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Ash-claw and sun-storm

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10 Chapter - 2.728 Words - Developed by: - Developed on: - 452 taken- The story is completed

I haven’t read the books in a while. Forgive me if the information is wrong. This is a warrior cat fan fiction. Please don’t judge.

    Ash-paw kept his eyes focused on the two-leg. He could smell the other cats... he never saw or heard them, suddenly a tapping noise on the window alerted him. He looked towards it. A cat stood on the window seal studying what was going on in the two-leg den. She noticed the rows of cages. Full of scarred and thin cats, or the fallen ones as she called them, it was a pitiful sight and her heart broke to see kits who had never ran around, who had never experienced the joy of being free because some two-legs thought they were pests.

    She ran back to river clan and alerted the leader, bramble-star, immediately she gathered some warriors and they ran off to alert the other clans. Wind-clan sent a few warriors and Thunderclan, although needing lots of persuasion, sent 10 of their finest warriors. The group headed towards the two-leg den and began the raid. Bramble star lead the cats to behind a bush. The cats waited, plotting a way to get in.

    The two leg opened the door and suddenly bramble star rushed in, holding it open. The battalion filed in, being careful not to alert the other two-legs upstairs and managed to pick the locks on the cages. The lookout, quiet cry, suddenly noticed a two leg walking down the stairs. “Watch out!” She yowled loudly. The cats ran as fast as they could out the door. Suddenly bramble star stopped. She noticed another cage. It was perched on the very top of the shelf, she leapt on the table, dodging the two leg and managed to make it to the cave. She quickly picked the lock and picked up the kit. She jumped straight off the cupboard and ran out the door. Heading to river clan again.
    .Ashpaw/ash claw- black pelt with white neck fluff and paws. One paw is grey. He has brilliant green eyes
    . Sun storm- She has a bright orangey yellow coat and has blue eyes.
    .bramble star-she is beige with amber eyes and is rather muscular
    . Quiet cry- Bramble star’s deputy. She is calico with brown eyes
    . Sand fang- a thunder clan cat with a sandy coat and mud brown eyes
    . Laurel brook- Sun storms friend. She is white with dark black dapples and deep blue eyes (These are all IMPORTANT characters, not all of them)

    Ash kit looked around. He edged closer to quiet cry, who had adopted him. He looked around and eyed the kits who jumped around playfully with caution in his eye. Quiet cry chuckled softly and nudged him towards the others, “Why don’t you play with them? I have jobs to do.” She whispered to him. He stepped back and shook his head vigorously. “No.” He mewed nervously. A particular kit caught his eye. A bright orange kit say next another one, presumably her friend, and chatted to her. Ash kit stared for a bit before realizing quiet cry had walked off. He mewed in distress and looked around, puzzled. He was 6 moons old now and quiet cry had told him he was to be an apprentice soon. He had shook his head and told his foster mother that he would never be a warrior. Never ever!

    He sighed and walked towards a group of two toms. “H-hello...” He stuttered. One of the time looked at him and smirked. “You’re one of the kitty pets aren’t you? My father told me to stay away from them. He said they were dangerous.... but....” He paused. Ash kit thought he had made a friend. “You’re too wimpy to be dangerous!” He laughed and ash kit’s face fell. He trudged off to the corner and fell asleep. Quiet cry walked in and mewed. Ash kit got up drearily, “What is it?” He mumbled sleepily. Quiet cry grinned. “You’re becoming an apprentice ash kit! Or should I say ash paw?” Quiet cry almost burst out laughing at the puzzled expression on ash kit’s face. She took him to the wet rock and, he hardly remembered what happened. It felt like a dream.

    A few moons later, ash paw kept his eyes on the vole and kept himself low. He had his own moral for hunting. Don’t let it know you’re there until it’s already dead. He padded over and when the vole turned its head he pounced. The vole screeched as sharp teeth pierced its flesh, his mentor, fox pelt walked over and smiled happily. “I think...” He paused for dramatic effect, “You’re ready to become a warrior!” He mewed. Ash paw stepped back shaking his head. “No! I can’t- I-I’m not ready! I-it’s just a vole! P-please?” He protested but it was no use. Ash paw was going to be a warrior no matter what.

