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The New Benders: The New Bending Kits

6 Chapter - 5.227 Words - Developed by:
- Developed on: - 796 taken-The story is currently being written

Okay I mixed in some Five Nights at Freddy's in with it. I might make a Percy Jackson special.

The New Benders: The New Bending Kits

Leader: Vixenstar- A ginger tom Mate: Streamriver
Deputy: Breezesky (LOOK IN THE QUEENS FOR HER)
Medicine cat(s): Flagpost- A golden tom with amber eyes Apprentice: Featherpaw
Detlashadow- A black she-cat with green eyes
Mellowberry-A white tom with black spots Mate: Lilyclaw
Lilyclaw-A black she-cat with gray spots former name: Moonclaw Mate: Mellowberry
Moonsong- A gray she-cat with black spots
Shadowlight- A black tom with amber eyes Mate: Whitefoot
Cliffwind- A tan tom with yellow eyes can bend the earth Kits: Earthkit and Sandkit
Meadowleaf- A brown ginger tom with green eyes Mate: Firethunder
Smallkit- A white tom didn’t want to change his name when he was a apprentice or turned into a warrior Mate: Lightshadow
Blackfoot- A white tom with black paws Mate: Breezesky
Queens and kits
Foxhowl-Looks like a fox with a blind left eye and a amber right eye She-cat Kits: Amberkit and Emberkit
Firethunder- Has ginger fur, amber eyes and can bend fire She-cat Kits: Flamekit and Redkit Mate: Meadowleaf
Breezesky- Has light gray fur, light blue eyes and can bend air She-cat Kits: Airkit and Windkit Mate: Blackfoot
Streamriver- Has silver fur, dark blue eyes and can bend water She-cat Kits: Waterkit and Riverkit Mate: Vixenstar
Lightshadow- Has golden fur, yellow eyes She-cat Kits: Yellowkit and Goldkit Mate: Smallkit
Whitefoot- Has black fur with white paws She-cat Kits: Shadekit and Nightkit Mate: Shadowlight
Earthkit and Sandkit their mother died a few moons ago Father: Cliffwind
Wingkit- A Golden-Black she-kit with Green eyes her mother Deltashadow returned to Medicine Cat duties when she was three moons old
Featherpaw-A silver she-cat with light blue almost gray eyes former loner Mentor: Flagpost
Squrrielstripe- A brown she-cat with green eyes former deputy till her mate Flamestar died then she retired

Leader: Stormstar-A dapple brown tom with a crooked jaw and the warm amber eyes Mate: Duckbeak
Deputy: Catfishfin-A brown tom with long whiskers
Medicine Cat(s):
Solarmoon-A golden black tom with warm amber eyes
Lunarsun-A black golden she-cat with pretty light blue eyes
Duckbeak-A golden tom with a ginger muzzle Mate: Stormstar
Vixenjump-A reddish brown she-cat with amber eyes
Frogsuave- A Light gray tom with green eyes Fromer ThunderClan
Pebblehawk- A light gray she-cat with dark gray dapples and dark blue eyes Former SkyClan Leader Retired after the great battle reasons unknown
Dasiyheart-A pretty white she-cat with a crushed leg

Leader: Willowstar- A golden she-cat with blue-gray spots
Deputy: Troutsteam-A black tom with green eyes
Medicine Cat(s):
Mothshine-A blue-gray she-cat with golden spots
Notewing-A black she-cat with green eyes Apprentice: Morning Paw
Hawkflight-A brown she-cat with one green eye and one blue eye Mate: Fawnhoof
Fawnhoof-A brown she-cat with blue eyes Mate: Hawkflight
Beanflower-A gray long fur she-cat with green eyes Mate: Silkfur
Apprentice: Goosepaw
Silkfur-A silky black tom with green eyes Mate: Beanflower
Apprentice: Figetpaw
Leavestail- A brown and black tortoiseshell tom with green eyes Former ThunderClan
Figetpaw-A golden she-cat with blue eyes blind in one eye
Goosepaw-A brown tom with green eyes
Morningpaw-A Silver she-cat with amber eyes
Queen(s) and Kit(s)
Dalefur- A tan skinny she-cat with amber eyes former ThunderClan Kits: Dawnkit, and Shimmerkit
Alderhiss-A brown and white she-cat with cold amber eyes

Leader: Heatherstar-A brown and white she-cat Mate: Crowspring
Deputy: Gorsehop-A brown and white tom Mate: Bellabrook
Medicine Cat(s):
Harefeather-A grey she-cat with amber eyes
Crowspring-A black tom with yellow eyes Mate: Heatherstar
Pumpkinstem-A ginger tom with amber eyes Mate: Ivyspark
Ivyspark- A gray tom with green eyes Mate: Pumpkinstem
Willowwing-A golden she-cat with blue eyes
Queen(s)and Kit(s):
Bellabrook-A lovely white and brown she-cat Mate: Gorsehop Kit(s): Tinykit, Wishkit, and Creekkit

Leader: Tigerstar-A brown ginger she-cat Mate: Brambleglaze
Deputy: Wishsong-A lovely brown tabby she-cat former name: Brokenheart before Tigerstar changed her name again
Medicine Cat(s): Runningbreeze-A tiny dappled she-cat whose fur looks like it’s being blown by the wind
Foxberry-A tom with a pelt that looks like a fox and amber eyes a former loner Mate: Adderfox
Brambleglaze-A brown tabby tom with claws that look like thorns and has green eyes Mate: Tigerstar
Dawndusk-A dappled brown she-cat Mate: Bumbleheart
Snakecloud-A brown ginger tabby tom with green eyes
Adderfox-A ginger tabby she-cat with amber eyes Mate: Foxberry
Bumbleheart-A black she-cat with yellow eyes Former ThunderClan Mate: Dawndusk

Spirits and Rogues:
Gitch- A tom with golden fur and unusual purple eyes
William- A tom with dark brown fur and amber eyes Mate: Clara, Kits: Kits: Micheal, Elizabeth, and Chris
Clara- A she-cat with golden brown fur and green eyes Mate: William, Kits: Micheal, Elizabeth, and Chris
Micheal- A tom with dark brown fur and amber eyes
Elizabeth- A she-cat with ginger fur and green eyes
Chris- A tom with dark brown fur and green eyes
Ennard- A sliver tom with amber eyes
Nightmare- A black tom with yellow eyes
Jinx- A she-cat with yellow eyes and brown fur
Hex- A tom with yellow eyes and dark brown fur
Curse- A tom with yellow eyes and black fur
Amber- A male fox
Stormfur-A blue-gray tom member of StarClan
Bluestar-A blue-gray she-cat member of StarClan
Mistystar-A blue-gray she-cat member of StarClan
Firestar-A ginger tom with green eyes member of StarClan
Fox’s Bark- A fox like tom with amber eyes member of the Tribe of Endless Hunting
Leaf’s Flutter- A tan she-cat with light brown dapples and green eyes member of the Tribe of Endless Hunting
Fox’s Moon- A fox like tom with amber eyes member of the Tribe of Endless Hunting

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Jay and Flaggy I blow up someone.... It was a WaterClan apprentice named Dirtpaw former WindClan he also blow up WindClan.....
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Raise a hand if you want to have a special Percy Jackson book of this that has nothing to do with the story line XD