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New Fan-fiction!

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So, I have a few new fan-fictions that you can see the excerpts of!

    First up, let's do another of Sheentail's Journey, because why not? She's my new favorite character! Let's choose a chapter further into the book this time...
    Chapter Twenty-Two

    Sheentail blinked open her sharp eyes as she heard a shuffling noise. The shrew was just out of her reach, but a mouse was snuffling through the nuts several claw-lengths from her nose.
    Sheentail, in the haziness of sleep, was confused. Why was there a mouseless than a tail-length from her? She was a cat.
    Then she figured, if Sky could barely distinguish her pelt from the snow, then how could a mouse?
    She licked her lips and stretched her claws out to snatched the mouse.
    Her claws dug into the mouse's flesh, and she purred, a deep rumbling in her throat. For all her life, she'd grown up having Soiltail hate her for having a white pelt. She had always wished she could have changed her pelt color, like brown. One of the reasons she had left ThunderClan was because nobody accepted her, nobody needed her white fur in their Clan. But now she felt grateful for it, as if her fur didn't blend in with the snow, she might as well be better off dead.
    Sheentail tucked into her mouse, managing to sit up with her paw twisted uncomfortably beneath her. Her belly was far from full; she hadn't eaten in days, but it was enough to stop the displeasure.
    She shivered and set her jaw. She needed to dig a den. The snow would insulate her and keep her warm.
    Sheentail shoved a paw into the cold snow and then brought it back. She continued with her front paws, her injured leg stinging every once and a while until there was a small hole in front of her.
    She snorted and shaped the snow into an arch over the hole and dragged herself into it. Her leg stretched to get in, and Sheentail finally gave up. Her leg was too hurt to be doing this.
    Throughout the day, she gnawed on the root, pulled harder at her leg, dug a hole much closer to the root, built another den, and yowled for help.
    The wind was so strong that night that Sheentail couldn't bear to have even her leg outside of her makeshift den. Several times, snow blew into her face, and unable to sleep, Sheentail clawed it off.
    Sheentail got up, hissing, but fell to the ground again with a mournful yowl as her leg throbbed.
    She saw a calico pelt flash in the night as another gust of wind hit them hard. "Who is it?" Her mew was defensive though if it was an attacker, she had no chance.
    A cat huddled next to Sheentail and hissed; "It's Blossom!"
    Sheentail felt dizzy with relief. "Blossom! Why are you here?"
    Blossom shifted her paws. "Lightning and Ivy ran away from EarthClan," her eyes were weary. "The Clan is falling apart without you!" She was shouting over the wind, yet Sheentail could barely hear her.
    Lightning and Ivy? They were some of the most loyal warriors EarthClan had! Sheentail grunted. "Help me out, will you?"
    Blossom shouted something inaudible, then bounded away. Sheentail heard a shriek and then silence while the wind died down.
    There was still air for no more than a moment, and Blossom didn't respond.
    She was gone.
    Dread hollowed a hole in her belly.
    How long would she stay out here? How long could she stay out here?
    Sheentail shivered and hoped it wasn't too long.

    There it was! Anyways, none of you have had a sneak peek at Split! This chapter reveals a tiny bit... but I'm not trying to give it all away!

