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Path of Ferns: Chapter 1

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2 Chapter - 444 Words - Developed by: - Developed on: - 134 taken- The story is completed

: D Welcome to what I was working on so hard! Okay that's a lie

Foxstar breathed in as she stepped towards the MoonTree. Falconwing was waiting for her. "We can't do this forever!" Foxstar mewed sharply. "Yes, we can sweet Foxstar." Falconwing mewed. "I DON'T LOVE YOU!" Foxstar yowled at Falconwing. Falconwing shuffled his paws. "IMAGINE WHAT WOULD HAPPEN TO BOTH OF US IF ANYONE FOUND ABOUT WE MET?" Foxstar yowled once more. Foxstar pushed Falconwing away from her and ran back to the MagicClan camp. Foxstar climbed a tree to get to the camp. Lilywolf greeted Foxstar. "Out for late-night hunting?" Lilywolf asked Foxstar. "Yes, my mate." Foxstar nuzzled her mate's muzzle. Can't wait for the kits Lilywolf." Lilywolf's former mate Falconwing left her for Foxstar when Lilywolf was in ShadeClan. Lilywolf's kits now were also Foxstar's instead of Falconwing's. Lilywolf stumbled. "The kits." Lilywolf groaned. "SMALLFERN LILYWOLF'S KITS ARE COMING!" Foxstar yowled at the Medicine Cat den. Smallfern rushed out of the Medicine Cat den quickly. Fallpaw followed Smallfern with leaves and a stick. Smallfern had Lilywolf lean against her as she walked towards the nursery. Foxstar walked in with them. "Foxstar get out! Lilywolf will be fine!" Smallfern mewed quickly. Foxstar back out. Tail-flicks later Smallfern walked back out. "Two toms and a she-cat!" Smallfern mewed. "Lilywolf wants to see you." Foxstar walked in. Lilywolf's tail flicked as she smiled. "Can I have help naming them Foxstar?" Lilywolf mewed. "How about we name the tom that looks like you. Wolfkit?" Foxstar mewed. "I like your thinking. Then we must name the other tom that looks like... Vixenkit." Lilywolf mewed softly and painfully. "The last needs her name to be perfect since of her silver fur with those white dapples," Foxstar whispered. "Spirtkit." Both mewed at the same time. Foxstar smiled.

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XD. You know Vixenkit looks like you? So... He probably acts like you. Why do I make this being called Vixenkit? Oh Btw Im making a New series called Rose View Conservative. Its a cult school.
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