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Warriors: A story of Gorse Flower

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10 Chapter - 550 Words - Developed by: - Developed on: - 538 taken- The story is completed

    Violet Dawn Raced across the path to her clan, the bear on her tail. But then she came upon the scent of her daughter. She turned around and was ready to fight for her life. oh great starclan, what will they think of my death?

    Gorse Flower walked over to to her mother’s body and started burying it. But then she stopped. She had to tell her sister. Even though she ran away, she had to tell her about their mother’s death.

    —— ————————— ——

    She raced to the rogue Clan her sister had joined. “Gorse Flower?” Said Her Sister, Juniper Flash. “Juniper Flash... I have bad news.” Said Flower Gorse. “What about?” Said Juniper Flash, the smile on her face fading. “Mother Died. From a bear.” Said Gorse Flower. “Oh no...” said Juniper Flash. “Yes. And I cannot live with that. So may I join Strike Clan?” Asked Gorse Flower. “Yes! You are now Gorse or Strike Clan.” Said Juniper. She smiled.

    she woke up to the sound of a cat at her den. “Hi. I’m Fox. May I show you around?” He asked. “Sure.” Said Gorse. When they were done, the sun was setting. “Gorse... I know it’s only been a day but... I love you. May you be my mate?” Asked Fox. “Yes.” She said Happily.

    Two moons later, she was kitting. She named a Red one Rose, a Caramel one Maple, and a red and caramel one Flower. Suddenly she felt a rush of love for these kits. They were hers. She would do anything to keep them safe.

    Two Moons Later, Fox and and Gorse were walking on a thunderpath at night. Then a TwoLeg monster rushed up behind them.
    No! My kits... What will they do without me?

    Juniper Raced to the thunderpath her sister and her sister’s mate were walking on. They didn’t come back that night. Then she saw it. The body’s. Her sister and her mate, were dead. She had to go raise her kits. For her. For her sister.

    Gorse Flower saw her sister in the road, Playing. But a TwoLeg Monster was coming up behind her! She raced over, pushed her sister out of the way, but got her own tail run over. They stared at each other. Then they Burst into Laughter.


    |:| The End |:|






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38 days ago
Also Dirtpaw do you want me to work on some robotic legs for you? I can make them with no fee.
38 days ago
Rain Perch nope! *takes the crowbar and blocks Foxhowl* We do not need any violence.
38 days ago
May I just say this sounds very familiar to a Dawnbridge story by JayfeatherBB.
74 days ago
131 days ago
DirtPaw is ALIVE AND WELL IN THE HOSPITAL, BECAUSE I FOUND HIM SUFFERING. Unfortunately, he has no more legs. He will be getting a cat wheelchair soon and leaving the hospital! FOXHOWL! NEVER EVER DO THAT AGAIN! OR I WILL BE WAITING... *Holds up crowbar*
186 days ago
201 days ago
253 days ago
(Btw I'm the color Orange in among us warriors verison)
256 days ago
*reports Dirtpaw's body* Guys it was Cyan (Rain Perch)
261 days ago
I also must tell ThunderClan that I blow up a WaterClan apprentice XD that they won't want to hear XD
261 days ago
I also must make sure that my daughter who loved a senior warrior she-cat in SkyClan is long gone from ThunderClan land. :D
261 days ago
Now I must go back to ThunderClan and tell them that a WaterClan apprentice blow up WindClan.
261 days ago
I'm a fan of this.... Not a fan of Dirtpaw though that is why I'm blowing him up.
261 days ago
OvO Caught in the act Dirtpaw now I must blow up Dirtpaw *sets up some tnt near Dirtpaw* *hums* *starts lighting the fuse* >:D
261 days ago
261 days ago
What am I doing? Oh I’m blowin up WC
261 days ago
I have a fan wat omg
261 days ago
Dirt Paw wat r u doing
261 days ago
261 days ago
My clan is WaterClan and I am Rain Star- *hears Dirt Paw’s explosions* *gos to see wat the heck happened* *sees that he blowin up wc* O.o