    To Ash Paw the ceremonies always felt like blurs. He remembered “Ash Paw step forward!” And “Ash claw!” As well as he vaguely remembering him saying “I do.” But of course being a fallen cat had its downsides. Nobody would talk to him or look at him. He was ignored, he was but a ghost, a non-existent being... to put it simply he just wasn’t there. One evening he noticed sun storm again. She was standing, talking to bramble star. He leapt over and suddenly, without warning he blurted out something he thought he never should’ve.

    “You look amazing!” He meowed and immediately regretted it. Bramble star scowled and said, “Continue your love fest somewhere else!” Sun storm looked shocked and ran off. Ash claw hit himself and ran after sun storm, yowling, “Sun storm! Wait!” Sun storm stopped at a ledge and sat down. Ash claw nearly missed the mark and almost toppled over into the water. “Sun storm! I am s-so sorry!” He mewed. Sun storm looked him sternly in the eyes and raised her paw, as if to hit him, ash claw flinched but sun storm expression softened as she noticed the scars all over him.

    “You don’t need to apologise.” She smiled and ash claw nearly fell of the edge again. ”Oh... okay... I-I-I don’t know what to say... uhh I...” ash claw sat there in silence and watched sun storm, he watched her beautiful orange fur, it looked almost golden in the sunlight and sighed. Sun storm got up and stretched. “Lauren brook will be waiting for me! I expect I have to go.” Sun storm mewed. Suddenly she noticed how, beneath the scars, ash claw was a rather.... almost... handsome cat... she shook her head and sighed. “If father wants you to be with dapple fang you might as well listen.” She thought.
    - charcoal kit- a kit sun storm and ash claw will have. (And the only one as you may find out)
    -Gold fang (sorry if I get it wrong) A cat from star clan

    Over time sun storm and ash claw grew closer but sun storms father persisted and did not allow ash claw to be her mate. One fateful day ash claw learned that. During the morning ash claw asked sun storm if they could go somewhere private. They headed towards the river and sat down on a rock together. “What was it you wanted to ask me?” Mewed sun storm, although she had a feeling she knew what it was going to be she didn’t want to spoil it for him. “I- will...” He sighed, “Be my m-mate?” He looked at his paws. Sun storm’s face fell as she realised how sad ash claw would when he knew. “I’m sorry....” she began but before she could finish ash claw ran off.

    Sun storm felt extremely guilty as the days passed. She would see ash claw sitting in a corner and he would notice her, look like he was considering something and then walk away. During green leaf she was brought to the news her father had passed while he was on patrol. Sun storm was dumb struck when she heard the news, HER father, the one that trusted her the most..... she couldn’t understand how. She heard someone say something but the world around her was a blur. Then someone poked her. “Leave me alone!” She snarled. “Sun storm?” A familiar voice broke her dazed trance.

    “ASH CLAW!” She meowed happily. She padded over to him and smiled. He grinned sheepishly and purred. Sun storm nearly jumped back, she had never heard him purr. It was loud and rumbly. She chuckled in return. She still had a horrible ache from the shock but sun storm said quietly, “I can be your mate.... don’t worry...” She twined her tail around his and ash claws head was filled with so many thoughts he nearly passed out.

    Sun storm was doing a patrol one sun high and suddenly felt extremely tired. She thought something was wrong. Her friend, Lauren brook ran up to her and asked, “Are you okay? Oh my star clan! I’m taking you to a medic immediately!”
    Lauren brook rushed sun storm to the medic and immediately ran off to patrol.

    The medic was a calm she who’s name sun storm didn’t know at the time. She had grey fur and cool blue eyes and she smiled when sun storm described what she felt. “You’re expecting kits!” She mewed. Sun storm gasped and stepped back. “I-what- no... wait... uh... excuse-what?” She began stuttering as much as ash claw did! She went to tell ash claw and he actually passed out with surprise, nervousness and when he came to, he could hardly believe it. “I- am I going to be a f-father?” He mewed. Sun storm chuckled and replied, “The medic says I’m expecting kits! If you’re not the father then what are you? The kit?” The pair burst into laughter.

