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The Elements Rise: Fire's Rising SCRIPT!

10 Chapter - 1.759 Words - Developed by:
- Developed on: - 749 taken- The story is completed

So please someone who has a scratch account please help meh I want to make a little show like thing of Fire's Rising

Meh need voice actors for this so please help meh!
Foxpaw- Female
Vixenpaw- Male
Background Voice for prologue- Any Gender
Meadowpaw- Male
Flamestar- Male
Flagpost (Yes FLAGPOST! You can't be your own oc)- Male
Moonsong- Female
Mellowberry- Male
Bumbleheart- Female
Starshine- Female
Flameclaw- Male
Firestar- Male
Bluestar- Female
Graywing- Male
Turtletail- Female
Shadowstar- Female
Skystar- Male
Riverstar- Male
Stream- Female
Fire- Female
Cliff- Male
Breeze- Female
Foxkit/ Fox's Howl- Female (I would like a softer voice than Foxpaw's)
Fox's Bark/ Father- Male
Fox's Moon- Male

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1138 days ago
Please check this out people https://www.allthetests.com/quiz38/quiz/1603814275/The-Elements-Rise-Fires-Rising-SCRIPT Copy an dpaste it in to your URL Bar or the search bar on google!
1140 days ago
Here is dat link for my script that I want some voice acting on https://www.allthetests.com/quiz38/quiz/1603814275/The-Elements-Rise-Fires-Rising-SCRIPT#comments_anchor THERE NOW FLAGGY MEH NEED YOUR HELP
1142 days ago
Oof I guess that is probably a good idea
1144 days ago
Kesley suddenly remembers her mother signed her up for French classes.I haven’t been there in forever ♾ and like the teacher walks up to me and says “Why ya never here?”and I pike ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I need to go!
1149 days ago
I need to now pay more attention to my french class now XD
1152 days ago
okay that's bien with me (lol bien means good in french)
1153 days ago
I must pick their warriors names XD You should see what I have for the first book of the new benders.
1154 days ago
YESSSS it makes complete sense first of all I was under the impression that the apprentices became warriors in my book XD then I remembered and had to go revise
1154 days ago
Thank you At least now Watter's Shadow also makes sense along with Air's Rush
1154 days ago
I just reread Water's Shadow and fell in love with it all over again XD
1154 days ago
Wow just wow how rude Flagpost
1158 days ago
Foxhowl,it impossible for you to be evil.Even if it were,I wouldn't believe it
1160 days ago
THe prophecy is going to be for the next series "Two all-benders and the first benders kit's will find what is lost in the shadows and found in the light before the clans are destroyed" or "Two all-benders must find the light and the shadows deep in the earth or the clans will be destroyed" HAHAH Ya I'm not making the evil cut ;~;
1162 days ago
I'm going to start writing the first book of the new benders
1163 days ago
I just realized that I have been spelling one of my oc's name wrong Steam is suppose to be Stream
1176 days ago
Hmm Yes Flaggy is writing book three I want to write the last one though
1178 days ago
I'm not sure, I can ask Foxhowl. You can definitely add OCs and I'm pretty sure you can write the third book
1179 days ago
This is closed, isn't it
1180 days ago
That makes sense. *nods in approval*
1180 days ago
Cause I’m too lazy to type JayfeatherBB