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The Falling of the Branches

13 Chapter - 506 Words - Developed by:
- Developed on: - 308 taken-The story is currently being written

Another Warriors Fanfic about some river clan cats.

    Misty’ Stream sat in the warrior's den next to her sister, Skunk fur, Thinking about Her dead mate, Flaming Gorse. He had the shiniest fiery fur, with orange eyes that played with her souls like flames, and gleaming red and orange dapples. She missed him so much. She hated those rogues for killing him. HATED THEM! Suddenly, she got the idea to go back and kill Stone’s Mate, to return the favor. She began to think if she should go and get her revenge, and not care about what anyone said, but then- “MISTY STREAM! Are you insane! You’ve been zoned out for hours.” Said Skunk fur. “Huh? Oh, sorry.” She said, forgetting the bloodthirsty idea. “I was asking you if you wanted to go walk down by the streams.” Said Skunk fur.
    “Of course! Let’s go!” She said, leaping out of the warrior's den and out of the camp to the streams.

    She sat by the streams, Next to skunk fur. Suddenly... “ARGHF-“ She felt Constant kicking in her stomach. “are you okay! MISTY STREAM!” Shouted skunk fur. “THE KITS,” She panted. “THEY’RE COMING EARLY!”

    Skunk fur dug her claws into her belly, it hurt so much, but it was worth it when she pulled out 2 kits. One with Flaming Gorse’s orange fur and fiery spots but with her blue paws, the other with her blue all over with fiery stripes and spots. “Petal kit and Brave kit.” She whispered, licking her kits. Suddenly, Stone came up behind Skunk fur. “Skunk fur, turn around- SKUNK FUR!” She screamed. Skunk fur was being slaughtered by stone, and there was nothing she could do about it.

    She walked back to camp with her kits and her sister’s body. She reported her sister’s death to CloudyStar. “Thank you for your information, goodnight.” He said. She went to the med den. “Oh, my StarClan! Your kits are... Beautiful!” Said BirchSneeze, the Med cat. “Thanks, Birch.” She said, leading Brave kit and Petal kit to the nursery.

    She slowly curled up, and let the waves of sleep wash over her.

    So sorry it couldn’t be longer. There will be a sequel to this!











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647 days ago
No, I like it Rain Perch!
740 days ago
I remember when I wrote this... Ah... Can someone tell me how do delete it please... This is so old and I wasn’t very good at writing back then... AAAAA *jumps into the void screaming*