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Flagpost's Stuff

10 Chapter - 7.959 Words - Developed by:
- Developed on: - 1,196 taken- The story is completed

I have been working on this for months.

Jay's Quest

Jay left the camp. Nightclaw snarled at Sharpstar. Jay left the territory.

Foxhowl, write this please, finish Jay’s quest.And Chapter Eight.

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797 days ago
You name is La Foxhowl La
802 days ago
I will just say III know it.
1010 days ago
You be wrong. I'll make a riddle for my name.
1051 days ago
You're name id La, me be right
1051 days ago
The name starts with L and ends with a
1054 days ago
1055 days ago
Your name is lugar de residencia
1055 days ago
Okay Flaggy I'll give you a hint what my name is My name means Night and Purple.
1055 days ago
My step sister got on my phone once and looked though my texts with one of my friends to make sure I like someone my gender. ;-; It got pretty messy after words in words I mean.
1055 days ago
XD Henry get off of Flaggy's account XD I never have anyone on my phone or laptop and school computer unless I allow them
1065 days ago
Henry needs to get off my computer and stay off it.I’m like ‘Henry ya ever heard of a little thing called CORONAVIRUS!!!!!’ and he like 🤷‍♂️
1065 days ago
😱,people of this place!Kesley never told me about you!
1066 days ago
For what? Oh Star Clan help meh this crazy Flagpost is going to kill my series help meh Star Clan
1072 days ago
Okay uys I have the plot now!
1077 days ago
yeah they can't be aligned because none of the characters are the same so
1079 days ago
A different time line that's alike my The Elements rise series
1082 days ago
It an't be after because Flagstar dies at the end
1082 days ago
What if the time line in Chasing the sun is a atlene timeline from my series?
1083 days ago
Sorry I didn't check this lol but honestly I forget that youre a girl every once and a while
I thought your name was Hayes
Why has you lied
1087 days ago
I need to do my homework and its like midnight so,yeah,I gonna leave now (Its only 6:20)