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Firekit's Journey (Part 2)

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Sorry this one took so long! This book is slightly shorter then the other one.

Glistening dew shined on the oak leaves as the 2 cats padded through the forest. The dark pelt of the grey she cats was brightened and warmed by the sun. The smaller tom padding beside her was looking around the forest with interested yellow eyes. The grey she cat stopped and turned to the reddish-brown tom.
“Do you smell that?” Stoneleaf asked her apprentice.
“Yeah, is that a rabbit?” Firepaw responded.
“No, that’s a mouse, rabbits belong on Windclan territory” Firepaw had lived in Windclan for most of his kithood before he was taken to Thunderclan by their medicine cat when he got lost in the forest. Firepaw had just assumed that Acornstar, Windclans leader, had let Thunderclan keep him if they left Riverclan and Windclan alone. Stoneleaf crouched down and whispered,
“Follow me and watch carefully” Firepaw walked carefully forward, following his mentor until he saw a small brown creature eating a berry at the end of a small8 clearing. Stoneleaf slowly moved towards it before pouncing on it and breaking its neck.
“Do you think you could do that?” She mewed turning back to Firepaw. He nodded before lifting his head to sniff the air. The same scent reached his nose and crouched down like his mentor had done. He slowly moved towards a bush that the scent was coming from and launched himself at the bush. Although he was tangled in the branches, Firepaw felt something small in his paws. He lifted his paw and slammed down as hard as he could. The mouse had stopped moving and Firepaw began to untangle himself. He carried his prey back to his mentor who was laughing.
“What an interesting hunting tactic” She chuckled. Firepaw felt his face turn red with embarrassment and Stoneleaf got up and picked up her mouse before signalling with her tail that Firepaw should follow her. They arrived back in camp and they dropped their prey before Firepaw wandered back over to the apprentice’s den. Firepaw froze as a familiar shape sat down next to Ivypaw. Dewpaw noticed him and her face brightened as she bounded over to him.
“How was your first hunting trip?”
“I got stuck in a bush… but I caught a mouse!” He replied.
“Your first Thunderclan prey, congratulations!” She mewed, booping her new friend on the nose.
“So, this is the loner kit who got lost?” Meowed the familiar grey tom in a smug tone. Dewpaw sighed and said,
“This is Pigeonpaw, he thinks he’s superior to all of us because his mother is deputy.” Pigeonpaw snorted and got up to walk over to Firepaw.
“Hey… you’re that kit I beat up when we attacked Riverclan.” He mewed with a smirk on his face.
“You ran away, I won the fight” Firepaw said coldly. Dewpaw stared at Pigeonpaw.
“You decided to beat up a rouge kit and you lost!” Dewpaw laughed with a huge smile on her face. Firepaw opened his mouth to tell them that he wasn’t a rouge kit but Pigeonpaw interrupted him.
“Blossomdawn was injured and I had to go help her!” He said to defend himself. Dewpaw was still smiling when a large black tom with a scar over his left eyes walked up to the three apprentices.
“The elders and queens need new bedding, Firepaw and Dewpaw go to the elders and Pigeonpaw take care of the queens.” He said in a low growling voice.
“Yes Shadowpelt” Pigeonpaw said, immediately jumping to his paws and running over to a bramble covered nest.
“Come, I’ll introduce you to the elders, oh and don’t stare at Shredback” Dewpaw mewed as she padded over to a large hollow bush.

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I can’t wait to read this
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*grabs the memories and tried to smack them back into Firepaw's brain"
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Omg the ending was so saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad! I hate that he lost his memory of his wind clan family! But I loved it nonetheless.
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My twins?
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Lol! So many comments.....
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Omg Cool! Love it! Imma read the 2nd one I’m so into this
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Yes of course there is a part 2 if there wasent I’d be spam asking for more
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Omg Awesome book. Is there a part 2?
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Omg I love this going to read P2 right now
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I love this! I’m going to read part 2!
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This is great!