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GrassFur’s dream part 2

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This is part two!

    GrassKit ran across the camp, tail streaming behind her as she dashed to a wall of bracken and hid quietly. WillowKit looked around and started sniffing for GrassKit. When WillowKit got close to the bracken GrassKit jumped out and started wrestling! Just then PlumWing came up and mewed “WillowKit, GrassKit it’s almost time!” The kits got up and started cleaning themselves for the ceremony, once they were done WillowKit ran over to her brother to tell him the news. Suddenly VoleStar summoned the clan and everyone went to sit down, “We are here today to name three apprentices! WillowKit, GrassKit, and SpikeKit your mentors will be RavenSwoop, TigerStripe, and FallenFeather.” As GrassPaw padded up to TigerStripe to touch noses she wondered what would happen as apprentices and how good she would do. As GrassPaw touched noses with TigerStripe there was frantic yowling and the medicine cat burst out of her den, staring at GrassPaw as she breathed “GrassPaw will find her destiny...”

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To short
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856 days ago
Hey has anyone read this?