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The Elements Rise: Water's Shadow

4 Chapter - 2.020 Words - Developed by:
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I didn't have the thing I needed on me when I made this Fan-Fic so sorry that I had to make another one ;~; I still need ideas for the prophecy so help me out on this ;~;

The Elements Rise Water’s Shadow

Steam stared at the ground. "YOU DID WHAT FIRE AND STEAM!" Flamestar yowled. "We're sorry we didn't mean to dry up the Moon Pool." Fire mewed softly. "SORRY WILL NOT BRING BACK THE MOON POOL IF SOMETHING HAPPENS LIKE THIS AGAIN YOU WILL BE BANISHED!" Flamestar hissed. "Flamestar they didn't do it on purpose and they are just kits." Flagpost mewed from the edge of the den. "Fine but you kits are cleaning the elders den for two moons then." Flamestar mewed his amber eyes cracking like a raging fire. "Flamestar I need to tell Flagpost and the kits something." Wingpaw mewed coming into the den. "Fine." Flamestar spat. "Flamestar do you mind leaving the den?" Wingpaw mewed softly. Flamestar padded out the den. "Breeze come in here." Wingpaw said. Breeze padded into the den. "Something is happening to Cliff. He is getting scars on his nose and is calling out in his sleep “Windstar”. He also won't wake up. He also has been asleep since last night." Wingpaw mewed tears coming to her eyes with love and passion. Flagpost ran out the den as he heard the last words. "I heard what happened at the Moon Pool. Are you ok Steam?" Breeze mewed as Wingpaw followed Flagpost. Steam couldn't believe it Breeze was asking her if she was ok. "Yes, just stressed." Steam mewed. Flamestar came back into his den. "Breeze, Fire, and Steam there are some other kits who claim to be your kin just outside the den." Flamestar mewed. "Shadow!" Steam mewed as she saw a black tom with dark amber eyes. "But Shadow is dead." Breeze mewed confused. "That was a loner kit that Dark Shadow claimed to be me after Light and I ran away after we heard him coming." Shadow mewed. "Hi I'm Light. It's nice to see some other she-cats after spending half a moon with a tom all the time." A golden she-cat with yellow eyes mewed calmly unlike Shadow who was excited. Flagpost and Cliff walked out of the Medicine Cat den. "Cliff come meet Shadow and Light they are our kin!" Fire called Cliff over as Cliff wandered out from the Medicine Den from his slumber.

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112 days ago
Loll. Like awesomeeeee
925 days ago
932 days ago
>:3 See I make great story lines.
936 days ago
I just read this again xD Great storyline, Fox, I loved reading it again lol
967 days ago
thanks :D
973 days ago
Awsome book! :)😀😃😄😀😃😄😀😃😄
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984 days ago
but ow it hit my head
984 days ago
heheheheheheheheheheehebehehe but it is funny
997 days ago
*Yeets a chair at Jay* IT'S NOT FUNNY!
999 days ago
l o l
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1004 days ago
Be one of what?
1012 days ago
May i be one? Like any of them?
1104 days ago
no it was a different friend, me and Luv are too close. Like sisters.
1106 days ago
Was it Luv?She was good friend to yiu
1110 days ago
1112 days ago
Well I just got her back.
1114 days ago
I read Moth Flight's vision like, four years before I read dawn of the clans so it didn't make any sense lol
I'm sad I just lost a really close friend :(
1114 days ago
I have almost read all of the books. I just need to read #3 to #6 of Broken Code and SkyClan's Destiny. Welp someone get meh those 4 books XD