    Chapter Thirteen

    Mazarinepaw's eyes were foggy and dry. He couldn't focus on his sister, who was by his side while he suffered.
    Arknose walked up to them. "Serenepaw, we're trying our best.." Finchwing dipped his head to the apprentice, but he could barely make it out.
    Though, Mazarinepaw could hear. "It basically means I should say my last words," he mewed sarcastically to Serenepaw. She whimpered.
    Finchwing sat beside Mazarinepaw. "Well, you should probably start thinking," he obviously meant it as a joke, but Serenepaw looked terrified.
    "What will happen to him?"
    Mazarinepaw grunted. "Here is my last wish," he cleared his throat bashfully; "since I'm to die anyway, why not treat me with some yarrow, then give me some sorrel to eat, drip some celandine in my eye, feverfew in a poultice, and lamb's ear would help that much."
    Arknose looked surprised. "None of those will help,"
    Mazarinepaw growled.
    Finchwing smiled. "But we're willing to try anything."
    Mazarinepaw knew the herbs would do good, but didn't comment as the medicine cats along with his sister fetched the needed herbs and applied them.
    When it came time to swallow the lamb's ear, Mazarinepaw felt a little better. Arknose had followed his instruction from earlier that day of rubbing marigold on his infected wounds. Finchwing was worried about the yarrow, but after throwing up Mazarinepaw felt worlds better inside.
    The blue apprentice fell asleep halfway through the day with almost no pain. Finchwing about had a heart attack and thought he was dead, but Mazarinepaw had woken and assured him he wasn't a ghost.
    He slept besides Serenepaw, and the next day he felt better, except for the splitting headache and fever he had broken.
    The medicine cats had been amazed at how much Mazarinepaw knew about herbs, and followed his order when he asked for juniper berry, feverfew, and sage instead of just feverfew.
    Arknose seemed defeated in her knowledge of herbs and took a fresh stalk of thyme and a few stems of rosemary. "These should help as well."
    Serenepaw sat beside him the entire time. "Mazarinepaw, if you don't survive this," her eyes welled up, but the blue tom couldn't see it, "I need to tell you something."
    Mazarinepaw pricked his ears. "You have my attention," he rasped. "Anything."
    "I-I... I saw Palefur yesterday."
    Mazarinepaw bolted up, shocked. "What?" His breath grew quick and he started to pace.
    Serenepaw pulled him down to the ground. "Rest!" She snapped. "I fell in the hole, the tiny invisible one. Then I went deeper into the cave and scented her and Grousetail." She gave a quick sob. "They met down there before we were born. Palefur appeared suddenly and told me... she told me that she loved me. She was worried about both of us."
    Mazarinepaw couldn't express how he felt, and it really was an overload. "She- no, Serenepaw, surely not." He lie his head down and started to paint. "You really saw her? Was she really worried about.. about me?"
    Serenepaw nodded, though he couldn't see it. "I'm not lying, Mazarinepaw." She paused. "I would never lie to you."
    He felt a tail stroke his back, and he stopped painting. He loved his sister. She was amazing.
    Mazarinepaw couldn't die now.

    Here's one I might not have told you about! It is a Wings Of Fire fan fiction entirely out of letters. Here's a bit;

    Dear Desert,

    Well, science is your thing. I like my mind reading. If I had to choose between it and morrow seeing, then I should choose mind reading. It's comforting, knowing others are worried like me.

    Reading your mind right now, Scrollkeeper

    Not long, but it's okay.

    Has anybody read any of Ivy's Life? Let's back up a little- does anybody know who Ivy is? I'm posting her book before Sheentail's Journey to make it more exciting- but I'm only on the fifth chapter. Here's a tiny little excerpt:

    Ivy had just about stopped caring about whatever her human was doing when her human came back. That's when they all started to act sorry for her. Her human with the long hair came by for a quick second before the older woman took her away.
    In the car, Ivy felt betrayed and slightly angry. Her human had forgotten her again! And Ivy wouldn't take it. She loved her human and all, but...
    The next day was a blur, and she felt very drowsy. She woke the day after and her human was there with a long leash, ready to take the gray kitten out to the back.
    Ivy forgave her human for betraying her and broke free of the leash. She ran up the fence and purred. "Thanks!" She wobbled across, then got used to it. She looked as she walked, her striped tail keeping her balanced. Her human got tinier and tinier in the distance but then went inside as Ivy continued.
    Ivy passed a yard with a few trees and a big blue house. In another yard, a German shepherd barked at her from below and Ivy growled at it.
    After a couple of new yards, she stumbled off the fence with a yowl, reaching the end of the long fence.
    Ivy shook herself, her paw a little wrenched, and fell back over as she came face-to-face with another cat.
    His fluffy pelt was dark gray, almost black. His warm eyes were blue. "Hello.."
    Ivy noticed he had no collar, and before she could think blurted out; "Lucky, no collar." She instantly regretted it.
    The tom looked surprised. "I hadn't noticed yours," his eyes were slits, "where I live, nobody puts up with those."
    Ivy narrowed her eyes, too. "Well, where are you from?"
    The tom puffed out his chest. "EarthClan," he mewed proudly.
    Ivy was fascinated. "EarthClan?"
    The tom cleared his throat. "Let's introduce before we get into details." He nodded, "I'm Lightning, nice to meet you."
    Ivy smiled. "Lightning, huh? Well, I'm Ivy."

