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Chasing the Sun Chapter Sixteen

2 Chapter - 444 Words - Developed by:
- Developed on: - 469 taken- The story is completed

Why do I got to do a summary Allthetests?

Foxkit looked over the AllthetestsClan camp. She saw a pelt of golden fur. There's Flagstar. Foxkit thought. Foxkit shook her head and turned to the two kits she found. They looked so much like StarClan... "Vixen and Amber come on. Let's get you to my Clan's camp." Foxkit mewed. Both of the she-cats had light-colored pelts. Vixen's light ginger pelt stood out too well. Amber's pelt was a soft light orange. Her amber eyes looked at Foxkit with joy. Vixen's amber eyes stared at Amber with love. When Foxkit asked the two one moon earlier if they were kin they said no. Foxkit shakes the feeling of not being welcomed back into AllthetestsClan. She was near 12 moons old now. Surely she would be welcomed back into the clan. Wasn't she? Foxkit thought. Foxkit walked down the hill they were resting on. Vixen and Amber followed behind. Foxkit walked into the camp her head held high. Vixen and Amber tumbled in after her. Flagstar's head turned to Foxkit. "Who are you?" His voice came out as a hiss. "I'm Foxkit. Flagstar don't you remember me?" Foxkit mewed blinking. "Foxkit?" Flagstar's voice went low. "But didn't you leave?" "Yes I did but I found these kits and choose to come back." Foxkit's tail flicked towards Vixen and Amber. A ghostly she-cat was besides Foxkit. The she-cat was crying over what looked like an older Vixen. But she was younger than Vixen herself. Foxkit blinked to find everyone staring at her. "Are you okay Foxkit?" Vixen mewed staring into Foxkit's amber eyes. "Yes. I'm fine." Foxkit mumbled at Vixen. What was that about? Foxkit wondered. Then shook her head a bit softly. Foxkit stared into Flagstar's tired eyes then smiled. "I'm fine. Everything will be just fine now." Foxkit mewed.

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Thanks! I will still be on Allthetests.
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Why is everyone leaving XD but okay Foxy.. will do
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Hey Jay I need you to post on my profile on scratch that I am going to be away from Scratch, and Allthetests from a long time.
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Yes... me miss you Flags please come back!!
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Okay fans of Flagpost, JayfeatherBB, and me. Jay and me think that Flags is dead. We haven't got a email from her, nothing on her new scatch account, and nothing on Allthetests. So Rip Flags
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Wait allthetests changed! The commenting thing changed and the page is weird
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yeah wow I have not been active..
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I was cringy XD
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Yeah.... I'm really sad now
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She doesn't even know that me and Luv are the same person at this point
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.. I think Flags is dead for real this time
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.... they're gone.
The books are gone.
My tablet broke so they're gone.
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xD Fox in the "what I'm working on" section you'll die when you see it. Either way, Flags will be mad... and idk if Flaggy wrote it yet or not... tbh I am mad at your mom and I've never met her before xD
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I thought that your profile was nice! Along with Luv's! Question does anyone know where 23 is? Or has Flags not wrote it? Yes I hope it smooths out also UwU
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so Foxy what'd you think, and sorry I hope you cool off. I know there's some stuff going on with you and your family and I hope it smooths out :)
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Guys Im going to be inavite for a long time U~U
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XDDD I just read this