and jumped towards her.
       Sheentail looked up at the sun and then at her kits.
    Dawnbridge and Sheentail were back.


    Sheentail hurried Dawnbridge along. "C'mon," she called back.
      Dawnbridge gave a huff. "Maybe I would be more enthusiastic to follow if I knew where I was going!" She snapped.
        The she-cat had been crabby ever since she was a quarter moon from kitting.
       Sheentail rolled her eyes. "I don't care, you'll love it,"
    Dawnbridge sighed.
        Sheentail pushed through some elderberry bushes and gasped.
           "Get back!" She hissed.
        She heard a crash as Dawnbridge hurled herself back into the bushes.
       Sheentail crept backwards with her.
    "Go ahead," Sheentail beckoned. Her tail twitched in annoyance.
        Dawnbridge scowled and padded forward.
    Sheentail smirked as she heard Dawnbridge's breath became rapid. "Oh!"
        Sheentail cracked her jaws and scented.
    Beestripe's scent overwhelmed the spot, and Dawnbridge's scent was musky with another.
        Dawnbridge stormed back into the bushes with Sheentail. "Why did you bring me here?" Her nostrils flared.
        Sheentail's heart sank. "I brought you to meet your mate," she mewed sullenly.
        Dawnbridge's mew trembled with rage. "Beestripe is not my mate."
       Sheentail back away. "I'm sorry," she whispered. "I didn't kno-"
    Dawnbridge held up a paw. "All I want to do is forget" -the word 'forget' was acute- "him. I am with Crevicefoot now."
        She whipped around and fled.
      Sheentail gaped at the spot in the branches that were still quivering from Dawnbridge's exit.
         Sighing, Sheentail padded after her. "Dawnbridge, I didn't know!"
      Dawnbridge didn't respond.
        Sheentail opened her mouth again, but thought better of it.
           Dawnbridge pushed into camp and Sheentail did the same right after her.
          Sheentail rested her tail on her back, and Dawnbridge spun around, hissing.
         "Stop!" She spat. "Sheentail, there is no reason for me to meet someone I have given up on!"
        Dawnbridge flicked her tail pointedly and padded away, surging forward when Crevicefoot joined her.
        Shame burned Sheentail's pelt. How could she have thought this would be good for Dawnbridge?
        Sheentail turned into the warriors' den.
      Crevicefoot settled beside her.
          "You took her to see Beestripe today?" He murmured.
       Sheentail nodded miserably.
         Crevicefoot's face softened. "She didn't seem too happy," he said with a glance at the nursery.
       Sheentail turned over. "She'll be fine in the morning," she grumbled.
       Crevicefoot put a paw on her reassuringly. "I don't know," he whispered. "She seemed pretty shaken."
        Sheentail shook her head and let out a quiet sob. "I thought she loved him so much!"
       "Hey," Crevicefoot mewed softly. "Don't be too hard on yourself. He certainly loved her."
        Sheentail felt his tail bush up.
      She hopped up. "You're still jealous!" She claimed teasingly.
          Crevicefoot scrambled up after her. "No I'm not!" He protested. "You just said that she didn't love Beestripe!"
         Sheentail purred with amusement and flopped into her nest.
       Crevicefoot laid himself down next to her. "Goodnight," he mewed.
          Sheentail snuggled further into her nest. "Goodnight."

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