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Chasing The Sun Chapter Thirteen

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    Jake slid out of camp. A dark cloud was in the sky saying ‘Rain soon, stay away ’ He lifted his head and sighed. Pawsteps startled him. ” Firepaw! ” He said. ” Finally, I get noticed.”Firepaw said in an annoyed voice. ” Well if you behaved maybe we would talk to you. ” Jake said. ” Ha! Like I would! ” Firepaw exclaimed. Panicked voices came from the bushes. ” He was right there and a brown tabby leaped at him! ” said a cat. ” Well Flagstar, he isn’t the first Flameclaw took. ” said another voice. ” Henry, why don’t you understand? Snowcanary is there! She will kill you if you lead the rescue party! ” snarled Flagstar. ” Fine, then you will lead it. ” said Henry. ” I will not lead a patrol into my own son’s camp! ” yelled Flagstar. ” Son? ” whispered Firepaw. ” Flagstar did I hear you right? Did you say son? ” asked Henry. ” Please don’t tell anybody. ” said Flagstar. Jake saw Firepaw race to camp. Jake saw Henry fall under the claws of a red tabby tom. He looked like Flameclaw but was Firepaw’s age.” Get off! ” Yelled Flagstar, slashing the cat’s face. The tom yelled in pain and ran. Jake followed Flagstar and Henry to camp. The Clan saw Flagstar and snarled at him. ” Why didn’t you tell us? ” snarled Clearsight. ” About what? ” Flagstar asked. ” Flameclaw. ”

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37 days ago
has flagpost ever mentioned someone named kesley with a last name that started with a h
106 days ago
Flagpost- :o YOU'RE ALIVE???? 😍 HAPPENED???
117 days ago
Good story btw
I’m actually creating one myslef
117 days ago
I had to change my name for this XD
163 days ago
I laughed so hard at allthetestclan!
309 days ago
well hello my sussy bakas
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500 days ago
... Flagpost is officially ded
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*in a tree yawning and then falls down* Hisss!
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639 days ago
Yes UvU That was PURRfect.
645 days ago
lol. Amazing
646 days ago
Okay I decided to do this: Foxhowl- *Messes up Flagpost's eye color for the longest time* Flagpost- *Stains his eyes blue with his tears*
647 days ago
647 days ago
No. Way. Ima check it out rn
647 days ago
Okay I got information here >:3 https://www.allthetests.com/quiz38/quiz/1619444946/Information
648 days ago
Yeah.... lol