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Warriors: a story of Snow Paw

10 Chapter - 441 Words - Developed by:
- Developed on: - 375 taken-The story is currently being written

This is a Warrior Cat story of a she-cat named Snow paw.

    Snow Paw sat in her den. “Snow Paw, come out. Fish Strap got a rabbit just for you.” Said Russet Pelt. She shook her head. Russet Pelt Sighed. “DANDELION WATER!” Shouted Russet Pelt. Russet pelt walked away as Dandelion Water came in. “Come on, Snow paw, come out. You have been mourning in here ever since we found Ash Quiver’s Body.” Said Dandelion Water. “Ash Quiver was my Best Friend.” Said Snow Paw. “We all know. Please, at least come and eat Fish Strap’s Rabbit.

    “Fine.” Said Snow Paw as she walked out of her den. She walked over to the rabbit Fish Strap had gotten for her. She knew he was her lover. She was his. But they had never told each other. So she ate it happily.

    She walked back to the dens. But this time she went to Fish Strap’s. They explained their feelings. This was quite a awkward moment. Two moons later, She was about to have her kits.

    “AIIIIIIIIII!” She screamed. “JUNIPER VASH, GET A STICK FOR HER TO BITE ON!” Shouted the Pine Clan med, Water Mask. “Okay!” Shouted Juniper Vash. She came back with a stick and put it in Snow Paw’s Mouth. “AI-“ She had just had her kits. Fish Strap Rushed in. One kit was White with Blue Dapples, One was Blue with a White spot on it’s eye, and one was white with a Tail that faded into Blue. She named the White Dappled one Dappled Stream, the blue white eye Ripple Pelt, and the white faded tail Folded Cloud. Three moons later, they were almost the size of their mother. She taught them to fight just like her and Ash Quiver used to. §( To be continued…)§






    Fish Strap: A blue Tom
    Snow Paw: a White She
    Juniper Vash: A brown She
    Water mask: a black she with a blue face

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817 days ago
If you made it so the names were connected and their names were changed just like Warriors that would make it so much better. :)