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Chapter 20

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*Screams into the void*

Anise laid down. Raven and Rain were talking. The cat who had saved them was standing next to a waterfall.” Hey, we don’t know your name.” said Raven.” Oh, I’m Splash.” he said kindly. Raven smiled.”Where are we going.”Anise asked.”To the Tribe.”Splash said.” Great you cats live in a waterfall.” said Rain dully.” Wow, so morbid.” said Splash playfully. Rain sighed.” Big kit.” she whispered to Anise. The two of them chuckled and Raven cuffed Rain’s ear.
Splash walked through the waterfall. The three she-cats followed.
(Le Time skip)
Anise laid down in the nest Bader’s Claw had shown Anise and Rain. Rain laid beside Anise.”Where’d your kits go?”Rain asked. Anise winced.”Their father is evil. I left two in the Clans and the rest as loners.”Anise said looking away. Rain looked away.” I know what that’s like.” she said.”What?”Anise asked.” My mate Ambereyes, he was kinda evil. He stole my litter, and I was exiled when I tried to save them.” she said. Anise nodded and fell asleep.

Anisetoe ran alongside Flameclaw. She really liked him but everybody knew he liked Turtleshell. Flameclaw leaped onto a log. He picked up a flower.” A pretty flower for a pretty she-cat.” he said.” Turtleshell will love it.” she said. Flameclaw laughed.” Not her.” he said. Anisetoe looked away.”You.”

Anise lifted her head waking up. Rain looked at her.” You okay?” she asked.”Yeah, fine.”Anise said. She sighed sadly.” Oh Flameclaw. Why do you have to be so stupid evil cute.” she whispered. Rain laughed.”I have to go.”Anise said. She saw Splash and Raven talking next to the meeting stone. Anise slunk through the cave and walked outside the waterfall. In front of her stood a red she-cat with black stripes.”I’m sorry.”Anise said.” You abandoned me.” the she-cat said.” it was for your own good.”Anise snarled. Fire chuckled.” No. You only think about yourself.”Fire said leaping at Anise. Anise wailed in pain but was cut off by Fire. Death lingered in the air. A brown she-cat looked down from a boulder.”Well well well.Niece.”

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Good story btw
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