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The Elements Rise: Fire's Rising SCRIPT!

10 Chapter - 1.759 Words - Developed by:
- Developed on: - 749 taken- The story is completed

So please someone who has a scratch account please help meh I want to make a little show like thing of Fire's Rising

Meh need voice actors for this so please help meh!
Foxpaw- Female
Vixenpaw- Male
Background Voice for prologue- Any Gender
Meadowpaw- Male
Flamestar- Male
Flagpost (Yes FLAGPOST! You can't be your own oc)- Male
Moonsong- Female
Mellowberry- Male
Bumbleheart- Female
Starshine- Female
Flameclaw- Male
Firestar- Male
Bluestar- Female
Graywing- Male
Turtletail- Female
Shadowstar- Female
Skystar- Male
Riverstar- Male
Stream- Female
Fire- Female
Cliff- Male
Breeze- Female
Foxkit/ Fox's Howl- Female (I would like a softer voice than Foxpaw's)
Fox's Bark/ Father- Male
Fox's Moon- Male

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1181 days ago
And I still don't understand why you call me Jay.
1181 days ago
Flagpost, I know. It was fun.
1181 days ago
My books are connected :o
1181 days ago
XD Flaggy you are writing the next one then
1182 days ago
Flaggy be very busy,Jay it's your fault I call myself that
1182 days ago
JayfeatherBB if you want to know sometimes read the bookkkkk The kits are going to be to almost six moons in the next book they are five moons right now. Six moons in the last book
1182 days ago
JayfeatherBB I thought you were finishing this one ;-;
1183 days ago
Sure.......... I guess.........
1183 days ago
Flaggy shall do something,fun?
1183 days ago
And also what is the book going to be called?
1183 days ago
How many moons old are the kits as of the next book?
1184 days ago
I still like you! (And its been broken for a long time)
1184 days ago
Did allthetets break or does nobody like me anymore
1184 days ago
Oh sorry I guess I didn't look so closely
1184 days ago
I thought I put that in the list of characters
Fire's pelt is Orange and she has amber eyes
Steam's is silver with dark blue eyes
Breeze's is light gray with light blue eyes
And Cliff is a tan tom with yellow eyes
Cliff has earth, Breeze air, Fire has fire, and Steam has water.
1185 days ago
Also, what are each of their powers?
1185 days ago
What are Steam, Cliff, Breeze, and Fire's pelt colors?