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Chasing The Sun Chapter Fourteen

2 Chapter - 355 Words - Developed by:
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Flagstar say, YOU ALL SCARY

    Flagstar looked over the clan.How did the find out? JayfeatherBB walked forward. " Why would you lie, to me. " He asked his voice weak. " No Jay! " Flagstar yelled. " See there's a thing with these leaders. You think everybody loves when everybody actually hates you. " JayfeatherBB said.
    " You told me to do this! It was your idea for me to be deputy! " Flagstar said. " Fighting is not pretend, you are as leader as it comes! I hate Flameclaw's guts but at least he has the guts to not pretend to be my friend! " JayfeatherBB snarled. Flagstar sank down. He walked away to his den to think. Sparktail padded in. " Is it true? " He asked weakly.
    " Sadly. " Flagstar said. Sparktail left and Flagstar sagged farther and fell asleep.
    Flagpost sat next to Quickstream at the meeting.She nudged him affectionately. He smiled. " We must have a deputy election. Who will run? " asked Piestar. Flameclaw walked forwards. " Flagpost you should run. " JayfeatherBB said. He nodded and walked forwards. " Okay, now we must vote. " Piestar said. Cats cast their stones forwards. " Flagpost wins! " Piestar yelled.
    He woke up with Jay over him. " I'm so sorry. " said JayfeatherBB. " I'm too.I should have told you. " Flagstar said. They cuddled together.

    (For this listen to Bang by AJR)
    Flamepaw lifted his paw.He watched Piestar make the other apprentices warriors.
    (1 moon later)
    Flamepaw looked down at Nightpaw.She lifted herself up."It's time to go become warriors."

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36 days ago
has flagpost ever mentioned someone named kesley with a last name that started with a h
105 days ago
Flagpost- :o YOU'RE ALIVE???? 😍 HAPPENED???
116 days ago
Good story btw
I’m actually creating one myslef
116 days ago
I had to change my name for this XD
162 days ago
I laughed so hard at allthetestclan!
308 days ago
well hello my sussy bakas
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499 days ago
... Flagpost is officially ded
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*in a tree yawning and then falls down* Hisss!
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638 days ago
Yes UvU That was PURRfect.
644 days ago
lol. Amazing
645 days ago
Okay I decided to do this: Foxhowl- *Messes up Flagpost's eye color for the longest time* Flagpost- *Stains his eyes blue with his tears*
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646 days ago
No. Way. Ima check it out rn
646 days ago
Okay I got information here >:3 https://www.allthetests.com/quiz38/quiz/1619444946/Information
647 days ago
Yeah.... lol