    There it was, folks! I think it was the cutest part of the book. Gaw, but it's only because I've read Sheentail's Journey and I know what happens. The next one is an un-named thing I am writing. For now, I am calling it 'After the Severance.'


    Cinderpelt sighed and sat down as the moon shone through the brambles. "Ever since Kitstar has been sick, things have gone wrong."
    Blackfoot snorted but sat down beside her. Everyone was asleep, FogClan's temporary camp quiet. "She has Mouse and Bull to protect her," he pointed out, "but Speedy has left."
    Cinderpelt went on sadly. "Mouse and Bull are foreign," she mewed soberly, "I just don't trust them."
    Blackfoot blinked angrily, twitching his gray tail. "Listen to yourself!" He glared, "Your mother trusted them with all her heart when Kitstar fell ill, and her mother before when Mouse had just shown up!"
    Cinderpelt flattened her yellow ears. "Your point is?"
    Blackfoot sighed. "Cinderpelt, when I chose your mother's mother as my mate, I adored having her." He winced. "I remember those days... Firestar was the leader and all was well."
    Cinderpelt didn't show any expression. "It's all I've ever known, these times. I was only born so long ago."
    Her tail lashed. "I can't imagine a time where we lived in the old camp, or when Kitstar wasn't ill."
    Blackfoot growled, the sincerity on his face vanishing. "I have never been so taken aback by FogClan! Dogfur's son has taken a MistClan mate, we've taken in some of MistClan who are now honored elders, we have two DropClan members, Smoke and Ice left us for PuddleClan, and half of our Clan is missing!" His eyes flashed with rage. "We're living in a new camp, for StarClan's sake!" He drew in a breath. "We didn't have faith in StarClan, many, many moons ago. Then our ancestors brought us together into Clans with a written story of the great warriors of the past." He blinked somberly, "We seem to have forgotten that. This Severance has ruined us."

    Well, that did explain quite a lot. Anyways, after that is the famed new Dawnbridge book- with the help of OCs from (mostly Flagpost >:)) and support from Flagpost, Foxhowl, SunFish, Sarrow-the-fluff, and Mimi D.

    Chapter Twenty-Three

    Sheenheart was poked awake by sharp claws.
    Opening her eyes, feeling tired, she pawed them away. "Poppykit," she grumbled, "what is it?"
    Poppykit's face fell. "You promised that you would take me out to see everything!"
    Guilt washed over Sheenheart like cold water. "Sorry, I forgot," she gave Poppykit a quick lick on the head.
    Poppykit's fur bushed up and she scrabbled over to her littermates. "Dark-kit! Brownkit! She actually talked to me! And it wasn't a growl!"
    Sheenheart felt jealousy coming off Brownkit. A wave of realization hit her.
    Guilt again filled her, making her tail twitch.
    She hadn't been with her kits for so long, they got excited over a little apology. To be fair, though, Sheenheart couldn't hang around them long enough before they tackled her or whined her ears off. "Hey, why don't take you all to the lake?"
    "What?" Brownkit asked hastily.
    Sheenheart took a step back. "I was just trying to do something nice," she mumbled.

    That's it for now because I do school

    I'll fill this in later!

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