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Chasing The Sun Chapter Ten

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Anisetoe watched her daughter play with Ravenpaw, the young tom's black pelt shining. Flagstar walked over to her. " Are you sure you want this? " he asked. " Yes, I don't want her to know I'm gone. " she said.He nodded and left.
Ravenpaw looked up and nodded. Anisetoe smiled at him and stood up." Firekit! I bet you can't beat me at mossball! " Ravenpaw said. The two cats raced around. Anisetoe sighed and ran out of the den. Her father nodded two her as she ran.
Anisetoe ran through the forest and came face-to-face with Ravenflight. " Anisetoe? Is that you? " she asked. " Yes, its me. " Anisetoe said. " Please help me, I'm trying to find The Tribe Of Rushing Water ." she said. " Well you're nowhere near the Tribe. " Anisetoe said.
" Where am I? " Ravenflight asked. " Follow me to the Tribe."Anisetoe said. Night would fall soon as they reached The Stretch, a long hot, and dry area they had to cross.They laid down and slept.
Anisepaw ran across the hard ground to the water. She lapped it up. A large cat walked over to her. " Hello, young cat, you look like you're not from around here. I'm Rain, formally Rainwater but I was exiled from a Clan named AllthetestsClan. " she said. Anisepaw looked up. "Why? " Anisepaw asked. " Well, I was misunderstood, they exiled me because I killed a warrior to save a kit, that Clan is savage. " Rain said. Her gray pelt shining. " I never saw my parent's Clan like that, they told me it was amazing but I first had to survive The Stretch. " Anisepaw said. " You're parents live there, do they? Remind them about Rainwater will you? " Rain said.
Anisetoe lifted her head as the sun rose. Ravenflight was talking with a old gray she-cat. " Who's this?"she asked.The she-cat turned her head and Anisetoe saw her deep blue eyes and realized who this was. " Rain, is that you? " she asked. " Anisepaw, I heard about your travels from your friend."Rain said." I'm Anisetoe now and you can join us. " she said. "Okay. I will." Rain said.
"What will we call you, Anisestar? "asked Ravenflight. "No, I would like to be called Anise."

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47 days ago
can you not? like we were all under 13 when we made this THREE YEARS AGO! So don't shame on what we worked really hard on because you feel bad about yourself. And to all the people who actually liked these, I'm very sorry they didn't go on. We had like, a three year plan that fell apart mostly due to personal issues.
85 days ago
Cra-ppy names don't get why people like this
114 days ago
Also... Allthetestclan ? Its awesome ! Im a big fan of ur fanfictions !!!!!!
119 days ago
U-U... This is just a SUPER GOOD book.... And im calm(im not) *Spins while slapping mousebrains who doesnt read this PURRfect book*
205 days ago
346 days ago
has flagpost ever mentioned someone named kesley with a last name that started with a h
415 days ago
Flagpost- :o YOU'RE ALIVE???? 🦄 HAPPENED???
426 days ago
Good story btw
I’m actually creating one myslef
426 days ago
I had to change my name for this XD
472 days ago
I laughed so hard at allthetestclan!
618 days ago
well hello my sussy bakas
727 days ago
809 days ago
... Flagpost is officially ded
895 days ago
898 days ago
*in a tree yawning and then falls down* Hisss!
927 days ago
934 days ago
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948 days ago
Yes UvU That was PURRfect.
954 days ago
lol. Amazing