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Chasing The Sun Chapter Seventeen

1 Chapter - 263 Words - Developed by:
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Read and you shall see.

    Jake walked to the border. A sharp scent hit his nose and he spun around and everything went black.
    Jake leaped up. He noticed he was in a dark den. A red tabby approached him. A pair of dark amber eyes."Flameclaw!"Jake yelled scared." Warn Flagstar of a coming war." said a voice." Flameclaw what do you mean?" asked Jake startled."A war shall swarm through the moor and it will mean a coming war. Claws of Flame shall be stained with blood." said the voice again." Vinetrail..." said Jake sadly remembering his sister.
    "Jake, please, I want my father to be prepared." said Flamcelaw."I know, listen I will tell him and see what happens."Jake said. Flameclaw raised a paw and his gaze went black.

    Jake woke up in front of the camp, Foxhowl, Amberpaw, and Vixenpaw approached him."Take me to Flagstar." said Jake sternly. They nodded and led him to camp. Flagstar walked up."Jake what is it?" he asked.
    "Prepare for war."

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22 days ago
164 days ago
has flagpost ever mentioned someone named kesley with a last name that started with a h
232 days ago
Flagpost- :o YOU'RE ALIVE???? 🚔 HAPPENED???
243 days ago
Good story btw
I’m actually creating one myslef
243 days ago
I had to change my name for this XD
290 days ago
I laughed so hard at allthetestclan!
436 days ago
well hello my sussy bakas
545 days ago
626 days ago
... Flagpost is officially ded
712 days ago
716 days ago
*in a tree yawning and then falls down* Hisss!
745 days ago
752 days ago
765 days ago
766 days ago
Yes UvU That was PURRfect.
771 days ago
lol. Amazing
773 days ago
Okay I decided to do this: Foxhowl- *Messes up Flagpost's eye color for the longest time* Flagpost- *Stains his eyes blue with his tears*
774 days ago
774 days ago
No. Way. Ima check it out rn
774 days ago
Okay I got information here >:3 https://www.allthetests.com/quiz38/quiz/1619444946/Information