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GrassFur’s dream part. 1

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This is part one of a warrior cat story about a she cat’s dream and where it leads her! Can’t wait for part two!

    GrassKit looked around the nursery, bored out of her claws. She had been sitting in that same spot for a few hours because her mother, PlumWing was hunting with some other cats. GrassKit didn’t have any littermates and the only other kits in the nursery were too young to play with. GrassKit curled up in the nest and fell asleep, she dreamed that she was a full-grown warrior and standing next to a big hole leading into the ground! She woke up suddenly to find PlumWing was back from hunting, she carried a big rabbit that looked delicious!
    GrassKit rolled on the ground, battering WillowKit’s belly with her paws! “Got you!” She cried, delighted. Just then VoleStar called a clan meeting so GrassKit and WillowKit got up to watch.
    “We are here to give two apprentices their warrior names!” VoleStar announced, “WolfPaw, NightPaw do you promise to protect your clan at all costs?” The two apprentices said “I do” then VoleStar continued “WolfPaw you will be now known as WolfSong. NightPaw you will now be known as NightMuzzle, Welcome WolfSong, and NightMuzzle!”

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5 days ago
There will be lots of parts
10 days ago
It’s cool when is part two
11 days ago
It will be when she is a apprentice
11 days ago
I will make part two soon