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Chasing The Sun Chapter Nine and A bit of Flameclaw

2 Chapter - 861 Words - Developed by:
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Here, at last, also I am going to write Chapter Ten as Anisetoe

Flagstar watched JayfeatherBB lead a patrol into camp with a young kit carried by Seedmoon."Who's this?"he asked."His name is Fox's Howl, we found him by the border."said Jake.Flagstar shook his head, the young tom was so much like a fox.Seedmoon set him down and Fox's Howl stirred."Where am I?'asked the young cat."You are in AllthetestClan."said Flagstar."I've heard of the Clans! A red tabby with amber eyes once told me about them."said the tom.Some murmers and hisses arose from the Clan."Let him join the Clan as Foxkit."Flagstar said.Foxkit smiled and stood up facing him.

Flagstar heard JayfeatherBB talking and he woke up."Anisetoe came back!"he said a tiny bit worried."What's wrong?"Flagstar asked."She is about to have Flameclaw's kits."JayfeatherBB said.He sat there, shocked.A yowl of pain echoed through camp.The two toms raced out the den and saw Anisetoe laying outside the Leader's Den.Flagstar picked her up and brought her into the den.She yowled in pain."Her first kit is coming!"said a worried JayfeatherBB.Flagstar tried to calm him down but saw that the kit was coming tail first.Flagstar stroked JayfeatherBB's side with his tail.Anisetoe yowled again as a red tabby kit appeared at her belly and soon he was joined by five other kits. Anisetoe lifted her head, tiredly. JayfeatherBB looked at Flagstar with the same thought, The Clan will never trust her or her kits. Flagstar looked at Anisetoe and opened his mouth but she shook her head. "I know, this is a bad time to come, but in FlameClan when you have kits that have a single issue they are killed with no second thought. I was scared for my kits and came here. I only stopped here to inform you with this: FlameClan is going to attack and Ravenpaw was blinded and now has a crippled leg. Please save yourselves, I don't want more death than there has to be. " She said. " Where will you go? " asked JayfeatherBB. " Twolegplace once my kits are strong enough to walk, though I may let this one stay here and this one to FlameClan. " she said pointing at the kit that looked like her and the red tabby. Flagstar got up and left. A scent drifted to him and his world went dark.

Flagstar woke in a dark den with a black she-cat."hello, I'm Ravenflight. " she said.A gray-ish she-cat padded in. " Flameclaw! Your 'visitor' is awake. " she said. Ravenflight moved towards the edge of the den. " Turtleshell, don't hurt me." she whimpered. Turtleshell shook her head. " I won't hurt you today, daughter of Piestar. " said Turtleshell. Turtleshell, Ravenpaw? Then a huge red tabby walked in. " Flagstar, everybody else in here, leave! " yelled the tom. " Flameclaw, why are you here? " Flagstar asked, snarling. " I have a simple question. Where is my mate? " Flameclaw snarled. " At my camp, too afraid to return. " Said Flagstar. " No she isn't! " Yelled Flameclaw. " YES SHE IS SON! " yelled Flagstar. Flameclaw snarled. " I'M NOT YOUR SON! " He yelled. " YES YOU ARE! " Flagstar said. " How? " asked Flameclaw. " I met your mother, Pride on a border patrol and we kept on meeting, soon she was expecting my kits and had you, she died and Sharp raised you. " Flagstar said. Flameclaw looked at him." Please, father, tell me one more thing, why didn't you raise me?' asked Flameclaw. " Even I make mistakes. " He said. Flameclaw sighed and let him leave.

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Yes UvU That was PURRfect.
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Okay I decided to do this: Foxhowl- *Messes up Flagpost's eye color for the longest time* Flagpost- *Stains his eyes blue with his tears*
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Okay I got information here >:3 https://www.allthetests.com/quiz38/quiz/1619444946/Information
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Can we just respect that this is exactly 1000 words
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Um I am sorry to say this, but Sheentail's Journey, Split, and the other ones might not come out... ever.... my tablet broke containing all of the text... :/ We're trying really hard to get it fixed but it might not...

Good news though, Ivy's Life should come out soon!