    One night sun storm began feeling extreme pains. Lauren brook helped her make a nest but these pains didn’t feel right. They weren’t like Lauren brook described. She meowed for ash claw and he can running so fast he almost squashed her. Before sun storm could say anything ash claw meowed, “I’ll get the medic stay here don’t do anything!” And he dashed off. Sun storm suppressed a smile. What felt like forever but really was only a minute ash claw cake back with the medic. Sun storm was unable to move through the pain. Ash claw ran off and buried his head between his paws as he was extremely nervous.

    As soon as the sun had rose, sun storm gave birth as easily as anything and ash claw was dragged in. The two smiled but their faces fell as soon as sun storm tried cleaning them. Only one was moving, the other two were cold and still. All the cats fell silent as they realised what had happened. Only one had survived... no wonder it felt strange... sun storm and ash claw mourned for days. Ash claw was hit hardest. There was one Tom left, the pair named him charcoal-kit.

    Ash claw went for a walk and came across a thunder clan cat called something fang... he couldn’t hear him at first. He was speaking so fast. “Hellohwoareyoudoingimfromthindercaln!” Ash claw stepped back and the cat realised ash claw wasn’t a part of thunder clan. His friendly smile turned into a snarl and he leapt on ash claw. He hissed and spat and managed to escape with his life. He ran off but the tom cat followed him. They wrestled for a while until ash claw managed to lead him to river clan. Bramble star returned him to thunder clan and said, “If your warriors assault any of our cats there will be consequences!” She snarled and walked off.

    Ash claw returned to sun star and charcoal kit. “Papa! Papa! Papa!” He chanted again and again until ash claw finally gave in. “Yes char kit?” (Char kit was his nickname for charcoal kit) “papa! I met a another Tom! His name was ash kit! Like you papa!” The energetic kit grinned playfully and batted his fathers paws.

    Ash claw was a happy cat and a good father but if you absolutely must be reminded he was never treated well when he was young. Of course that took its toll. In his dreams he was visited by golden fang each night(star? I forgot TwT) “A member of your family will pass...” Golden fang told every member of the family. Sun storm thought she knew who it was, she thought it would be charcoal kit so she guarded him closely and sometimes she would forget about ash claw and sometimes she would hit him for not watching charcoal kit. ash claw and sun storm grew further apart by the minute.

    Golden fang/star warned sun storm that the family member’s death could be avoided if she was kinder. Still believing it was charcoal kit, sun storm began being kinder to charcoal kit and watching him closely. One day ash claw came back from patrol and sun storm acted like he was a total stranger. “Who are you? Don’t touch my kit!” She snarled. Ash claw begun to feel scared, he missed the kind, loving sun storm.... not this vicious stranger that had taken her place.... usually he would sleep away from the warrior den and on the rock he had first asked her.

    Ash claws health begun to deteriorate and sun storm grew more and more protective. Finally golden fang/star gave his last warning. “Be kinder to the member. They’re dying as we speak.” Suddenly sun storm realised what he was talking about. He was talking about ash claw. She searched the warrior den and she asked around. “Ash claw? Oh he’s on that rock by the river.” A helpful she said. Sun storm ran faster than ever, charcoal kit in her mouth, she ran over to ash claw who lay on the rock.

    “Ash claw?” She asked. Ash claw mewed weakly, “I’m not a stranger anymore I suppose?” Sun storm felt tears running down her face. “You won’t die right? Right!” Charcoal kit looked up at sun storm. He looked puzzled. “Is papa okay?” He mewed. Ash claw smiled sadly. “Thank you char kit. That’s
    all I needed. I’ll be watching you.” Sun storm begun to cry and charcoal kit realised what was going on.

    “No! Papa! Can’t you stay?” Charcoal kit said sadly. “I’m afraid not.” Ash claw meowed calmly. He laid down and closed his eyes and charcoal kit felt his papa go cold. “Papa?” Charcoal asked, “where’d papa go?” Sun storm smiled sadly. “He’s hunting with star clan, don’t worry. He’ll be back from his “special” patrol soon.” Sun storm begun to cry silently and charcoal kit looked at his papa wondering when he would return from his “special” patrol with star clan.

    That’s the end. Sorry there’s so many excess pages. I had know idea how long it would be and again sorry if I got stuff wrong. It’s been a while okay?




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